Shades Marathon Training

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Today at 06:43

Jugula - well done on your long run, are you feeling better now, not so jaded?

Never mind about London, there are plenty of other (and IMHO better) marathons to be run.

Big G - what a lovely photo of you and Emmy.  Great news that Emmy is pregnant, she looks really happy and glowing.

Not like Chair not to be able to handle a few beers , he'll blame you now if he has a bad run.

I expect that beer has cured your wheezy chest too

mamafox - I have done kettlebell sessions at home quite successfully, I wrote a list of the exercises, however it's the getting started and getting round to doing it that is the hard part.   They do make great doorstops though.

LOL at the attempted hedgehog rescue.  It's not easy running in the dark, I have said 'Good Morning' to what turned out to be a post-box.

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Today at 09:00
Shades. Yeah it was great to meet her.

I'm sure you know Skins and Steph R? I was talking with them quite a lot last night, as they were both fast runners in their time (Steph still holds the club records for 10-miles and Half). It was interesting talking to them about the current crop of runners and the use of gels etc. They both never used any gels at all and seemed a bit bemused by it all They were saying that Steph was always very laid back before races and still is, whereas Skins was a nervous wreck. I saw them again this morning and they were the last to leave the hotel - Steph said 'what's the point in getting there 10mins early - what will I do for 10mins?'.

I'm sat in a cafe near the finish having breakfast and seen the 5K winner win in about 15mins. I think there are some good Kenyans here for the half/full marathon so it'll be interesting to see what they do.
Today at 09:50

Big G - Steph was a class runner and used to win everything locally and could have done a lot more if she wanted.   I know Skins is nervous before races, he came to my car when I was getting ready for DD and it was his first ultra, he wanted to see what I was eating pre race!

How's the cold, has the Belgian beer cured you?

Today at 09:59

While I was replying to Big G's post I noticed the RW competition for Manchester marathon race entry, hotel and Kayano kit, nice prize. 

Today at 10:11
Thanks Shades, I hadn't seen that, just entered, as you say great prize.
Today at 11:17

31km long run done this morning. Felt better at the end than I did after my last long run so that's pretty positive. "Better" is relative mind you.. still had aching legs and glad to touch the "Stop" sign at the bottom of our village which is my end point.

One of the boys' birthdays today. He has his first air rifle. I am staying firmly in the house along with the dogs, daughter and parrot. The other boys and OH are running round setting up targets etc. Tomorrow is also going to be risk filled. I am helping out at smallest sons primary school. It is grape picking time and they have organised a trip out to a local vineyard. A whole class of 3 and 4 year olds let loose with a pair of secateurs each

Today at 13:49

Just lost a post.  Grrrr.

Anyway, race spectating is over.  It's hard work spectating  I managed to get a pic of most of the club, and the runners seemed to enjoy it.  Although I'd rather have been participating, I made the right decision not to run.  My cold is getting better, but not quite right yet still.

From a spectator's point of view, it was a good race.  The first man did it in 2:14:39 whilst the first lady did it in 3:05:31, so I suppose not totally world class.  

There were a couple of issues which involved runners tripping about 25 metres from the finish.  There was a red carpet and with a breeze it lifted and tripped runners up!   Then the poor marshal was busily trying to secure the carpet with gaffer tape with dozens of runners trying to get past.  Also, there were some spectators trying to get from one side of the street to the other, including a chap on a bike.  One runner ran into his back wheel and she went flying.

But it was a good day out, and we're now off for some beers  

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