Shaving 8 minutes Off 1/2 Marathon Time

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25/09/2012 at 15:06

You know I'm not too sure about race numbers etc as its my first proper run, let alone my first GBR, (hopefulyl a member with a bit more experience can chime in there?), though I did receive a '6 weeks to go' email a couple weeks back which said  Your race packs are being prepared and you will receive them 2-3 weeks before the big day so maybe that answers that!!

Good to see you've taken a decent chunk off your previous time, its always a massive boost to see the training paying off 

Had a bit of a crazy session today, put my long slow run back to today as I'd done a tougher session Sunday evening. The plan was a 9 miler averaging about 9:45 a mile. This was my first solo long run so stuck the headphones in (new Muse album to keep me occupied haha ). I know I have a habit of running to the tempo of the music so found i had to focus to keep my pace consistant. Checked my tracker after finishing expecting to see something like 6.1mph average pace but was surpised to find I'd done just under 9.5 miles in around 1h18m (pace 7.2mph). I was expecting race pace to be lower than that. Think if i'm doing my long runs solo again I'll need to be finding more mellow music haha

26/09/2012 at 19:26

hi kevin

yes i checked my emails after reading your response and i to had same email (must of deleted without reading doh!) 6 weeks to go

thats a awesome time with your long run  your be smashing that 8 minutes off  your half marathon no problem with a couple more runs like that one.

think i need to get that muse album and quickly lol

i gave up the cigs on monday (bad habbit i know  ) and went for my first run this morning...felt so much easier on my chest, i never felt like i had to wait for myself to get my second wind to feel comftable running....and i smashed my 10km pb in 50mins 25secs (nearly 5mins off before pb)

so happy with the way training is going at the minute,just need to try and make sure no injuries come about.

how you feeling about your training? you happy with the way its gone so far?(you must be after that last long run  )

01/10/2012 at 12:56

Well today it finally came to be. Planned out the same route as my run at the start of this thread and took a huge chunk off.

Also had a funny/slightly crazy incident. I made a silly mistake after crossing over a river of making a wrong turn and backing up on myself. Didn't realise until I crossed back over the same road and was passing the same buildings but in the opposite direction. Was almost surreal as I was talking & that focused at the time I hadn't noticed backing up on myself...felt like I'd walked through some portal of some mirror world that flipped me back in the opposite direction haha. Did give me a little giggle when I realised though. Added almost an extra mile to my route too!!

Suprisingly done 14 1/2 miles in under 2hrs 2min, hitting the 13 mile mark at 1:47:30, absolutely delighted...not sure my calf muscles are gonna be so happy in the morning though  Gonna keep my long run at a much lower pace next week then taper down the following week. Can't believe its less than 3 weeks away now

Hows your training going this week Scotty? Has giving up the ciggies worked out for you? I'm kinda considering the same with alcohol, as the couple of sessions I've done even up to 2 days after drinking have been a hard slog...though maybe just maybe limiting would be a mors sensible option

01/10/2012 at 12:57

Oh have you got your race pack through the post yet? I know they're meant to be getting sent out sometime in the next week but not had anything yet myself

08/10/2012 at 20:29

hi kev

sorry the reply has taken so long....thats another brilliant run form yourself then 14 1/2 miles in 2h2mins,i think your gonna smash the time you wanted at start of thread.

you seem to have had your training spot on to peak at the right time

iv not done as much as i should of over the last week i did a couple of 15km runs last week both around 1h.25-30mins,but since iv given up the fags i seem to be catching every illnes going and just feeling like shit!! plus i played football yesterday and pulled my groin ( cant believe it!!) so i need to rest that this week,just hope it doesnt go again if i come back to soon,its got me well worried.

but on a good note i had a email back end of last week saying race packs are on the way and should be with me this week some time,so that cheered me up and made me really nervous lol

have you recieved your race pack yet kev? hope the trainings still going well mate?

08/10/2012 at 21:40

One thing you need to remember is that you will run quicker than your "easy" place when you are actually running the half.

09/10/2012 at 12:26

Unlucky to get an injury so close to race time. Sure a week off won't do anything to harm your current level anyway. I'd imagine sticking to easier runs prior to race would lower the chance of reoccurance. Good luck with the recovery bud!!

Race pack came today, I'm in the white wave (whatever that means haha), start time at 10:29. You got yours through the post yet? What wave you in?

Had my last long(ish) run yesterday and going for a nice easy recovery today. Expecting not to venture over 7.5 miles before race day now.

09/10/2012 at 13:04
Hi kev
No not had mine through the post yet I was hoping today but postman has been and gone so I hope tomoz ????
10:29 is a good start time,your be in the pub by 1215 then ????lol
Ye im gonna lev the runs this week and do a few next week (still gutted today about my groin)
Make sure you take it easy till race day mate ,don't wont both of us on the Injury table!
Il let You know when my pack comes with details,take it easy mate
10/10/2012 at 12:55
You should def have your race pack through in next day or so as seems everyones getting theirs now. Def will be heading to the pub for some grub & celebratory pint post race!!
12/10/2012 at 15:36

hi kev,

finally got race pack through on wednesday (makes it all feel so real now lol) im in pink wave start time 10:57 so really looking forward to it now.

today has been my best day with my groin strain hardly any pain what so ever so im well happy  been trying everything this week from ice,heat,ibroprofen,massages,wearing compression shorts just to get it better  but still going to leave it till sunday though before i go for a run just in case, then a few steady slow runs next week.

hope alls good with you mate and hardest part of the training all done now mate,just got to look forward to next sunday

20/10/2012 at 16:36

Hi Scotty,you all set for tomorrow? How is the strain healing up? Hopefully all is back on track for you

Been crazy busy over the past couple of weeks so didn't train as much as I've wanted to but managed a couple of runs each week. Went out for my last run yesterday, a nice easy 5 miler with a couple of short bursts. Not much to do now but wait for the morning, but feeling good for it.

Best of luck for tomorrow, let us know how you get on mate

22/10/2012 at 21:53
Hi kev
Sorry I thought I had written back to you,it must not of registered when I submitted reply grrrr
Had a brilliant day from start to finish really enjoyed myself (legs are sore today though) had to strap my groin up as it still wasn't brill but gave it my best and finished in 2hours 4mins 3secs was hoping sub 2hours but with injury I can't moan with that time at all
How did you get on? Hope you to had a brilliant day with all the hard training you put in you deserved it mate
23/10/2012 at 01:08

Hey Scotty,great news that you braved it & fought through the injury. Its a massive accomplishment in itself to get through 13 miles when you're not fully fit, braver man than myself 

Had a cracking time myself!! Was a great atmosphere from start to finish, but that final half mile stretch along Broad St was something else. Finished in 1:40:41 so absolutely delighted as i wasn't expecting it...somehow the crowds along the way kept me pushing from start to end.

Can definitely see why people get the so called 'bug;

Have you got any future events in mind? I'm looking at completing a few more of the great run series next year as I'd love to get a full set of medals!! Will probably do the Warwick Castle Half Marathon in March as my next HM & then will be doing the Tough Guy challenge (purely for experience as it looks mental haha) in Jan

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