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13/02/2016 at 15:10

MF, good news the foot is much better, but bad news about the chest infection.  The scuppered my marathon back in October, which was really annoying!  I still haven't entered another one for Spring yet!

Ian5, it's hard to know what to do when you want to get the miles in, but generally speaking if a cold has gone to the chest, I tend not to run.  I think Shades monitors her RHR so uses that as the basis of whether to run or not after a cold.  I hope yours clears soon.

I enjoyed my run this morning, and with a 9:30am start we managed to avoid the worst of the rain.  With a bit of looping back I got 16 miles in, which I was pleased about.  I felt fine, although I never really warmed up on the run - I had a hat, gloves, scarf, t-shirt and a long sleeved shirt on but I'm still cold now, even though I have the fire on and a hot pot of tea in front of me!  We were supposed to have cake at a place called Darts Farm, which is very good, but it was totally full and we couldn't get a table (there were 12 of us).  So we went up the road to a pub, where I scoffed a treacle sponge with custard, and a large coffee 

13/02/2016 at 17:08

Shades, I had a couple of interviews at gyms and was unsuccessful, but the jobs didn't exactly fill me with enthusiasm, either. I decided I would wait until after the marathon so I could concentrate on training. I do have a flat I rent out so I have a small income to get by on, and I'm doing three days' cover at the school next month.

Regarding the club, I am a morning person so the evening sessions don't really suit me. I did a cross country session on a Saturday with them and quite enjoyed that but most of the training seems to be evenings and Sundays.

Mamafox - great news re: the foot. I remember getting a really horrid cold (with sinusitis) just after tearing my calf and the forced layoff was ultimately beneficial. I'd just started running again and was hoping to do a half marathon that October (I tore it late July) which would have been my first for three years. I would have had to ramp the mileage up a lot to make up for missing six weeks of running so, in a way, the cold was a blessing in disguise and probably saved me from reinjury. I was able to defer until the following Spring, which kicked off last year's eight half marathon epic.

13/02/2016 at 19:17

First 20 miler of the plan today, same average pace as previous long runs, which was good. Wasn't sure if I was going to do the full 20 as haven't felt great the last few days as had a cold, still had a VERY runny nose today, not sure if I could have blown my nose more during that run if I had wanted to!! Highest weekly mileage for me too this week with 40.7

Ian5 - I agree with Big_G if it's on your chest, probably best to rest, however much you want to get the miles in.

Big_G - Vietnam sounds amazing. My friend went and keeps telling me I need to go, haven't got there yet though!

14/02/2016 at 07:42

mamafox - bad luck with the chest infection but you know now your foot is healing so you will soon be back out running again.

I haven't really considered coaching/running club as a source of income.   I don't know if I'd have the patience to be a personal trainer, I see the frustration on the faces on the trainers at the gym with some of their trainees.

Ian5 - hope you're OK today after your run, sometimes you just don't know how you're going to feel until well into a run.   Take it easy and eat well until you're 100% again.

Big G - the wind chill was cold yesterday, I didn't go out again after my run, didn't want to leave my warm flat.

Dart's Farm is lovely (I used to work in offices on the site), so used the café quite often, always busy.

Cal - it's not worth taking a job that doesn't inspire you, except when needs must, but if you can manage now you can wait until something interesting comes up.

I understand about being a morning runner, I was a member of Big G's running club for 12 years and only went training with them for the first year or so.   I now am a member of 2 national clubs, one here and one in Ireland so there are no training sessions to go to!

Steve - the cold weather can make your nose run.   Well done on your pacing, you're very consistent, good to get to the 20 miles too.


