Shades Marathon Training

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28/06/2016 at 15:54
In stark contrast to Mowzer, I've got a 2.5-mile race coming up on Friday evening. It's a team event called Erme Valley Relays and my club have a few teams competing. I'm in the slow M40 team . I haven't done it before, so looking forward to it although I expect it'll hurt more than the marathon
28/06/2016 at 16:58

Mowzer - At first I was well impressed with your back to back 46m and 22m, however then I read about your 92 miles in 24 hours and I'm now blown away, that is incredible running!!

Ian - Great PB, you are on a roll at the moment. As you have hit your goals, I assume you will be setting new ones now?

Big G - Good running so soon after your marathon.

Cal - Nice 10m result and good news that the pace felt comfortable for you. Sub 2 will happen soon enough.

Iain - Good to hear you enjoyed the North Downs. Yeah, I'd recommend trail shoes for the mud!

28/06/2016 at 17:28

So my weekend. Day off on Friday for my birthday so off to the cricket to watch England v Sri Lanka, nice day in the sun and we won, it also finished earlier than expected so was able to get home at a decent time for my early start on Saturday.

Saturday - Out the door at 4:15am to drive down to Arundel for the 8am start at Race To The King. I was doing the trail marathon, so finishing at the half way point for the ultra runners. Nice drive down, no traffic issues, got there around 7am to register and collect my number, filled my water bottles, dropped my bag which I was going to collect at the finish/half way point and chatted to a few people who were either doing 53 miles in one go or the 53 miles over 2 days that I knew either from work or UKRunChat.

I must say going into this I was a bit worried about the hills after my awful run on the South West Coast Path during Brighton marathon training.

8am arrived and we set off nice and slowly due to the number of people there, was nice and sunny and the pace was easy. Got to around 6m and tripped over a rock and cut my hand and knee, was OK, but a bit muddy and bloody! Arrived at the first checkpoint around 8m and started to clean my hands and knee. One of the support staff/volunteers noticed and got a medic for me, while walking across the checkpoint shouting "where is the medic".....I appreciated the help but didn't want the attention from everyone So after about 10 mins getting my knee cleaned up and dressed I then had a bar and orange squash and set off again, wasn't long until the dressing had fallen off, but the knee was fine.

I walked up every hill as that was the plan and then ran the flats easy (9 min miles) and downhills at varying paces, some of them I hit hard going downhill as easy to just run than worry about slowing yourself down IMO. More eating and drinking, running and walking followed through some great countryside. I arrived at checkpoint 4 around 23 miles feeling OK, fed and watered myself and set off for the final few miles.

I was worried also about navigation, but turns out the route was well signposted and I didn't need the map at all. A lot of the time there were runners around, but at times I did find myself running alone. Around mile 24 the rain that was forecast arrived, it started heavily so I didn't bother getting my waterproof out as I was close to the finish. My watch clocked 26 miles and I turned a corner to see a big incline, not what I wanted, but I walked up to the top and then ran the remaining distance to the finish with my watch saying 26.6 miles in an official time of 4:46.

Collected my bag and medal, had a drink and sheltered outside under the canopy from the rain. Headed inside had a warm cup of tea and got changed out of my soaking wet clothes! Waiting around afterwards for 2 friends to finish who were also doing the marathon distance as we were going to share a taxi back to the start to collect cars/get the train. However Goodwood festival of speed was on, so taxis all booked up until late in the evening and the official transfer was not until 7:50pm! The organisers managed to sort us a lift with Alex (think that was his name) giving us a lift back to the start, collected my car, dropped friends at train station and drove home!

Turns out the later finishers had a lot of mud to contend with, so I think I was lucky being one of the earlier finishers.

Edited: 28/06/2016 at 17:29
28/06/2016 at 17:36

That was a long post....Sorry!

