Shades Marathon Training

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03/08/2015 at 15:01

Afternoon Shadies. Just been catching up on the thread as I'm in Italy and the wifi is a bit sporadic. We're now at a 2nd campsite though which has a speedier connection.

Loved hearing about MF's adventures in the Dordogne. How lovely to see an owl on your run.

Hope BG is enjoying Sri Lanka. And hope Shades' foot is OK for this w/end.

Weather hear is hot but I've been running most days. Just means having to get up v early. Longest so far was almost 11 miles yesterday. We're staying on Lake Garda so every run has been by the lake. Am wishing I'd taken a 2nd pair of running shoes now.

03/08/2015 at 15:29

Sounds as if you're getting in some lovely scenic runs SK, I'm SURE you can find a running shop and pick up a pair of lovely new shoes  Enjoy the rest of your holiday

Shades - I've had a quick Google of the IOM marathon and it looks great. I've never been there.. will you be making a weekend of it?

Easy run for me today. Had to go out this afternoon as didn't have time this morning but it was a bit too hot. Saw a Mexican (well he didn't have a poncho or sombrero or anything but he LOOKED mexican) sitting in a shady doorway with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth twanging away at a guitar - which is a new one round here. Spent the rest of my run thinking about Peru. There you go.. nothing else of interest to note.

Yesterday at 07:00

SK - Lake Garda is somewhere I've wanted to visit so I envy you, I bet it's gorgeous there.   I expect running shoes are very expensive in Italy.

mamafox - LOL at your Mexican, amazing what you see when you're out running.

Back running today and I so enjoyed it, I'm grouchy when I can't run.   Foot is a bit better but not significantly so.   I have started doing my foot exercises again.


Yesterday at 09:43

Shades - I haven't looked at the price of running shoes here but I would imagine you are right. Lake Garda is really beautiful, especially the part with all the mountains. Where we are staying now, there is a longer route around the lake which is better for running as before I had to go backwards and forwards a bit.

Glad the foot seems better. I'm the same when I can't run.

Mamafox - you seem to have very adventurous runs! I overtook a German guy yesterday and he obviously didn't like it as he suddenly speeded up and we ended up racing for about a kilometre!

Yesterday at 17:45

Ooooh I hope you beat him SK!

Shades - Fingers crossed for your foot - I'm no expert but I'm guessing just a couple of easy runs this week. You say it's better when you run so hopefully things should be ok for the weekend.

Tempo run for me this morning. 5k warm up then tried sprinting between alternate telegraph poles with jog breaks every now and again for a few km followed by an easy run home. Not my favourite choice of run by a long shot but it's done now. One positive note was that my easy pace felt vety easy afterwards though!

Yesterday at 20:34

Sounds like a good session, MF.

I didn't really beat the German bit he did stop before me.

We hired a boat for an hour today which was fun, except oldest son jumped in the water with his iphone! Very annoying especially when we are already going to have to form out for a big scratch on the hired car - not our fault, it appeared after leaving the car in a car park

Today at 07:06

SK - Lake Garda marathon is on my 'to do' list.

Bad news about the iPhone, I guess it's 'lost at sea'.   And the scratch on the car, I have an annual excess insurance policy that covers me for Europe car hire, costs less than £40 a year, might be worth considering next year.  Maybe the hire car company won't notice the scratch

Bit humid here today, foot still sore but I can put up with it.  I am doing my foot exercises again.

Today at 07:08

mamafox - that's a good training session.

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