Short run for me this morning, chilly and a few showers, had a lovely run, I do like it when the streets are deserted.  A couple of my toes are sore, which is from having wet feet for such a long time yesterday on my run, think I've escaped trench foot though

Body Pump this morning

Edited: 14/02/2016 at 07:44
14/02/2016 at 09:46

Shades, yes Dart's Farm is very good.  You probably know that they have a Cotswold outdoor shop there.  I purposefully decided to leave my wallet in the car when wandering around, as it' would be very easy to spend £100s in that shop!  They have some good stuff, but it's pricey.  I could do with some new waterproofs and I was tempted, but with the wallet in the car I couldn't buy it anyway.  Probably a good thing  

14/02/2016 at 10:08

I had terrible indigstion last night. I do tend to chew a lot of sugar free gum but am fairly tolerant to the brand I use. However, yesterday I bought carrots for the first time in ages and ate about four of them raw so I think the combination of cellulose and the sugar alcohols in the gym caused my abdomen to inflate like a zeppelin.

The upshot of that is that I didn't get a great night's sleep so I only did an easy 7.5 miles today, average 10:43 pace. My legs felt very heavy. I'm OK with that because I have a race next weekend and I got my 13 miler in last weekend. I will have to ramp up the miles after the half, though.

14/02/2016 at 16:52
Big G, I think we posted at the same time the other day, so I didn't get a chance to reply to your post. Vietnam sounds like a great idea, I really hope you get accepted. Feeling down and further from Claire right now is perfectly normal as it's all still relatively recent. I think it's great that you're making lots of plans for the year, Claire would be proud.

Lovely day for a run day. I went in a different direction down a canal path and it was relatively puddle free. Meant to do 20 but ended up 21. Annoyingly my IT band felt a bit niggly in the last mile and I had to stop and walk. Hoping it will be OK after a day's rest tomorrow.

Shades - I think you'd make a great coach! Hope the feet are OK now. You seem to be running well right now, being a lady of leisure suits you!

Hope Cal's stomach and MF's chest are better today. At least non running problems should heal quicker.
14/02/2016 at 17:18

Thanks SK.  I'm doing my best  It's sounds a cliche, but she is genuinely with me in everything I do.

The car park duties went off okay this morning.  It was a bit touch and go at one point thinking we'd run out of space, but then some of the participants of the earlier races started to leave so more space came available.  Phew!  Usually, there is more space apparently, but the school didn't want cars parking too far onto the grass due to the bad weather.  Ideally I wouldn't do car parking again though, as it's much better seeing the runners out on the course.

And then this afternoon I went for a 5.5 mile run out with the dog, including about 2 miles back and forth along the beach, was we both enjoyed.  

A friend of mine had some free tickets to go and see "Let It Be" last night, which is the story of The Beatles.  It was basically a live gig, with some really good sound/video etc.  I really enjoyed it!

14/02/2016 at 17:26

Inadvertently ran my 14 miler today at marathon pace. Slightly surprised when I punched my time in, because I was expecting a slower pace than usual. I don't think I ate enough and was feeling pretty low on energy all the way round - for the last three miles I had constant fantasies about the pack of chocolate digestives in the cupboard at home. I think the unpleasantness of the run spurred me to speed up and get it over with quickly, but I certainly didn't feel fast.

15/02/2016 at 06:03

Big G - everything at Dart's Farm is expensive but good quality, I haven't been there for quite a while.

Cal - ouch, definitely no carrots and gum for you on pre race days!

SK - hope that IT niggle was just caused by a bit of tiredness in the muscles at the end of your run, maybe caused by the camber?

Only one sore toe now, was really sore last night but much less so this morning, will have to be careful at Yogalates.   I felt it while I was running on Saturday with my wet feet but as the weather was so awful I didn't stop to reposition my wet socks.

System J - Well it's good that your run at marathon pace didn't feel fast when you were running.    Maybe a bit more to eat next time before your long run, even if you're not hungry at the time.

Very cold here this morning, North wind I think.   Today I will run at midday when the forecast says it will be at it's warmest with a feels like temperature of -1, but it should be sunny.   Think we're all in for a spell of cold weather and a bit of snow for some.

16/02/2016 at 07:56

Just back from my run, so cold here today, my legs were freezing even with my winter tights on.

Yesterday in Yogalates we were given those little spiky balls and shown how to do a range of exercises on the foot, usually prescribed if you have plantar fasciitis, was good to be shown how to do the exercises properly. 

16/02/2016 at 08:24

Morning everyone, getting much colder here too.