Sunday - Up early again for my 10k! Did a 2m warm up/recovery (9 min/miles) then drove to the start. Amazingly my legs felt OK, so rather than an easy run I was planning to run MP, however the race started and I went out predictably too fast and somehow forget what marathon pace should be!! Ended up averaging 7:10 instead of 7:20-7:25, but felt OK at the time. After 6 miles, there were a string of people ahead of me, so I put my foot down and overtook as many as I could, finishing in 44:34. Drove home and then did a 2 mile recovery/cool down for my 10 miles for the day.

A great weekend and turns out (I hadn't checked the results, so only found out as someone else told me), that I had finished 2nd out of the 73 runners who did the marathon distance on day 1....very happy and surprised with that

Also feeling a bit more confident about the hills as even during the later stages of the marathon I was able to run the flats after walking the hills. If anyone is interested here is the run

Went out for 4 miles this morning and legs felt heavy, but took it nice and easy, cut back week for me now after last weeks 58.5 miles and around 58 miles the week before, my biggest weeks so far, although I have a way to go before I catch up with Mowzer's mileage

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29/06/2016 at 07:46

Great results, Steve! So you ran a 10K the day after a hilly marathon? You nutter!

(And I thought I was crazy for signing up to two half marathons on consecutive weekends in the Autumn!)

29/06/2016 at 08:32

Iain - have fun finding some varied races to do.  'diddle', are you posting from your phone?

Ian5 - glad you enjoyed your first run at new training pace

KK - time to rest up a bit ready for next week, I'm sure you can get that half PB if the weather is kind to you

mowzer - glad the blisters are healing quickly.  Thanks for the info on the food, as I often find it hard to eat in ultras I'm always interested in what other runners eat.   Custard is good as hydrating too.

Are you off on another mammoth run/trek or a restful holiday?   (I think I might be able to guess that one)

Big G - that'll be a bit of sprint training, although you're used to the 5k's always extra pressure as a relay event.

Steve - a very successful weekend for you.   Congrats on a very good marathon and 2nd place, despite stopping to be patched up, excellent.   You are very well disciplined and don't get carried away, as a lot of folk do.   Very good time at the 10k too.   One of the good things about off road events is that there should be less post race soreness that you can get from harder surfaces.

We all have a way to go before we catch up with mowzer's mileage

Cal - although this thread was initially for training on 3 to 4 runs a week, it seems to attract folk that enjoy their running so much that they want to do more events and then as frequently as possible

Very quiet when I went for my run this morning, saw 2 deer which crossed a path in front of me, the 2nd one was only about 4 feet away from me, beautiful  with their shiny summer coats.   Looked like it was going to be sunny but got darker then a little rain, very dark now and more rain.

29/06/2016 at 09:46
I've signed up for the August Thames meander half as part of the training for Bilbao marathon.
29/06/2016 at 11:02
Well done Steve - some great running there, and some high mileage weeks too!

Shades, the problem with these shorter distances is that if I go out even slightly quicker than I'm actually capable of, the race turns into a disaster. I really like to try and be consistent in the splits, but be hanging on at the end if that makes sense. Howevwr, I've done so many positive split 5Ks in my time, you'd think I'd learn

Problem is I have no real idea what pace to go out at, so it could either go really well (unlikely), or it could go badly wrong (more likely). Still, there's food at the end and it's only 2.5 miles - I'll have to remember that when I'm blowing with 1 mile to go

Having said that, when it does all come together at a 5K, I do really enjoy them. The key to a good time for me is a good warm up, I think.
29/06/2016 at 11:20

Jugula -  that is good news

Big G - pacing in a race is the most difficult aspect of our sport.   I agree you'd need a good warm up so you can go straight into your planned race pace.

29/06/2016 at 14:01

Cal - Yes I did although I didn't race either of them, so just back to back long runs really. 2 half's on consecutive weekends should be OK if you are not planning on racing both, I'd pick one to focus on as a PB attempt.

Shades - Thank you Must say I really enjoyed my first trail event, so relaxed as you do not focus on time/mile splits.

