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Yesterday at 23:05

Grrrr - lost a long post Tired now so will come back tomorrow!

Today at 07:03

SK - that is so frustrating

Got up this morning and my usual look out of the window to see what the weather is like so I can dress appropriately for my run.  Torrential rain and wind, I could see there was a little flooding on the road too.   Opted for short sleeved top and jacket and baseball cap but as soon as I stepped outside it stopped raining and the rain held off for the whole of my run, but it's so warm, I was boiling by the time I finished.

Today at 08:44


Hello everyone! I'm using my iPad so apologies if there's issues with my spelling. Was really lovely to see Big_G on saturday and thank you for all of your kind wishes! As he said; i'm giving the marathons a rest until after the marathon but i'm still out every morning with the pooches and planning a few halfs (including Amsterdam in a week or two).  Was really lovely to meet another Shadies and it's made me miss all of you terribly!

It's been great reading everyone's updates and hearing how everyone has been getting on. 

Shades - thanks for your email

Might as well get back into it... 10K for me this morning. Running on feel means that i'm running anywhere from 5.30k's to 6min k's. The pooches are tired so they don't mind as much! Midwife has said that bump will probably run more k's in utero than most people run in a lifetime!

Today at 10:33

We all had a good time in Bruges, and we're flying back home later this afternoon.

I was at the hotel bar last night with the last of the stragglers and this pic was taken.  For reasons that remain unclear, the chap on the left (Wurzel) was in that position for about 10mins....  I can't stop laughing when I look at it.


So it was a great weekend away with the Trotters.  It's a shame I couldn't run obviously, but I'll hopefully be back out there running very soon.

Today at 20:27

Hi Emmy  lovely to hear from you and congratulations once again. I am in awe of anyone that can carry on running (or in fact exercising) whilst pregnant. I feel sick as a dog the whole time! Listening to your body is very sensible, sounds like a good plan to not overdo it. 

Good pic BigG - looks like you were all having a good time! 

Shades - horrible weather here too today, although I managed to miss the rain. It is still very warm, makes it hard to know what to wear.

Tess - loads of luck for your marathon - Shades has given you some good advice

So today's 6 miler did not exactly go to plan. Running over Westminster Bridge, trying to avoid a tourist who was jumping in front of Big Ben whilst having their picture taken. I missed the kerb and went flying in the road. Ended up covered in muddy water, took the skin off my elbow and knee and had a lot of American tourists offering me wipes. Being somewhat embarrassed (and determined to finish the run) I declined and carried on. I don't appear to have done any lasting damage but my elbow is really bruised. Bloody tourists! I think that's the last run I do on that route until after the marathon. Fingers crossed there are no more mishaps. 



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69,561 to 69,565 of 69,565 messages
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