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01/01/2013 at 18:07

What is the point in this smart coach if it doesn't state the eventual aim !! 

I've run a 3:10 , 3:08 and a 3:01 marathon and I'd like to run sub 3 . How do I set it up to do that ? 

02/01/2013 at 14:17

I have a wild suggestion. How about you convert your current pb to an age-adjusted equivalent with the aid of an online calculator, then choose an aspirational time a bit faster than that and choose a program to match, but then convert the new aspirational time back to your age adjusted time and adjust your target times in the program accordingly.

Worked eg using age-graded WAVAcalc at runbayou:

  • present age: 55
  • present marathon pb: 3:36:09
  • age weighted equivalent = 3:09:25

So I decide to set a target of 3:05-equivalent for my next marathon. The age weight applied to Open class for a 55-yo shown in the calculator is 0.8763 so I apply this factor to the 3:05 (185 minutes):

  • 185/0.8763 = about 3:31

the same result can by found by typing 3:31:00 or another number into the Time field and watching the open-age-equivalent field. So for my next marathon I am aiming to hit 3:31 by following a 3:05 program, but in training I would adjust any target times down to about 88% as fast. Makes sense?

10/02/2013 at 19:42

Its more than 4 years since my last post in this thread, since when I have run around 8 half marathons a year, the London Marathon, and a variety of other races at 10k, 10 mile and 15 mile distances.

In all that time I have followed the recommendation I made in November 2008.  I use my aspired time as the 'Recent Race Time' and it has given me a good plan to work to.  Its what i am currently using in training for the London Marathon again in April and the 2 Half Marathons between now and then.

Frankly I don't think age makes any difference with the training as you are working to a time. I still score new PBs every so often, and certainly can't run any faster than 7:10 pace even downhill, but that's my age and it doesn't affect the legitimacy of the SmartCoach training plans so long as, as I said last time, you listen to your body.

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21 to 23 of 23 messages
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