Shades Marathon Training

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Yesterday at 17:52

Shades OMG that looks tough esp just after a marathon!! Awesome though 

Yup still have my old shoes so will try using them alternately. Not great result today on treadmill both calves felt heavy/tight, slowed to walking then jogged again when it eased off then at almost 2m the right one had the soreness again, not as bad though & it eased off with walking. If this carries on much longer I'll not have long enough to train for the marathon as it's 17wks away on Sunday. Will try again on Thursday.

Yesterday at 19:07
Hi Shades. I'm time keeping again at the marathon point this year at the DD. Hope to see you there. Not sure if you heard, but last year's winner and record holder has pulled out due to injury. I wonder if Tommo is in with a shout for the win?

MF, I have decided to not get a dog for now. I do have friends who have dogs and I walk theirs regularly, but I have some travel plans this year so getting a dog of my own doesn't really fit with that at the moment.

Pegasus, I hope the niggle clears up soon.

I had a rest day today. I had my running stuff on but realised I was pretty tired so decided not to go out. That's not normal for me, but I thought a day off wouldn't do any harm and then I'll be sure to enjoy tomorrow's run.
Yesterday at 21:48

Interesting link you posted, Keith. I don't think I'll ever do anything more than 26 miles but hats off to those who do!

Big G - I love Beer (the place that is, I'm still off booze), a really beautiful spot. I think a cut back week sounds like a good idea. Great that you've built the millage up. 

Shades - a busy couple of weeks racing for you. Will you wear the new Hokas?

Pegasus - sorry you're still suffering with the calves. Have you tried foam rolling?

Mamafox - are you following a plan for your marathon? How long does the base training go on for?

I've got races every weekend for the next 3 weeks - two 5 milers and another 10k. I'm hoping to squeeze in a longish run in the week as dont want to lose too much endurance by not doing a LSR.

My signed 'The Way of the Runner' book arrived today. It's by the same guy who wrote about running with the kenyans but this one is about the Japanese. I won it as I guessed the author's VLM time.

Today at 07:19

Keith - it really doesn't matter what you eat during an ultra as long as you can get some calories on board.   A guy that used to win (think he had the British record for a time) 6 day races told me that he used to eat pork pies.   He also offered to coach me should I decide to do a 6 day race...I declined his kind offer.

Pegasus - don't panic.   But I do think your shoes may be causing the problem.  I've just bought my first pair of 4mm but I only run in them once a week, I have 2 pairs of 6mm and use them about 3 times a week.  My other runs are done in my normal shoes.   Were you advised to change re injury problems you were having?

Big G - I look forward to seeing you at marathon point, I hope I make the cut off of 5.15 but unless I was having a really bad day I would still like to carry on to finish even if I'm slower than that.   I hope the weather is kind to you as you can't really leave your post to shelter.   Shame about last year's winner, he's a brilliant runner, but it will give the others a good chance and maybe a bit of a race at the front too.

SK - no, won't use my Hokas for racing, I still use my Brooks GTS Adrenalines for all my races and I have no plans to change that.

You've got quite a busy race schedule coming up too.

Lovely morning, but didn't take my gloves and my hands were frozen in the chilly mist.  Had to resort to wrapping my hand in the hem of my top to try and keep warm!

Today at 08:13

Shades - lol one of them mornings eh It takes me a few miles to find out if leaving gloves was the right idea or not as it takes that long for me to get warm in the hands. If its still a issue i resort to going faster if possible to sort it out.

In better news i had the root canal cleaned out yesterday, only took about 15 mins or so, and although it was hurting last night and during the night it seems to be better today. Takes a few days to settle and i get to eat on one side for a few days too.

Today at 10:17

SK funny you should say that I got my first foam roller yesterday! Tried it out & it wasn't too unpleasant lol! 

Big G thanks.

Keith glad the dentist has started treatment. 

Shades I didn't have any injuries before with the old shoes but I used to get ball of foot pain so went to the shop to get properly fitted. I'm a neutral fit so tried on three different pairs & the Brooks Glycerin were the best fit as the others were too tight in the forefoot. I tried on one old shoe & one new yesterday & I can definitely feel a difference in height, kicking myself that I didn't realise this earlier! Calf stiff this morning, feels like a pulling sensation when my heel lifts off the ground it eases after walking about. 

Apologies for moaning on everyone! 

Today at 13:23

Keith - I don't find running faster warms my hands up!  

Good news on the tooth pain.


Pegasus - we are here for you to moan when injured.   I've had a pair of Brooks Glycerin a couple of years ago, but they didn't have a low drop.  But I did find them a bit clumpy and probably wouldn't buy another pair.    It's not always possible to know how shoes suit you until you have done a fair bit of training in them.   I collect running shoes and run in a different pair every day and keep a spreadsheet on the mileage of each pair.

Today at 14:45

Blimey Shades, that's a monster of a week you'll have there. I remember you talking about the DD before but do you always do Cork the week before too? I've had a look at the site and it looks a lovely course - and a great way to see the area too. Not sure about all those hills and extreme weather mind you. I would definitely consider doing an ultra one day (as opposed to anything resembling back to back racing!) and that does look something special.

Pegasus - Hope your injury shifts soon. I have absolutely no idea about heel drop so cannot say anything useful about that. Will you be going back to your old shoes now?

SK - That's a lot of racing! Have you got any particular "A" race this summer or target you are going for? I am going to be getting in a good 10 weeks of base training and gradually build my mileage back up again and then I'm going to start some sort of speedwork from August on. I'm thinking vaguely along the lines of using the speedwork in Shades' level 2 plan with easy miles fitted in around that. But then I'm also thinking that maybe I should follow a plan exactly.

Shades - Would your level 2 plan be ok for a sub 3:30 goal?.. if you considered doing a level 3 plan what différences would you make?

I hope that's not a really dim question

Today at 15:16

Shades They have a 10mm drop so not low but my old ones are 12mm & with the insole it made them 15mm. I also collect shoes have 4 pairs, 2 are too narrow(Brooks Pure Flow & Hoka Cliftons) & as you say I only discovered that after a few miles in them. Been trawling the internet for a size bigger in Pegasus 29's as I think that was the problem with ball of foot pain in them but no joy.........just as well as hubby will not be happy at buying another pair!

Mamafox yep I think next time out I'll try my old Pegasus & see if theres an improvement with the calf.

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