Shades Marathon Training

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Yesterday at 17:38
Big G - a case study?! You should be proud. But don't feel you have to do the thing for work, I can understand not wanting to be too personal in a work situation.

Mamafox, yes, I think there is a tracking thing you can use. I'm number 27542. I've just managed to wangle 4 free wristbands for the grandstands at the finish from someone on FB. Just need to make sure that my mum can pick them up tomorrow. Don't feel so bloated today but bad news is little one has come home from school with a sore throat
Yesterday at 22:24

Big G - I think you've done really well and although obviously there are still a lot of 'downs' you also sound very positive

slowkoala - good luck for Sunday . I always rest the day before as I'm usually too busy getting everything together to run! And I'm always carb-loading everyday, today I went for a long walk with a friend and we finished off with coffee and huge slices of cake. And then later I bought two cream cakes and ate them both  .

Emmy - good luck for your runs this weekend - and especially that magical 100

PSC    pirate
Yesterday at 22:28

Just popping in to wish Emmy good luck for tomorrow's 100th. Whoop whoop. Xx

Yesterday at 22:34
Emmy will be thinking of you tomorrow - hope all goes well - and enjoy!!
Today at 06:30

mamafox - I can tell you are race hungry and will be on great form next weekend.

I'm feeling much better, thank you.   I will take a rest day when I feel a bit tired.  I'm back raring to go this morning

SK - thank you for your race number.   Great news about the grandstand wristbands, hope your Mum is able to collect them OK.

You won't catch the throat thing from your child, it's should be too close now to Sunday for you to develop that virus.

I've just checked the forecast again for you tomorrow and it looks to have improved a bit, wind has dropped and overcast, light rain 10 to 11 degrees, should be good for you.

Emmy - have a wonderful run today and enjoy every minute of it, it's a very special day your 100th.

mowzer - LOL at the cakes, the number of events you do you would need to carbo load all the time.

Hi PSC - hope all is well with you and bo-bo


Domestic weekend for me with a bit of training and watching the marathon on telly of course.

Today at 08:10

SK - yes, I'm not sure what will be done with it.  She's asked me to draft a side or two of A4 and send it to her, and she mentioned about adding it into the next round of Cruse promotional material.  I haven't drafted anything yet though.  Like I say, I'm not sure if I've been doing anything particularly noteworthy really, although I know that my story is obviously a very sad one due to the circumstances of how Claire died - I am wondering if Cruse want that aspect, as obviously the circumstances are very unusual and tragic.  But, I don't want to dwell on the circumstances too much, as I'd want what I write to be mainly positive.  I'll have a think.  Nothing may come of it.

I'm up and ready for parkrun today.  I think I'll just jog around, and I'm looking forward to it.  It rained overnight so I'm not sure what shoes to wear, so I'll take both and see what everyone else is doing   

Today at 09:05
Good luck to Emmy on your 100th today!! Hope you enjoy the race

Big G - enjoy the parkrun. My OH is doing one this morning but I have opted for a leisurely brekkie.

Shades - turns out that the grandstand tickets were for the blue start so no good Poor little koala is suffering with his throat and I feel mean trying to avoid him. His brother had the same thing last week,.
Today at 09:20

Emmy - Have a great race

SK - I don't want to come across as some kind of mad stalker but I actually dreamt about you last night!!!!! I was starting to run the London marathon with you (which shows how extreme my dreams are.. I can't even sniff at your sort of paces), you stopped at one point to buy a pair of shoes (!) then just zoomed off! Anyway, thanks for the number, I will be virtually stalking you tomorrow. II hope you have a fab race and finish with the result you want - with all the hard training you have done you really deserve it 

Today at 13:12
Good luck to all doing the London marathon or any other races this weekend.
Today at 14:27
Mamafox, that's so funny as any time I dream about races it usually involves forgetting my shoes! Must be a sign that you'll be running London next year, having run a GFA time
Today at 14:55
SK good luck for tomorrow, hope it all goes well and enjoy!

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