Sub 25 - and beyond!

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07/01/2007 at 18:13
Hiya sharkie

Had to change photo it looked a bit too dark for my liking. But yes "girls with guitars" that sounds like a good name

Yes i'm following Hals advanced 5km plan though didn't start it till Tuesday so missed Monday's 3 miler, and did 8 x 200m instead of 5 x 400m (didn't see this plan till after tuesdays run) but 19.15 miles this week. Seems low to what i've done before (peaks at around 25 miles)

Its an 8 week plan which takes me to February's race.
The longest run is 90 minutes so i'll do this then re-evaluate from there see where to go from there.

And Sharkie have done the Barking 5km for the past 3 or is it 4 years (i've lost count) so i'll be back in August. It is my pb course
07/01/2007 at 18:36
I would advise a cut back week this week, down to 20 miles maybe. Then back up again the following week. That doesn't mean that you have to cut the speed. But remember it is to be an easier week if your legs are to benefit. It is much better for your legs and spine if you can find a trail/grass to run intervals on. Or a track. Grass is difficult at this time of year due to the rain?-((

some good plans.
07/01/2007 at 18:57
Thanks for that. Really cut down as far as 20? I thought it was going to have to be 25 or so!

I will certaily take heed about the surfaces. I can probably find a dry enough bit of my local park to do intervals on grass. Otherwise I will get up to Finsbury Park track, or Paddington on Tuesday evening. Havent been to tack for ages and as you know I love it.

Where do you work? Is it out in the wilds of Romford or somewhere? I know you do nights these days so to speak.
07/01/2007 at 19:04
I think the general rule for a cut back week is to cut mileage by a 1/3rd. so you could cut it down to 18!!! Chouette will know the figure better an than me because she did exactly that over Christmas.
07/01/2007 at 19:19
ceal - spot on! My cutback week was two-thirds of previous three weeks. Not that I planned it that way but that was how it worked out and I did feel better afterwards.

So 18 for sharkie should be fine.
Make sure you have two or three rest days.
07/01/2007 at 19:19

Barking is on the district line. You come out of the station and turn left and keep walking until you see the park.

It is a cheap race, but not medal or goodie bag.

It rained up to the start of the race, then stop but was very windy.
07/01/2007 at 20:08

My aim this year will be 26.5 for 5k.
07/01/2007 at 20:25
oooh - slightly conflicting advice. My legs are fine, so suspect I will cut miles to 20 as ceal originally suggested. I will think about this tonight as I get some graphics done.

07/01/2007 at 20:28
Sure you'll do it Tracey.
07/01/2007 at 20:48

I would just keep running:-))))

07/01/2007 at 21:01

now I do have conflicting advice.

How about cutting to 20 - 22 but taking it a bit easier early part of week? Proper no run day tomorrow and intervals on Tuesday? Or are intervals too hard on the legs. Have to say at this stage I find them easier than 90 minutes plodding.

I am going to do weights and a serious stretching session tomorrow.

Sub 26 for you my girl! Tell her everyone!
(you gotter have a decent target to aim at babe!)
07/01/2007 at 22:07
you will work it out:-)) Whatever is right for you, you will do it. Have confidence in whatever decision you come to.

Do others realise that for the last 3 weeks that this is the first time that you have run this type of mileage.
07/01/2007 at 22:16
My leggs are hurting in sympathy
07/01/2007 at 22:29
Just popping in to wave bye bye. See y'all next weekend.
07/01/2007 at 22:30
get me OFF this thread

07/01/2007 at 22:33
Hippo, you have to stay

Tracey - sub 26 for sure
07/01/2007 at 22:33
C'mon Hipps you kno you want to. 5k's are great!!!! ;o)
07/01/2007 at 22:36
GET behind me satan!!!!!!!!!!
07/01/2007 at 22:36
i do maras and Ultras!!!!!!!!!!!!
07/01/2007 at 22:37
But variety is the spice of life Hipps! ;o)
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