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23/05/2015 at 17:30

SK well done on doing tailrunner at Parkrun, I've done a couple, it's so hard to do slow walk/run, you can't get into any rhythm!

Keith, root canal work sounds horrendous...hope the pain is under control now.

Big G that was a great Parkrun time, you must be pleased with your fitness levels now.

i also did local is reasonably flat but I faded a bit in the last lap...28:29 which is 2 mins off the PB, so got some work to do! Still, got 1st VW60, so def worth going!!! 

Good luck to anyone racingthis wk/end.

23/05/2015 at 18:37

Keith - Toothache is horrendous - gargle some oïl of cloves or something. Really hope that improves quickly.

SK - You'll be so fast on that Bupa run your kids won't even notice you've gone  I hope you had a "tailrunner" tshirt or something to prove you weren't part of the beginners group!

KK - Good luck with the kitchen fit - is that work or for yourselves?

Great parkrunning anniesophie and Big G. Some course PB there too Big G... did you wear your Garmin in the end?

Shades - Thanks for the training advice. I've worked out that 10 weeks from now will bring me up to the beginning of August so I'll base train up until then - that'll leave 15 weeks until Cognac so I'll be pestering you for training/speedwork/plan advice then!

I read an article a few days ago (can probably find link if you want to see it) which recommended NOT using HR for base training unless you were really experienced as there were far too many variables. The coach concerned felt it was much more productive to run on feel and pace. Well I think that's what he meant. This flies in the face of all my base training plans.. I'm going to keep going with my HRM but it was an interesting viewpoint all the same.

I've picked up a sort of running related injury  A few days ago I ran into town (only 7k) to pick up some stuff my daughter needed for her Art project. It was a nice day and she only needed a couple of things.I stuck a small rucksack on my back and going was fine. Coming back, the extra weight meant the straps started to rub the bottom of my neck so I kept shifting it by jerking my shoulder up. My arm felt a bit twingey the next day but nothing serious. However I then did an energetic session with the schoolchildren - I am choreographing (read "making up"!) a dance with them to the Madagascar theme music "I like to move it"... resulting in finding myself completely unable to raise my arm. GP this morning in a right state and have tendonitis in my shoulder. Funnily enough this doesn't affect my running as long as I keep my arm pinned across my body. GP has given me some fab anti-inflammatory medication which definitely takes the edge off the pain. That really is the last time I run to pick something up though. One of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time

Yesterday at 06:38
MF - I did wear a Garmin but I didn't look at it, but that's mainly because it's impossible to do even splits on that course.

Also, my own Garmin (305) is on its last legs now as the battery doesn't hold its charge. So I was using Claire's Garmin (405) for the first time. It's quite different to use and when I pressed 'start' I remembered she had it set to Kms, so that's no good for me anyway, so I didn't look at it again. KK gave me a link ages ago in how to replace a 305 battery so I'll look at that, but at least I have a back up for the longer runs. Strangely, I don't want to erase Claire's data though....It's got her 10K PB time on there. I'll have to save it somewhere.

I did 6.5 miles in the afternoon too as I had an hour to kill. I just took it very steady and enjoyed it. I think that's my first 'double', but I won't be making a habit of it.

I'm running this morning and then travelling to Bristol with friends to watch some cricket. One of them is cooking a massive roast afterwards and she's a damn fine cook, so I couldn't resist

MF - I hope the shoulder gets better quickly. Are you running with it in a sling then?
Yesterday at 06:43

Big G - I don't know Tommo well but over the years I've always found him really encouraging.   I don't think running with a faster club will have made that much difference, he knows exactly what he is capable of and one of the most consistent runners that I know of.  I've asked him on the start line of a marathon what time he's hoping to do and he's finished on exactly that time.

Well done on your course best at the park run, you're definitely coming into good form.

SK - well done on your sweeping duties, it's not an easy job.

anniesophie - brilliant winning your age group at your park run and you'll soon be back in PB form too.

mamafox - ouch to the shoulder injury, that does sound painful, but at least you can still run.

