Shades Marathon Training

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09/10/2015 at 09:22

Hi all,

Shades - enjoy your holiday! I cant wait to hear how Budapest is. It's on my list. I hope that you're not delayed too much!

Mamafox - sounds like you're got a great base training! Are you shooting for cognac? or has that already happened? We've had it here where it looks cold out but is actually really quite pleasant!

Mowser - thank you I managed to pull a ligament in my abs as the baby is growing so had a day off yesterday and an easy run today. Luckily it seems OK but i'm trying to do more stretching and hip strengthening exercises.

09/10/2015 at 19:11

Shades, hope you're having a fab holiday and good luck for Budapes. Keith - enjoy Harrogate and enjoy the carb loading pre York. Looks like it will be perfect weather conditions for running.

Having a peaceful evening as one son at sleepover and rest of family are at Wembley. Did 6 miles this morning that felt so tough. I think my legs may have been tired after the track session last night. We did a pyramid session of 1x400yards, 1x800, 1x1200, 1x1200, 1x800, 1x400. The boys on bikes were there again and our 70yo coach got into another scrap with them - he tried to shove one of them off their bike as they were cutting us up as we were going around. They got very stroppy and it was hard to concentrate on running! Our coach has cut our recovery times down massively due to the darker nights, so it's more challenging but over sooner.

Emmy, I've not run before when pregnant but I think your ligaments are looser and more prone to injury, so wise to rest when that's what your body needs.

10/10/2015 at 11:15

Just lost a post AGAIN

Hi Emmy - Yep, going for Cognac marathon on the 14th November. Will be trying for 3:30 which may be a bridge too far to be honest....

I guess you know what you're doing but look after yourself while running at the moment.

SK - Your coach must have been formidable in his youth if he's like that at 70! What race are you training towards now? I've lost track.

Shades - Good luck for Budapest marathon. Never been anywhere in eastern Europe so looking forward to hearing all about it.

Good luck for York KK! - and any other racing Shadies of course

10/10/2015 at 16:07

MF - you have trained so well for this marathon, I bet you can go sub 3:30 if the conditions are right (and you get to the start OK!) Is it a fairly flat course?

Parkrun this morning, PB of 29 secs (19:02). Thanks to KK for making me realise that my old PB needed updating. Now just need to shave off those 3 secs! Met the lady who has the 100k WR again. Very encouraging that she was over the moon to get sub 20, when her PB from years back was 16 mins something. Just shows that you can keep challenging yourself even when your times get slower. OH came and volunteered as a marshall which he really enjoyed.

Good luck to Shades and to KK in your marathons tomorrow.

11/10/2015 at 13:18
Just managed to see Shades at Budapest marathon
11/10/2015 at 20:09

SK - That's a massive chunk off your PB! I seem to remember you struggling to get under 20 mins and in no time you're heading towards a sub 19  Really well done.

Thank you for your words of support  - sometimes I think 3:30 is achievable and then I do a rubbish long run and it seems an impossible goal. The age thing kicks around my head too. I'm 45 now and that plays on my mind as well.

I did get it a good long run today though. My tempo sessions have been going well - the only downer has been trying to get MP miles into my long runs. I start off with a couple then the thought of keeping that speed up for a long distance just overwhelms me and I slow down. Today was a first, I did my long run on my usual speed circuit.. made myself do two loops of it plus carried on a bit at the end to make it up to 30km. It definitely made a difference. I "pretended" to myself that i was only doing one loop then just kept going for the second "pretending" it was the first. Managed to get a fair few MP km in. Result

Sorry for boring everyones pants off there.

Big G - You are in Budapest! Fab that you met up with Shades

Yesterday at 13:04

In you're prime mamafox , 3:30 is certainly achievable for you. You've put the training in & know what a marathon is all about.

sk - wow , what did you have for breakfast! ,19:02, 29 secs off your pb, that's great running & the formula almost works now

Had a great long weekend in Harrogate/York. Did the Turkish baths on the Friday night, which was very relaxing (would have been nicer Sunday evening). Explored York on the Saturday. The marathon itself was really good, nice route (very similar to Chester). We used the park & run service, which worked really well, 30min bus journey to the start area. Realised I'd left my Garmin in the car & not enough time to go and get it. I had a stopwatch on so knew what each mile was.

Positioned myself 50yards behind the 4h pacer & reminded myself to go easy and just keep him in sight, so within a mile I found myself in front of him. Miles were ticking by, averaging around 8:40-8:50, felt comfortable enough. Halfway in 1:55, so a bit quick. Just after halfway there was an out and back section and as I spotted the 4 hour pacer, I now felt as though I was being hunted . I knew the wife was around the 17 mile point, but I was feeling it by now and knew I was starting to struggle. From 16 to 20 was another out and back section, so 16 & 20 mile points more or less opposite each other. I had my first little walk break at the 18m water stop, then ran mostly to 21 and had another little break. This is where the 4h pacer went past me and into the distance ! . Bugger.

So, now the 4h had gone I basically went into 'don't trash your legs too much for Snowdon in 2 weeks mode' & ran/walk the rest. Cheeky little hill near the end was a test on v.tired legs but made it up without stopping and then all downhill to the finish. 4:11:53. So not too bad. I need to put in some long runs in training & sub 4 should be easily mine.

How did you get on Mowzer ?, I thought about you there, but then realised I have no idea what you look like !


Yesterday at 16:33

Mamafox - 45 isn't old! You're a more experienced runner now with more races under your belt so that should play in your favour. The pace for 3:30 shouldn't feel easy now, that's what the taper and carb loading are for - add to that all that adrenaline and other people to run with plus crowd support...

Big G - lovely that you saw Shades!

KK - that's still a good time and not a big chunk to shave off to get the sub 4. Did you miss the Garmin much while you were running? Sounds like a nice marathon to do. Didn't realise that you were doing Snowdon too! Presumably that's not a fast course though?!

I just had my usual coffee and hot cross bun before the parkrun but I think the fact that our coach has sneakily reduced our recoveries for the track reps has really helped. I still think that this particular parkrun is measured a bit short (so nearer 3 miles rather than 3.1), but my previous PB was at least from the same course

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