Big G - I think for the shorter races the warm up is the key. I always notice the VERY quick runners at Parkrun will be the ones warming up before the start. I'd suggest going out at 5k pace and seeing what is left after 2 miles perhaps?

PSC    pirate
30/06/2016 at 07:30

happy birthday to HY4 if she is still around..

30/06/2016 at 07:42

Steve - I think that's one of the reasons that folk enjoy trail races so much as there's not the same emphasis on pace.   Ultra races, even road ones also have the same relaxed atmosphere as the target is to complete to your own satisfaction, not race the runner next to you.

Light rain this morning, very pleasant for running.   Lots of baby rabbits, so cute

30/06/2016 at 07:50

Good morning PSC - haven't seen HY4 on here for years, I think she just disappeared.

30/06/2016 at 07:59

I wasn't able to get to the club session last night, so I did the session I was going to do, but did it on my own instead.  6x0.5m reps, with 90secs recovery.  Ooooph.

Splits were: 3:16, 3:17, 3:14, 3:09, 3:30 (across the grass, as there was a group of people ahead), 3:16.  Quite pleased with that in terms of consistency, apart from the 4th one but that was a reason for that.

I did the same session on a similar course back in February, and the splits then were: 3:36, 3:11, 3:16, 3:06, 3:19, 3:09, so something to compare against.


I have noticed that he sole of my right running shoe is wearing quicker than my left one.  Up until this pair, it's always been my left one that wears quicker.  Don't know why that change would happen, but it's quite noticeable.

30/06/2016 at 08:21

Big G - good consistent splits.

Re your shoes, that must have been going around in circles at that lake

I don't know the answer but it's funny that shoes never wear out the same.

PSC    pirate
30/06/2016 at 08:39

Morning Shades, HY4 has a pretty low profile on FB too.  I hope she is still well and running.

Trail runs rock btw!  No time pressure, plenty of mud and lots of cake seem to be the consistent themes!

30/06/2016 at 09:34

Morning peeps.

After a light day yesterday (yoga), I woke up to heavy rain and thought, I guess today is a gym day. But by the time I'd had coffee and farted about on Facebook, the rain had stopped and it was a bit brighter.

Had a pleasant if slightly muggy run - 6.5 miles at a relatively easy but quickening pace. 10:43, 10:27, 10:14, 10:14, 10:09, 10:09 and 9:55 for the last half mile.


Jugula - great! If you spot me, come and introduce yourself. I'll be in my Chasers vest, as per my new profile pic.

30/06/2016 at 10:04
Psc - I agree about trail runs. First one was Sunday and there was an abundance of mud, cake ams no pressure to have a quick time..

Shades - yes I was on my phone lol
30/06/2016 at 12:10

PSC - I don't think HY4 was doing much running when she disappeared from here, maybe she's lost a bit of interest in running.

Cake, I must make some cake today, the cupboard is bare

Cal - lovely pic of you in your club vest

Muggy here now too, not very pleasant.


Went to Pilates to find the instructor was ill, they had found a replacement but she did 10% Pilates and 90% Yoga, didn't enjoy it at all.   She was very nice but too softly spoken, couldn't hear what she was saying and I have had no decent stretches that I normally get to do on a Thursday morning

30/06/2016 at 13:08

Won't be going for a pb (1:40:05) in the Half shades, just last years time to beat (~1:48), so I'll go off at 1:45 pace and see what happens. Not feeling confident at all! But have the rest of the week to consider so don't want to trash my legs on the first day, but don't want to go easy either.

We've been considering a dog for a while & one of the mums at school have a 18 month Lab/Whippet cross that they are looking to re home. Going to look at him tonight, I'm scared I'm going to love him instantly  

Enjoyed the report Steve, tough weekend.

Nice new pic Cal, I should add one on mine. I'll see what I can find.

Yes muggy here as well, has a thunderstorm feel about it.

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