Chest still feels like I've got a bag of nails in it so still no running but foot much better, only the tiniest of twinges now and again so am hopefully going to try and get out by the end of the week. Not sure what do do about mileage though. Am eyeing up a marathon on the 7th May which is 11 weeks away. I also wanted to try and follow a P+D 55-70 12 week plan to do this. However, this seems pretty challenging from the word go, and although my mileage was high for November, it's dwindled down to just 33k for the whole of January and by the end of this week that will be a whole 5 weeks that I haven't run at all so leaping into a programme like that is just asking for trouble. Will play it by ear and spend next 3 weeks building up by 40/50/60k then see if I can maybe tap into it then or just forget about following plan and do my own thing. Ramble ramble ramble.........

16/02/2016 at 08:54

mamafox - that's really good news about your foot and within a few days you'll be over that chest infection too.

I would suggest that once you're back running you can then assess your fitness and make your plans for the year.  I guess you don't really want to aim for a marathon a few weeks later than the 7th may as it gets pretty hot where you are.

It's so cold here today, I can't visualise a hot marathon at the moment.

16/02/2016 at 09:01

MF, I have a similar dilemma.  I'm considering (haven't entered yet) a marathon at the start of May, but when I pulled up Shades trusted plan, I realised I was on week 8 already, with 10 weeks to go.  Hmmmm.  But last week I did 43 miles and the week before I did 40, so I do feel relatively good, even though I don't feel I have much speed at all.  I'd really like to get some (i.e., 4 or 5) 20-milers in, but the most I've done recently is only 16, on the weekend just gone.  So I'm not sure yet either.  I do have a Half on 6th March, which will hopefully give me a better idea of how I'm doing.  I'm definitely not in PB shape, but if I'm under 1:45 in that I'll be happy (sub-1:40 and I'd be delighted!), and then I may decide about the marathon from there.

I got a good 10-miler in yesterday at a steady pace and it was very nice in the sun.  It looks like tomorrow is going to be a bad day weather-wise, but today is a rest day for me, having ran 3 days in a row.

16/02/2016 at 09:04

Thanks for the advice Shades, that makes sense. I'm just itching to enter something and have a goal to work towards but I obviously need to see how long it takes to build my fitness up first. The heat is definitely something to think about though. I have been considering Carcassonne but that's in early June and from the photos on their website everyone looks like they're flaking out. Anyway, we'll see. Will not enter any races until fitness assessed. 

Said in same firm tone as Shades' "Will not buy any new shoes in sales until have worked through old ones...." 


16/02/2016 at 09:33

Lol its warmer here today than yesterday and again tomorrow too but then its also raining all day tomorrow....

16/02/2016 at 11:55

Hmmm.  I have just been hacking around with Shades spreadsheet to see what I can fit in and I may be able to fit 3 (or 4) 20-milers in.  It looks like a plan maybe coming together, as long as I stay injury free!  I'm still going to see how I get on at the next Half before committing though  Just call me Big "sitting-on-the-fence" G  

16/02/2016 at 11:59

Today's run was freezing, but another easy 5 miles done. Think it's meant to be a little bit warmer tomorrow morning, albeit still below zero!


16/02/2016 at 12:17

x post earlier Big G.. you're in a much better position than me regarding your mileage and fitness base and I reckon 3 or 4 long runs sounds fine. Hopefully the marathon you're considering doesn't fill up early so you can leave things until after your HM before leaping off that fence!

17/02/2016 at 08:43

Big G - are you considering North Dorset at the beginning of May?   If you think you need a bit more training time there is Yeovil mid June, that is laps, I can't remember if it is 2 or 3 laps, I really liked that race, quiet country roads followed by tea and cake with mowzer

mamafox - maybe you could enter a shorter race for the time being, just to give you a short term focus.

Keith - how's the rehabilitation going?   Are you managing to run every other day yet?

Dry and quite pleasant when I went out for my run, I was expecting the rain to start and it did.   The rain wasn't a problem but the wind picked up and it's a cold wind, made the return part of my run hard work.

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