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22/12/2005 at 18:11
Thanks Shades, very helpful!
22/12/2005 at 18:29
You have mail :)
23/12/2005 at 09:34
hi shades.... can you please send me too a copy of programee.... many thanks :)
23/12/2005 at 10:18
Thanks Shades.

10k PB - 54.06 Feb 2005

Half Marathon PB - 1.58.37 Sept 2005

Marathon - 4.28.16 Oct 2005

If you have time to do my training apces?

23/12/2005 at 10:18
....or even paces!
23/12/2005 at 10:55
scotsman - email me for copy as I can't send attachments via RW. Will email all requests tonight when I get home.
23/12/2005 at 11:22
yes shades.I done that...thanx :)
23/12/2005 at 19:06

Easy 10.00 to 10.30
Tempo 8.40 to 9.00
Long 10.00 to 11.00
all min/miles

how do these pace compare to what you currently train at?
24/12/2005 at 01:35
You hopefully have an e.mail from me requesting a copy of your plan.
24/12/2005 at 10:32
Amanda - email sent last night to you.
24/12/2005 at 15:48
Thanks - nice and easy to follow. Will give it a go.
24/12/2005 at 16:33
Thanks Shades. I tend to be a bit one paced, shorter runs when I'm feeling good about 9 min/mile pace or just under and the rest of the time 10 min/miling or thereabouts.
28/12/2005 at 19:49
Hi Shades
have e.mailed you hope you can send me a copy.
many thanks
28/12/2005 at 22:45
Another request from me!
Thank you!
29/12/2005 at 23:48
Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the pacing info again - got a shiny Garmin for Christmas - so have been trying to keep to the ranges suggested - have to hold back on the urge to go a bit faster (which is relative by the way because it's not that fast!) and remind myself that I need to go further not faster! So thank you very much.
30/12/2005 at 12:37
sian - you lucky thing getting a Garmin for Xmas.

You'll soon get used to the paces and it will make training much more comfortable.
30/12/2005 at 13:18
Shades - I know I'll find it tough to train at a slower pace than feels natural. I think that part of it on the long runs is wanting to get them over with! What's the 'science' in slowing down for longer runs?
30/12/2005 at 15:07
Shades - thanks very much for the schedule. I'm going to give it a go and have adjusted it for Paris which is 2 weeks earlier than London.

My PB's are 1/2 Mara - 1:47 - March 2005
Marathon - 4:12 - October 2005
Grizzly - 3:49 - March 2005
10k - 51 mins - spring 2004(haven't done any 10k's recently)

This year I did 3 half marathons, an off road 7 mili(sh) race, an 8 mile off road race, the grizzly, 2 marathons (spring and autumn) and a mountain marathon (summer). I had a fab year but think I may have overdone it a bit on the harder stuff, hence injury.

I think I could do better on the marathon, but so much depends on the day itself, who knows!!

I'm not sure on pace but suspect like LMH I may be running long runs too fast.

I tend to train at about 9 min miling, sometimes a bit quicker on shorter runs, but have to say my running has not been that structured. Time to change??

30/12/2005 at 15:54
LMH - long runs need to be done at a slow pace so they are aerobic (65-70% of max heart rate), these build endurance and develop muscles for distance. Also trains the body not to burn out by using all glycogen in one hit(so hitting the wall) and gets the body used to using fat stores too.
If you do your long runs too fast (i.e. marathon pace) you are effectively racing every time you do a long run. Knock on effect of that will be that you will not perform well on marathon day as you will be tired. Lots of peeps will tell you that they can't understand why they were actually slower on race day than in training - invariably they did all their long runs at planned race pace.

It requires discipline to keep the pace down - everyone is tempted to do every session/distance better or faster than before but with marathon training you have to be patient. My Dublin girls did no speedwork and kept the pace of their long runs to the required speed, 3 weeks before Dublin they did a half marathon race and did some fantastic PB's, averaging 8 - 10 mins off previous best times.
30/12/2005 at 16:06
Scooby Snax

The Grizzly is fairly local to me and I think in time is equal to most peeps marathon time. So you should be able to do a road marathon in about 3.45/3.50ish - did you have a bad time in your marathon or just tired near the end?

Easy 9.10 to 9.40
Tempo 7.50 to 8.10
Long 9.10 to 10.10

Try and not to be competitive with yourself by aiming for the faster end of the pace times.
Also at this time of year when the long runs are not very long, do not be tempted to run them faster than long run pace. If you feel you are ahead of schedule and have difficulty slowing the pace for long runs choose a hilly route and keep the pace slow.
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