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12/07/2011 at 11:55

Hi Sprint Akie, what  time are you hoping for in the half?

McMillan: 5km 19:15, 5m 31:55, 10k 40:00 and half 1:29:00

I will probably enter the Ipswich half in september and try for under 95 mins.

Training going well. Done more 750m fast with 250m recovery. This time managed to do 3 and on the 4th one only 400m and then had to walk 100m to get breath back.

12/07/2011 at 12:12

got round Wasdale fell race last Saturday in 6:49 (hours!)

got my head round doing Sale Sizzler 5k on Thursday... theeeen transpires that Lady Slugge is taking eldest Sluglet to see Harry Potter film on Thursday evening [doh!]
could leave it til parkrun on Saturday, but I hate running in the morning, and the weather forecast is poor
so might have to run my own solo time trial an hour or so earlier on Thursday evening than the 7:30pm race start!

12/07/2011 at 12:38

Hoping to challenge 90mins and get under it but see how the training goes. Got plenty of time as the race is about 17 weeks away, there will attempts to get under 19mins for 5K and 40mins for 10K as well a long the way all being well.

4M easy last night ahead of intervals at the club tonight!

12/07/2011 at 14:05
This race Daz! So scenic.
12/07/2011 at 15:03

that's the one
wharfee's vids are legendary
weather was similar, so looked just like that for me

12/07/2011 at 22:24
 2 x 630m & 3 x 1260m intervals. Was really difficult in the humidity tonight (and having had a week on holiday)
14/07/2011 at 11:09

solo time-trial is the plan tonight
current PB is 22:22, equating to 4:28 pace
so going to aim for 4:20 pace, which will give me a 19sec reserve tank for a sub-22
wish me luck!

14/07/2011 at 12:56

Good luck Daz!!

I'm doing about 6miles tempo tonight with my new Garmin watch . Hoping to do about 40miles this week as part of the training plan.

14/07/2011 at 23:33
OK, aiming for 4:20's, knowing I could drop 20secs and still make a sub-22, and doing mental arithmetic to pessimistic nearest 5 secs:

4:02 - why oh why oh why do I keep doing this?! - 35-40secs up though
4:33 - hmmmm... - call it 25secs up
4:24 - pleased with this, normally struggle more at this stage - 20secs up
4:29 - ditto, looking good... - 10secs up, so thought I needed something like 4:30 for a sub-22
4:23 - wahey!
21:51 - New PB! that'll do nicely!

felt strong aerobically, mentally and in terms of brute leg power, but definitely short of "zip"
but was able to "force" speed out of the legs by a combination of the other 3 factors
definitely more to come if I can actually train specifically (bizarre idea!) but not sure when (if) that's ever going to happen
15/07/2011 at 07:26

I take it you did not use a garmin to keep pace Daz, but still a good time. You must be having a good year Daz. Better times as we get older.

Sprint Akie, which one did you get?

15/07/2011 at 10:31

no garmin, just an ordinary watch plus my uncannily accurate innate sense of pace (not!)
good year due to massive (for me) slabs of bulk mileage over winter through til May - now reaping benefits
re "Better times as we get older" - last night's 5k was also the best Age Grading percentage I've ever registered at any distance (beating an 800m from 2 years ago) at just under 66%
makes 70% seem less of a dream and more of a possibility...

also, my 2M, 4M, 5M and 10k PB's now all look laughably soft, so I'll have to address those at some point...

15/07/2011 at 12:12

Well Done Daz, be Sub-20 before you know it

I bought the Garmin Forerunner 305 which was like £100 on ebay, never had one before so I'm really enjoying it. Struggled in the heat around 6 miles last night on tired legs but get a rest day today!!

15/07/2011 at 15:08
The one I've got sprint Akie. Also have the heart rate monitor, which I do not use. Great for pacing.
15/07/2011 at 16:15

Hello everyone!

I've retired from track racing (again) as I remembered I HATE it!! Not timing myself on anything at the moment as it just upsets me that I am so slooooooooow at present.

Nice 10 miler today along the seafront. Hot though! Playing beach volleyball later. Oh dear God!! I'm really crap at it. Good fun though

15/07/2011 at 17:00

Yeah I got the HRM as well which I havent tried but might do tomorrow. Found it great for pacing so far!!

Good to see you back Ostrich, was starting to miss you!! Hope the weather is nicer down there than it is up narf for Beach Volleyball.

17/07/2011 at 13:40
11 miles this morning with a mix of on and off road round the airport. Very wet though!!!
18/07/2011 at 11:35

Welcome Back Ostrich!

none of us are going to win gold in 2012, we do this running lark for enjoyment, so packing in what you don't enjoy make perfect sense
taking a break running "off the watch" sounds sensible too
maybe you will decide to come back to 5k ?

18/07/2011 at 12:32
On the subject of 5K, I've entered Capenhurst 5K in August as my next 5K race where I try to crack 19mins. Will do a few Parkruns in the lead up as practice!
18/07/2011 at 13:05

Managed to run 21km on Sunday, a little bit of a struggle and feel that I was running better at that distance in May. Hope the long runs are getting worse and the shorter runs are getting better as I have a 5km race Thursday.

Would like to knock at least 20 seconds off my previous pb but would settle for a few seconds if conditions are not right. Sub 21mins.

19/07/2011 at 11:55

I will come back to 5ks most definitely! At the mo the same applies to parkruns though - not doing them as times upsetting me. Think after 107(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I've become a bit jaded by them. Did our Arena handicap 10k last week. Bob (coach) predicted 47.30 for me and I did 47.12 but we don't know our predicted times beforehand so he was almost spot on with mine especially as my last times for 10ks were 51+ minutes. He is sooooooooooooooooo good at predictions. When I looked at the results he was within a minute of almost everyone, in some cases within seconds. I salute him. The course is along the riverbank so quite rutted and a few stiles to cross so I was pleased with my time. No watch so just ran by feel. My stile crossing technique needs major work. Might be catching up to someone but then lose it all when I stumble like an utter coordinationless buffoon over them!

Weather permitting I'll watch the seafront 10k that's on tomorrow evening and see how it should be done. Might also try to hand out some entry forms for the 10k I organise in September.

Glad to see everyone is still at it

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