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28/05/2015 at 13:22

Big G - I hope today has some good memories too.   Enjoy the cream tea.

28/05/2015 at 14:03

Busy Schedule you've got coming up Shades!

Bojangles - Looks like you need to start adding the LSR's to your weekly regime, as SK pointed out your times fade, as the distance grows. Are your splits even for the 10k when you race ?, I'm around 46 mins for 10k but with a 21:54 5k pb (so a minute slower than you) & 1:44 for the half.

I had an easy ish week last week, recovering from Windermere, and getting back on it this week & next, and then wind down for Liverpool Mara. Quite tempted to go off at 3:45 pace ,as I found 8:30-8:40's quite comfortable at Windermere (well until 21ish). Or may play it safer and aim for 3:55 and hopefully get the sub 4 bagged. Liverpool still quite hilly, but not as bad as Windermere.

I have a local 5 mile race next Wednesday eve, will be a pb as I've never run that distance before

28/05/2015 at 15:28

Hi Shadies. Trying hard to catch up with everything that you've all been doing while I've been away.

Well done to Shades, Keith and KK for Windermere and slowkoala, mamafox and Jugula for your races too.

((Big G)) - hold on to those happy memories

Been away for most of last week doing the Forces March (Ilfracombe to Bulford over 5 days). I had a fantastic time, wonderful participants and support teams, hot HOT weather, and enjoyed the running . I survived unscathed but some runners/walkers had issues with injuries/niggles and horrendous blisters  - they're the ones who get my respect as they were determined to finish despite suffering. Done a couple of short slow run/walks since but have next Sunday off as it's my grandson's party.

28/05/2015 at 16:09

SK - That is some goal to go for as a 10k PB. It sounds as if you're planning seriously as to how you're going to get there too. I think you're right about a plan

Mr B - +1 to getting some long slow runs into your training.

Big G - I read your post earlier but didn't have time to post myself. I  have been thinking about you today and I hope you are ok (())

Shades - That still sounds a daunting combination to me , even if those two races are in the "right" order. I was imagining you would be upping the mileage on a level 3 plan but I was also wondering if you'd make the speed work more complicated. Anyway - I'll see how the next few weeks go and then come back to you for some speedwork/plan advice in August.

KK - I think I'd be tempted to get that sub 4 in the bag first myself. You do quite a few marathons a year so you could start aiming to shave more time off in other races coming up.

Mowzer - I've no idea of the distances between Ilfracombe and Bulford but knowing you I've got a vague idea.... Glad you came through it ok and enjoyed it too.


28/05/2015 at 20:32

KingKenny - I do not have alot of LSRs under my belt at all tbh. So not experienced with it, so whenever I do run a fair distance, I run really slow and easy to avoid burning out. Im probably doing it backwards My splits for my 10k were as follows: Baring in mind.. when you guys talk about 'race' this was running by myself with a sports watch, 6.2 miles - ran on - March 12th

Split 1 - 7.12

Split 2 - 7.30

Split 3 - 7.35

Split 4 - 7.34

Split 5 - 7.27

Split 6 - 7.10

Split 7 - 1.40

How does that look Kenny? is that even orrrr? baring in mind some was running on stones along the beach in some cant help but slow.

Mamafox - I do not have alot of LSRs under my belt at all.. Do you think if I start adding these regularly, in accordance with 'Shades Level 2 Marathon Training Plan' .. as they start with 10 milers from the first week and increase on that weekly. Orrr.. am I biting off more than I can chew and heading into injury due to the fact I dont have alot of endurance / miles in my legs... my first ever marathon is about to be booked for 4th October, Bournemouth.

Shades - The Half Marathon time I gave you was just a run on my own. You guys refer to racing / races.. well, ive only ever done the Great South Run (10 Miler) as a race. the rest of my running is just me Longest run is 17.5 miles, which was a good year ago.. I am starting to get worried now. But as you say, Only I know my fitness. I am active. I have riden a bike to work for 3 years, 20 miles a day. Buuut, Getting the miles in on my legs is what needs to happen. Honest opinion, do you think it sounds like a marathon in October 4th, is abit ambitious! I was thinking of following your marathon training plan, the second on. The long runs start and build up each week so I will get my LSR practice in then? On the 14 Miler on the 3rd week, I could perhaps run it as a half marathon and try the 8 minute a mile pace. I think i'd be comfortable with that..

thanks for help guys, hope i'm not dreaming .. you do hear of people taking on marathons after 2 months of hardly any training, altho, i'd like to stay running the whole thing and get around a 4 hour time (but completing it would be a PB either way hehe!) I have 18 weeks.. is that enough time to build up the long runs and get the miles on my legs ticking over hmmm



Yesterday at 07:17

KK - are the hills in Liverpool evenly spread out on the course?

Good luck with the 5 miler, lovely to have a guaranteed PB in the bag

mowzer  - well done on the Forces March, quite a tough event, you are amazing.

mamafox - I haven't given a Level 3 much thought but I certainly wouldn't introduce complicated speedwork, most marathon runners lack endurance not basic speed.  I'd probably have a few mile rep sessions, higher mileage and much more racing.   Racing is the best speedwork of all.

Mr Bojangles - you need to enter some races!   You would run a 10k race much faster than doing a time trial by yourself.   Look for some good club races, I guess you're in the Bournemouth area, there are a lot of good races in that area.  One of the most important elements of my training plans are to race once a month.

Yes, you can do Level 2, if you stick to the long run pace you should be fine with the distances.

Yesterday at 11:48

Shades - The first half is the hillier, pretty much all up for 7 miles (short sharp one around 7) then nice long 3 miles downhill back near the start, then up from 10-12...that's the worst of the hills done. The rest is undulating, but overall a net downhill. Nice downhill from 20-22 and then a 'slog' along the promenade to the finish. Easy enough  (change it to view marathon course/profile)

Bojangles - Yes go do some races!, if you have a parkrun near you then I think they are very worthwhile. Otherwise just make sure most of your runs are easy, especially if you are building up the miles. Good pacing on the 10k, especially if running on your own.

Mowzer - I remember you doing that one last year, you make it sound easy.

Nice 7 for me last night, did a little exploring and found a nice coastal path that I didn't know was there. Pie day Friday (a monthly thing) at work today , an easy 3 or 4 tonight and if I get up early enough, I'll head to Delamere parkrun otherwise I'll do the closer one.

Yesterday at 11:52

okay great!. I will look at events later today .. I live in Portsmouth ( right near )

On your Level 2 training plan, there is always a Long Run on a Sunday. Do you mean try and run events aswell as doing the training? or give up a days training to do an event? ... i am doing a long run today, probs 10-13 miles at the 10:30 pace you suggested... going to find it hard going so slow, but need that base. Sam

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