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28/08/2015 at 13:58
Shades, I think you probably deserve a rest, be kind to yourself, get some nice food in to enjoy while watching the athletics.
28/08/2015 at 15:38

Just lost a long post.. how infuriating is that?!

Shades - Look after yourself - I know you love your races but that Boston race (isn't that laps as well?) sounds an awful lot on top of everything you have been through. I cannot believe your boss would want to put those days off as holiday time. Stick to your guns there, I'm sure you will.

MiLhas now left us. She has given my house a "proper" clean (which it needed), rearranged all my cupboards (which was NOT necessary) and fussed around OH (not required either in my book). She has now moved on to OH's twin brother and will be staying with him for a bit before going up to spend some time with her sister in Le Mans. She is having a ball and has vowed never to live with another man ever again(!)

Big G - Well done on that pb.. that is well fast and bodes well for the upcoming half too.

KK - Great park run from you too.

SK - You have some scarily fast people in your area.. and I'm counting you in with that lot too! Hope your son is ok - never heard of cashew nut allergy.

Lily - Sorry to hear of your Achilles worries.

Mowzer - That race sounds, quite frankly, the stuff that nightmares are made of. And then you went and got into a tent afterwards......

Keeping up my running here and still managing my weekely tempo run too  My BiL has got into running recently. He is lovely but can be a bit of a know all and has been lecturing me on not doing enough stretching or fuelling properly. He may have a point about stretching but on fuelling I reckon we all do what works best for us. For me that means nothing during training runs and only taking my water belt with some orange juice when running over HM distance. On races I'll drink coke or juice and nibble at dried fruit on offer. I'm happy with that!

Yesterday at 06:13

Big G - I hope you got a PB at the Forest Flyer last night

Jugula - thanks, I will be taking it easy this weekend.   How's the achilles?  will you be OK for your marathon in a couple of weeks?

mamafox - My boss and I haven't had the conversation yet about the 4 days I took off work while I was at my mother's bedside, I don't think he's had the courage to bring up the subject yet.   Everyone was so pleased to see me back as my boss wasn't really managing on his own, he did his best but he just didn't know how to do stuff, will take me a couple of months to catch up but I'm just doing what I can and not worrying about it.

I picture your MiL as a whirlwind, sweeps in, does what she thinks needs doing and then moves on to the next of her children

Stick with your fuelling as it is for training, it works for you.   I expect your BiL has fallen for the sales hype that companies such as Lucozade dish out, where you wouldn't even put on your running kit without taking one of their products.

Talking of fuelling I bought some salt tablets (electrolytes) from Zipvit but haven't had a chance to use them yet.

Yesterday at 06:59

Hi Shades, I got 37:17 last night (unofficial), so just over 90secs off 2013.  Really pleased with that, but I still couldn't run all the way up that blasted hill at the end!  I have a new friendly rivalry with a chap at the Club.  We're mates anyway, but we've noticed that we're currently running at about the same speed.  I was ahead of him at the Torbay 10K (my first "win" over him) but he beat me last night - it's all friendly competition though  Anyway, it does show I'm running quite well so fingers crossed I'll be able to give the Half next week a good go.

MF, as Shades said stick to your fuelling strategy.  It obviously works for you!

Yesterday at 07:57
Well done Big G great time.
Shades, Achilles feels easier, I've only ran twice in the last 3 weeks since last long run but marathon is today! I've just arrived at Kingston, so I'll know in a few hours if the rest and stretching has worked.
Yesterday at 11:14

Just got back from a 20-miler.  I'm pleased I did it, but I have to say I'm shattered!  It was at my slow pace (10min/mile), but I still feel quite tired and my legs seized up a bit too.  Hopefully a couple of beers and  burger will help revitalise me  

Today at 07:20

Big G - that's a big PB over such a short distance, well done.   Is your new 'rival' in the club also doing Brussels marathon?   Nothing like a spark of that competitive spirit to keep you focussed.

Hope the beers and burgers did the trick for your recovery.

Jugula - sorry I thought it was mid Sept, hope the race went well.


Had a very lazy day yesterday, apart from doing the shopping I lazed around all day and caught up with all the athletics I'd recorded.   Had a good night's sleep too and I do feel refreshed today so maybe will be a little more productive


Today at 07:26
4:20:17 last 6 were really tough, also got clattered by a kid on a scooter at 22 and a dog at 24!
Achilles not too bad got some ice on it now but it behaved during the race.
Today at 08:03
Well done Jugula. I also didn't know your race was this weekend. Was it a dog on an extendable lead? If so, they are definitely a pet hate (did you see way I did there?) of mine whilst out running!

I was briefly toying with the idea of doing my half marathon at target MP, and tagging a few on to make it up to 20. I think that would give me a confidence boost if I managed it, but I also want to see if I can do a good time at tha Half. I've reverted back to Plan A, which is to give it a good crack. The ony reasons that would change is if it's rubbish running conditions, or I'm just not feeling it on the day.
Today at 08:08
Big G, This one was off the lead but I agree about extendable leads, they should be banned as they serve no useful purpose.

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