Sub 25 - and beyond!

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08/01/2007 at 13:11
I will convert you all to the dangerous joys of sprinting yet...

BTW ceal is hot stuff burn the track at the 1500. She is currently ranked 9th in the world - yes the world[/b[ for her age group.

Something to aspire to or what!
08/01/2007 at 13:22
Oops, me bold went a bit wrong.
Never mind, it was worth shouting about.

I love those sprints even though 50 plus is getting on a bit to discover that's what you're best at (relatively speaking) in the grand running scheme of things.

The mixture of nerves and excitement before a track race is the closest thing I've found to the pre gig feeling playing with my band in my misspent youth. Over a lot quicker than a gig though, even in my case.

08/01/2007 at 15:39
Hiya Sharkie !

You gotta good thread going on now. Sorry I can't make much contribution on subject of 5k racing having never done one in any case. And round here its 5k famine land :-)

Shortest races were last year doing the 5 milers which is designed for club runners as it is a county club championship series.
They are of the lung-bursting variety and I think I'd much prefer a 3.1 mile(5k).

I will have to agitate for organisers to get a 5k going :-))

Anyway, here's to your goal of subbing 25min. You'll do it, easy peasy :-)

08/01/2007 at 16:01
My 5k PB is 25:02, so this is the thread for me!

Particularly hilarious to find Hippo on it LOL!

I have a hectic race-diary of longer races right through to mid-June, but deffo intend to "strip down" to an assault on my 5k PB in July/August time...

After all the Long Slow Runs I'll be doing, a few poxy short intervals will seem like a rest...
08/01/2007 at 16:11

Hippo is going to do a 5k race.
08/01/2007 at 17:21
am I?
08/01/2007 at 17:25
Yes you are. I have posted your entry.

What time should I have put for your estimated time?

Bernard wanted to put sub 20 mins.
08/01/2007 at 17:25
s'wot you said last night - don't you remember??!?!?! ;o)
08/01/2007 at 17:28

Was you on the Gin last night?
08/01/2007 at 17:29
yes, why?
08/01/2007 at 17:29
estimated time


40 minutes
08/01/2007 at 17:30
If Hipps really does run in a 5k, I will pay good money for a video-clip...
08/01/2007 at 17:30

I put 30 mins. Well you are faster than aws.
08/01/2007 at 17:32
not at the mo i am not

blooming quads
08/01/2007 at 17:35

Maybe you should have a massage.
08/01/2007 at 17:36
yes, i am thinking this too tracey
08/01/2007 at 17:40

It will be painful, but worth it.
08/01/2007 at 17:40
Im in constant pain anyway tracey
08/01/2007 at 17:45
Have you got a good soft tissue person? (Love putting it like that - sounds like they provide the box of Kleenex)

In spite of the exchange of yoga poses and other stretches yesterday I actually think the quads are very diff. to stretch properly. I'm quite a bendy person but my quads get really tight. If the joints are loosish then it's sometimes diff to actually stretch the muscle.

roundabout way of saying decent sports massage ahoy.
08/01/2007 at 17:47
never had a proper sports massage

well, i dont think i have
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