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08/01/2007 at 19:10
08/01/2007 at 19:12
that stretch didnt touch my iliopsoas much
I know it well form aerovics, years ago
08/01/2007 at 19:14
Bet you don't fancy a 45/50 min fartlek on the treadie either Hipps!?!??! ;oP
08/01/2007 at 19:15
Actually, result, that's Wednesday's session - tomoz is on the lash with old work colleagues!!!!
08/01/2007 at 19:16
no way
I can hardly plod as it is
speedwork would not be a good idea
08/01/2007 at 19:18
Not much good at it myself at the mo but getting better - slowly (if that's not a contradiction in terms!!!)
08/01/2007 at 19:19
kaz - you are going to do a fartlek session the day after a night on the lash.
You are a better woman than me.
08/01/2007 at 19:23
Well when I say 'night on the lash' I'm almost certainly just gonna be on diet coke!! Still paying for the Chrimbo excesses of drink and diet!
08/01/2007 at 19:30
I love intervals. What have you got planned for tomorrow. 200s are my faves but then they would be wouldn't they?

I probably need to do more LONG intervals - 1k or 1mile - as I feel it's my speed endurance that's lacking.
08/01/2007 at 19:37
You could try the sesh I did on Saturday which was 3 x 1.25m (at c5k pace) with a wee upper body circuit (bicep curl, front raise, tricep kickbacks x 30 x 2) in between.
08/01/2007 at 19:38
am i being daft
or a mile long intervlas really for mara training????????
08/01/2007 at 20:08
400m intervals are bloody long enough.
08/01/2007 at 20:39
mmm best length for intervals. That's an interesting one. I think it's good to do lots of different ones. Stops you getting bored and challenges the systems I guess.

A 5k race is 93% aerobic - as opposed to a 100m sprint which is only 8% aerobic. A marathon is 99% aerobic. Only part of the story I know but you can see that a 5k still needs loads of endurance as much as pure speed.

Hipps - I'm SURE you know all this!

I have done mile intervals at track sessions with my club. I think I only managed three last time I did them. But they are encouraging because you get to thinking: just need to string three of them together and put a lap type sprint at the end and whoops there goes a billion kilowatt dam. I mean whoops there goes your PB....
08/01/2007 at 20:42
sorry - being dim. Do you mean 125 metres or 1.25 k (ie nearly a mile) and what's a front raise? Is all that at a gym?

Do you do much upper body work?
08/01/2007 at 20:58
have you tried the Cobra for your present problem, that may get to it.

ice on the quads has helped.

Running any intervals whatever distance, is good.
08/01/2007 at 21:22
No 1.25 miles. Front raise is where you lift the dumbbell straight up in front of your body (straight arm). Do most of my intervals/fartlek at the gym at the mo altho' hopefully once I've joined my trainer's club I'll have access to a track at last.

Just back from the gym. X-trainer and row (sprint intervals - hard work!) and some upper body work. My right arm's a wee bit sore again which is a pain.
08/01/2007 at 21:43
Respect due babe! You are a serious girl. I do not like the rower or the xtrainer for that matter. To tell the truth the only thing I like doing in the gym are sprint drills and stretching (where i get to show off) Everything else leaves me a quivering jelly wreck. But I do go.

So are your 1.25 intervals on the treadie then?
Is the groin strain injury still affecting you?

I see from your profile you've been running 5 -10 years. And obviously still improving if your 5k PB was as recent as last September. That's encouraging for the likes of me although I am more than ten years older than you...

What's your running history? I like people's stories.
08/01/2007 at 21:45
sharkie i'll be doing 8 x 200metres, then i'll alternate between 200s and 400s each week
08/01/2007 at 21:47
sorry - being dim. Do you mean 125 metres or 1.25 k (ie nearly a mile) and what's a front raise? Is all that at a gym?

Do you do much upper body work?
08/01/2007 at 21:52
don't know how that posted twice.

Yum - 200s! Let us know how they go. Are you now on with the second wek of the plan?

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