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Yesterday at 07:50
Shades - I am surprised how pleased I am with that time.. I thought I would be disappointed it wasn't a pb but I wasn't trying for one. Got a very busy couple of weeks ahead so have to make any runs count as I don't think I'll get out Everyday. Got to try get more long runs in and focus cause London is approaching fast..
Yesterday at 08:01

Great racing results there everyone.. well done!

Cal - 18mths off.. eeeek! Just one month is feeling like forever right now 

Shades - I don't think you need to worry about doing push ups with all that gym work you are doing. I am rubbish at push ups and are having to repeat some weeks in this programme I am following. 

SK - That was one speedy child - most annoying. Bet that bloke was being pulled by his dog too. LOL at me getting a six pack - absolutely no chance of that happening. I have also found a "100 pull ups" programme which I intend to do and have asked OH to put up a bar somewhere for me. He fell about laughing until he saw the stony look on my face and realised I was being serious.

Yesterday at 09:17

I have a pull-up bar. Usually I use it to dry my Bikram yoga towels.

I can currently do three chins, though.

Yesterday at 11:34

Shades, yes there is a bit of a hill on it, which we had to do twice.  But the race starts and ends at the same point, so what goes up must come down  It's a slightly different route from when I did it in 2014.  It used to start and end on the River Exe, but now it starts and ends at a square in Exmouth, and it's one long loop and then one slightly shorter loop.

I think they must have had bad weather as all along the seafront was a large amount of sand, and the runners were running in the tyre tracks made by cars.  Like you say, it's a good race though.

Found out I was part of a Vet40 team which won a prize too, which was the icing on the cake.  It's the first prize I have won in running.  No idea what the prize actually is yet, as I wasn't able to stay for the prizes.

Anyway, I think I've talked enough about what was just a 5-mile race!

I do have an entry for a Half marathon next weekend, but I'm not going to do it.  The foot is a bit tender this morning, so I don't think racing a Half is wise at the moment.  Also, the organiser has said I can defer the entry to next year, so that's what I'm going to do.  I have another Half in March, so if I can I'd like to give that one a crack if the foot is okay.

Yesterday at 16:52

Hope those of you in the SW are surviving the weather. It seems oddly calm here at the moment, but we had a massive storm late last night and into the early hours which everyone is talking about in the office today.

BigG – a prize – how exciting! I saw pics of Exmouth on the news this morning and it said the beach had got considerably bigger as a result of the wind blowing the sand over the road.

Shades – thank you for the new paces (especially the predicted marathon time!) I think I'm pretty much doing that at the moment as I was at the top end of the previous paces, although my tempo runs could do with being a bit quicker. I did a 5 mile tempo run on the treadmill today at 1% incline and it felt really hard but the pace for the tempo miles was a bit slow. I suspect either my pacing on the treadmill is out or the incline made it harder than usual.

I know there are quite a few autumn marathons but I quite fancied defending my 3rd place in the Middlesex County Marathon championship (said tongue in cheek since there were only 5 of us in it!) I'm waiting to see if I get a place in the GNR before thinking about what I might do in the autumn. I got another "no" on Friday from the Royal Parks Half ballot. One of these days I will actually get a place in a ballot.

Mamafox/Cal - I am rubbish at pull ups and push ups, I think I have an inherent weakness in my shoulders but have never really done anything about it. Should add it to the long list of areas I need to work on. But first comes hips and glutes…

SK – beaten by a speedy child? How dare they! I know the sewage works you ran past, I can imagine they are a bit whiffy at the moment. I was v pleased with my splits, although you can see every 3 miles when I hit the headwind I lost 15-20 seconds on that mile. Have you got a slightly easier running week this week? Last week was brutal!

SystemJ – I definitely get a boost from gels, but I use them sparingly and only when my training runs get past 15 miles or so. I did have one during the half at the weekend and I really noticed the difference around 10-15 minutes after I had it. How much of that is a placebo effect, I don't know but it works for me.

Yesterday at 17:28

Louey - That tempo run probably felt a bit tough as it's only just after your stonking half marathon performance!

Big G - Well done on your race, glad to hear your foot seems to be ok too.

Cal - That's three chins more than I can do - I'm going to be starting on the negative chins (where you only have to lower yourself down )

Just noticed a bit of a typo in my last post - the pull up challenge is not for 100 pull ups but.. *cough* .. 20 

Yesterday at 22:52
So glad to have a rest day today, that storm Imogen sounds brutal!

Well done on getting a prize Big G. Shame you have to miss out on the HM but good that you can transfer.

Mamafox - 20 pull ups is still 20 more than I can do!

My schedule this week seems even worse than last week, with midweek runs of 12, 10 (with 6 at LT pace), 7 and 5 miles. I really don't have time to work or look after kids aswell! My oldest is turning 16 a week today and has a school 'prom' this week that I've had to buy him a suit for. Proms seem a bit early for someone who hasn't yet taken GCSEs! I'm trying to do him a phtobook but he was born pre digital cameras so it's a real pain scanning stuff.

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