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SheTRI    pirate
12/10/2012 at 17:50

Sorry I should have added a minor detail lol

One of the reasons and causes of my weak core is other than a couple of pregnancies one with epidural, I suffered a very bad slipped disk in 2007 which took me a year just to walk unaided (without a stick and without painkillers).

Hence my core weakness. My doctor told me to take up swimming and never take up running. Instead I rebelled, and here I am today. although my back can still be an issue hence getting to point of finally addressing it properly. ( I thought that just getting fit would do, but obviously is not enough). Im 38 yo if it's of any help and In NOT overweight. I think I fall in the healty range 5.11 and 11.10st


Oh and no Im not emotionally attached to my body fat and is not important to me, but I know that you require serious committment, dedication and lifestyle if you want a very trim, sculptured 6 paccked body but this is not what Im trying to achieve.


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14/10/2012 at 14:48
SomeOldDog wrote (see)

Most people I know who do pilates would struggle to knock out 40 decent press ups in a sinlge set, or plank for 2-3 minutes... and let's be honest, if that's the limit of control over their body, it's no wonder pilates is challenging for them. But beyond a fairly rudimentary level of strength and conditioning, pilates is just a waste of time.

Eek! People do pilates for all sorts of reasons so it's not surprising many can't do push-ups! I do 100 push-ups in a single set without too much trouble (and every day), but I also do pilates and find it incredibly useful for core strength and posture.

Slow_coach, I agree with the other posters that doing anything once a week is unlikely to be enough, but I would really recommend sticking with the pilates if you've only got time for EITHER that or the gym, especially given what you say about previous injuries. If you have a decent teacher s/he should be able to make sure you're doing the exercises correctly in a way that protects your spine, and if you ask, s/he should be able to recommend exercises you can do at home in between classes. I don't have the time or money to go to a gym, but I do have 20 minutes to work out each morning mainly using my own body weight (push-ups, pull-ups, leg lifts, crunches) and some small hand weights. I've been doing this for a couple of years and my strength (and muscle definition) has improved massively -- went from no definition at all to the kind of arms I thought 'normal' people didn't have.

14/10/2012 at 20:35

SOD - have started integrating your exercise suggestions into my gym routine (which has been getting somewhat dull as of late). very excited and enjoying it so far. keep you posted on results. 

SheTRI    pirate
15/10/2012 at 10:59

ok thank you all for your replies

15/10/2012 at 14:54
Vicky Yellow wrote (see)

SOD - have started integrating your exercise suggestions into my gym routine (which has been getting somewhat dull as of late). very excited and enjoying it so far. keep you posted on results. 

Cool! Best of luck. Do keep us posted.

18/10/2012 at 05:13

The debate here seems to be between the benefits of pilates and full body exercises like squats deadlifts etc.

Research shows that exercises like squats and deadlifts do work your core more than pilates based exercises. However everyone is missing the point.

it is completely irrelevant which exercises work the core more, what matters is which exercises help improve running performance, and help prevent injury. So what of squats activate core more than pilates , unless it trains the core to be stronger when running then it doesnt matter. Just becasue an exercise works a muscle more doesnt mean it will help that muscle to be stronger doing something different.

The body responds to exercise based of the priciple of specific adaption to imposed demand which basically means he body gets better at ding whatever it is you do with it. So if you squat then the body will get better at squatting. If you do pilates then you get better at doing pilates.

For an exercise to benefit running it has to be similar to running - it would have to be dynamic, involve the spine moving in three different directions, light weight , high reps , similar joint ranges of movement and body position.


Unfortunately pilates and heavy squats/ deadlifts  arent that similar to  running so the ycarryover benefit from doing these exercises is little. ( except if you are a sprinter )


In fact studies have showed that conventional core type exercises have no measurable effect on running performance or injury prevention.

The American College of SPorts Medicine went as far as recommending that core exercises performed in a vertical position would be far more effective than ones lying down.

there is a stack of informaiton including videos of far better exercises here

in terms of exercises like push ups, pull ups etc - in terms of running they are a waste of time ( along with crunches, sit ups, planks leg lifts etc).

however if those exercises contribute to you losing fat and decreasing overall body weight ( an upper body weight muscle increase still needs to be carried around by the legs - goof long distance runners are skiny up top for a reason) then they may be a good thing to do. Any exercise that help you lose weight will inadvertantly help make you a faster runner.


Of course if you are going to make the time to do some exercises you may as well do ones that will help your running 

here are some example exercises and discussion on what is best to do for resistance training for runners 

18/10/2012 at 07:45

Anyone help with getting rid of belly fat? Would like a nice ladies six pack, but this needs to complement my running speed as this again I'm struggling with. But could be my jelly belly and thunder thighs please help!

I run Monday, Tuesda, Thursday, Saturday park run & long run.

I think my diet is healthy.

Breakfast: porridge with skim milk

Dinner: Butty on brown bread, chicken or beetroot or cheese or salad

Tea: Meal, vegi's and either rice, pasta, potato's

I drink 2 litres water a day, 4 to 5 cups green tea. Snack on fruit morning and afternoon.

Can any one help please


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