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20/05/2015 at 11:05

Shades it's young bullocks out in the fields here so they run along side you which always makes me laugh but not so handy when my dog is with me as they start up her chase instinct! 

5 miles last night which was supposed to be easy but I'd forgotten how hilly that route was, really windy & driving rain started when I'd been out 5mins. Worst bit was at 100 yards from home my right calf started getting slight pain so I walked home, I think the combination of cold & hills strained it. Still a bit achey today, I iced it last night & this morning but now panicking that I've damaged it after googling calf strain, no running for a couple of days & see how it is 

20/05/2015 at 13:07

SK - it's probably only 5 or 6 degrees when I go out for my run at 5ish a.m. and today there was a mist which made it feel colder.

You may surprise yourself at the 10k, your marathon endurance will help you hold your pace.

Keith - are you back at work today?

Big G - bad luck about the flat park run, was that Exeter you were planning to do?

Pegasus -I've been chased by bullocks during a race, in the days when I used to do off road races.

Do you have a stretching routine that you do for your legs?   If not maybe time to start one.   Keep doing gentle calf stretches daily, it's probably the hills that have brought on the pain.

20/05/2015 at 14:06

Shades, yes there is a relatively new parkrun on Exeter Riverside which is very flat.  I haven't done it before, but I fancy a good effort on a timed course to see where I am with my speed.  I know I'm going to be way off my PB, but it'll give me something to work on.  I'm enjoying the running and I'm up to 35-40 miles a week again, but I'd really like to get that 5K time down at some point.  Unfortunately, I know from experience that shifting these 3 or 4 pounds will make all the difference with my speed, as much (if not more so) than any specific training!  So that is my main aim, really.

20/05/2015 at 14:38

Aaarrgh- just lost long post

Hi everyone...its great to be finally back on here! Have really enjoyed reading back about all your running/fantastic racing...well done, I'm sorry I've not you mentioned individually- hope a collective 'pat on the back' will be acceptable!

My mum has FINALLY moved...phew, it's been an exhausting few weeks boxing her up and settling her into sheltered accommodation, but she seems to be doing great, which is  brilliant.

Am slowly getting back into the running-Paris seems so long ago now- have booked up several 10ks for over the summer, and couple of halfs for thinking that another marathon next year might be a race too far, which is sad, but in order to run 'forever', I need to listen to the body and be sensible- the groin niggle has gone, but the hip is still an embarking on mega strength/Pilates work in the hope that by next spring....well, you never know

20/05/2015 at 17:12

shades, i  do a set of stretches after a run but not before? Looked up some more calf stretches so shall do them gently. Thankfully it's feeling ok, still not 100% but better than last night, have a tubigrip on & have been for a walk this afternoon which was fine just felt it a bit on inclines. 

20/05/2015 at 18:17

Shades - aye back at work today minor aches so as i said this morning prob an element of DOMS adding onto the hip pains. THere is still a definate ache there mind.

As for TP100 er probably no major differences in training. Not doing Quad next Feb which will probably help, I will over the year do some night time running to figure out a none headache inducing or at least less severe lighting arrangement. Main things that need to change are not really training prelated but more on the day stuff like getting more running done earlier on even if it is warm to make sure am ahead of cut offs going into the new day where i would expect to be able to pick up the pace again.

Yesterday at 07:12

Bah tooth is hurting again, handily today is part 1 of root canal so i should be able to get some more amoxycillin to sort that out. Other than that there is still some grumblings in hip but i would expect it to take a while to settle. Long weekend so i would perhaps venture out for a run saturday.

Off to watch Spooks tonight being it stops screening tonight. Mad Max later this weekend, perhaps monday but I'll check times first. It IS eurpovision saturday after all so i doubt i'd be up super early sunday and it is Monaco GP and last game of footie season

Yesterday at 07:19

Big G - that would be a popular park run as a fast course and probably tarmac too?

Good luck with the weight loss, no more haggis and onion rings for you

anniesophie - good to see you back again.   Great news your Mum  is now settled in her new home, let's hope she doesn't get the urge to move again.

Good too to hear you're back running and almost injury free.  I hope you change your mind and will do another marathon, if you want to of course.

Pegasus - that's good about the stretching.  While have that niggle I would carefully stretch your calf muscles before you run too and during the day and before you go to bed.   But you're doing all the right things so hopefully it will heal quickly.

Keith - that all makes perfect sense and good planning for next year.   Night running really does take some getting used to.

Chilly again this morning (gloves on for all of my run, SK) but looks like it's going to be a lovely day.

Yesterday at 18:27

I'd forgotten how early you run, Shades. Gloves allowed then

Annsophie - good to hear you've booked some races over the summer. And glad that your mum is settled in a new home, must be a big relief for you.

Big G - still racking up the miles, that sub 20 parkrun must be on it's way for you soon.

Keith - I can't stand Eurovision as it means that Casualty isn't on

Had intended to do the club track session tonight but I'm wimping out as hamstring feels tight. I'm not sure now whether this is post-marathon soreness lingering on or whether it's because I went on the park exercise machines again when my son had football yesterday. Either way I'll play safe.

My OH has got hold of a number for the BUPA 10k as someone at my club is injured. Not sure who'll look after my 8 yo now, hopefully my 13 yo will oblige. 

Today at 07:00

SK - a little milder today so progressed to fingerless gloves and a less warm long sleeved top. Had a light shower of rain which was lovely.

Best to rest that hamstring and save yourself for Monday.   A bit of bribery required for the 13 year old perhaps!


Today at 08:55

Shades, yes the Exeter Riverside course is mainly on tarmac, although someone told me there is a small amount of grass which can get slippery - but it's no doubt a quick course.  I just had a look at the times and the course best at Exeter is 15:08 whilst the course best at Parke (my usual, hilly offroad parkrun) is 17:06, which goes to show that my usual one is not a quick course (although it is very enjoyable!).  

Tommo (who you know doubt know) has done 17:55 at Parke and 16:36 at Exeter.

SK, I really would like to get it down below 20mins at some point.  I would guess that I'm currently at around 22-23mins on a flat course though, so some way to go before I'm back trying to do that!  I'll keep chipping away  

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