Well I think you'll predict my reaction to that idea that training by feel rather than HR.   if we all ran by how we felt we would all train too fast to produce the aerobic improvement that we're looking for.   Even running at calculated training paces has it's flaws as if you were running in very hot weather you would be running too hard, whereas if using an HRM you would be running at the desired effort.  I do agree thought that a runner should learn to have a feel for what pace they are running at, especially in a race.   It's not easy, but if you rely totally on a watch then you are not listening and responding to your body.   By all means use the watch/HRM data for analysis after a race.


Just had a bowl of porridge, off for a run in half an hour.   Warm today already, I think it will be short sleeved top and no gloves today


Yesterday at 06:47

Big G - xpost!  My 305 is not holding it's charge either and after 4 hours gives a low battery warning,  If you find that link can you post it on here please.   I need to do something about it before DD!

Yesterday at 10:06

Hi Shades, this is the link KK posted a while ago:

I had a look at the time, but from memory I couldn't find the correct battery although I didn't spend that long searching.  If I have another go at it, I'll let you know.

My 305 lasts around 1.5hrs now, so it's no good for longer runs anymore.  It's a shame as I like them.  In comparison, the 405 is a pain as it's got a bevel around the edge of the watch which you use to control it.  It's not particularly intuitive, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Yesterday at 10:15

Lol @ 305 issues

When i had the same issue Garmin Tech Support point you towards making sure its fully upto date on the software then it sorts it self out usually.

As for tooth pain well it is a brely noticeable ache but it is also still taking a while to vanish which is kinda odd being you are generally meant to have sorted it out halfway thru antibiotics course as the other half is meant to kill off what little remains. I however can tell there is still something in there although it could be a tiny bit right on the nerve i guess.

Yesterday at 10:23

Whoops i have the 310.... similar thing perhaps applies however. Besides you can prob pick up a 310 for £100 or so these days. That one lasts 2 whole marathons and more and with a USB charger you can extend that to cover several day long races too

Yesterday at 20:56

bloody hell i see the GUCR record was smashed then.....

both first and second were under 23 hours with first averaging a little slower than er 4 hour marathon pace fro all 145 miles which would include some stop time too i bet

Today at 07:30

Big G - thanks for the link, I'll have a look later.

Keith - I've never connected my Garmin to my computer, but I will do if it sorts out the problem.   Might have a look at the 310 perhaps.   But I need one that I can read easily without my reading glasses!

Glad the tooth pain is a lot better than it was.

That's amazing running at the GUCR, will go and have a look now.   That's on your 'to do' list isn't it.


Despite being BH today, I've already been out for my run, lovely morning and the roads were so lovely and quiet.  Except for a blackbird and a thrush they had a little fight in the road, never seen that before, the thrush won.


Edited: 25/05/2015 at 07:31
Today at 07:37

Shades - lol well i thought it was alot better albeit still noticable until i had a glass of wine last night. It hurt somewhat more after that....

Aye GUCR is on my runing bucket list, did enter ballot for the 2014 one but didn't get a spot. As its also May i'd have to wait to 2017 for another go at entering the ballot.

310 is the one i usually wear albeit i also have a Timex run 2.0 or whatever it is i won from Fetch.

Today at 15:32

Mamafox - sorry about the shoulder injury but I couldn't help laughing at the vision of you dancing with a load of french kids to 'I like to move it'!! Is there a video you can post?! Glad it's not affecting the running though.

Re Garmins, mine is fine once fully charged but I'll often leave it over night only to find that it hasn't charged at all as those pins are not attached properly.

Bupa 10k went better than I thought. Looking at the splits, I should have probably pushed harder from the start as 1st 5k was 20:30 and 2nd was 20:04, with last mile in 6:06 versus first mile in 6:42. But pleased to get a time that starts with 40, 40:34. Marathon training may not be great for getting faster at 5ks but it certainly gave me the endurance in the last few miles as I did a lot of overtaking. Seems odd that the fastest 5k I have run this year is 20:15 (and that really hurt) but I can do 20:04 in the second half of a 10k. Definitely need to do some shorter speedy stuff.

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