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Today at 15:10

MF, good news the foot is much better, but bad news about the chest infection.  The scuppered my marathon back in October, which was really annoying!  I still haven't entered another one for Spring yet!

Ian5, it's hard to know what to do when you want to get the miles in, but generally speaking if a cold has gone to the chest, I tend not to run.  I think Shades monitors her RHR so uses that as the basis of whether to run or not after a cold.  I hope yours clears soon.

I enjoyed my run this morning, and with a 9:30am start we managed to avoid the worst of the rain.  With a bit of looping back I got 16 miles in, which I was pleased about.  I felt fine, although I never really warmed up on the run - I had a hat, gloves, scarf, t-shirt and a long sleeved shirt on but I'm still cold now, even though I have the fire on and a hot pot of tea in front of me!  We were supposed to have cake at a place called Darts Farm, which is very good, but it was totally full and we couldn't get a table (there were 12 of us).  So we went up the road to a pub, where I scoffed a treacle sponge with custard, and a large coffee 

Today at 17:08

Shades, I had a couple of interviews at gyms and was unsuccessful, but the jobs didn't exactly fill me with enthusiasm, either. I decided I would wait until after the marathon so I could concentrate on training. I do have a flat I rent out so I have a small income to get by on, and I'm doing three days' cover at the school next month.

Regarding the club, I am a morning person so the evening sessions don't really suit me. I did a cross country session on a Saturday with them and quite enjoyed that but most of the training seems to be evenings and Sundays.

Mamafox - great news re: the foot. I remember getting a really horrid cold (with sinusitis) just after tearing my calf and the forced layoff was ultimately beneficial. I'd just started running again and was hoping to do a half marathon that October (I tore it late July) which would have been my first for three years. I would have had to ramp the mileage up a lot to make up for missing six weeks of running so, in a way, the cold was a blessing in disguise and probably saved me from reinjury. I was able to defer until the following Spring, which kicked off last year's eight half marathon epic.

Today at 19:17

First 20 miler of the plan today, same average pace as previous long runs, which was good. Wasn't sure if I was going to do the full 20 as haven't felt great the last few days as had a cold, still had a VERY runny nose today, not sure if I could have blown my nose more during that run if I had wanted to!! Highest weekly mileage for me too this week with 40.7

Ian5 - I agree with Big_G if it's on your chest, probably best to rest, however much you want to get the miles in.

Big_G - Vietnam sounds amazing. My friend went and keeps telling me I need to go, haven't got there yet though!

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70,361 to 70,363 of 70,363 messages
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