Sub 50min 10k/Sub 1h 50 half marathon

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12/10/2015 at 16:12

Tim - is the XC at Cheshunt? If so, it is the same league as my club again - not sure how many (if any) I will participate in though.

12/10/2015 at 17:15
Yes. It is. My first one. Not sure exactly what to expect.
12/10/2015 at 17:26

Apparently it is the easiest of the courses in this series - more like an off-road trail than full on XC, mud, hills etc (but that is not from first hand experience so don't hold me to it!).

12/10/2015 at 18:09
A gentle introduction then.
13/10/2015 at 10:09
Thanks all! I'm lucky in that still enjoying time of paternity leave at the moment, might be a different story when I get back to work on Thursday though!

In the meantime though I'm trying to train when I feel good, so intervals last night and happy with 3.49, 3.46, 3.47 and 3.51. Tough towards end though and think I definitely need at leas another session and some more sleep before adding a fifth interval. Good job happened yesterday as after last night there's no chance today!!
16/10/2015 at 13:59

Hi all, a newbie here.

I’ve lurked for a few days looking for the right spot.

Looking to get into ‘proper’ running and timewise this looks like the right place for me to pop up.

I have run two HM’s last one in 2007 – 1:51, looking to beat that (and 1:50) next year with some decent training.

Age – 50 (gulp) next year.

For the winter months I’m planning on base training 25-35 miles a week and will then target a spring HM and late summer one as well.

16/10/2015 at 20:39
Welcome. When was your last race?
16/10/2015 at 21:27

Long time ago - 2007! - 1.51 Folkestone HM

Spent the time since then doing a mix of gym, circuit training, swimming, running.

Running for the past few years has been on and off, when on; usually 2-3 times a week 5/6 miles at a time and far too hard - get injured and stop for a few months and do something else.

Now I've got sights set on some local races and want to train sensibly, hence the plan to build a decent base from now until the New Year.

Drawing inspiration from others on here.

19/10/2015 at 19:25
Sounds like a good plan. I'm sure some of us must be inspirational. Probably not me though.

Cheshunt XC was quite tough. 3 laps of a 1.7? mile course for just under 5miles. 40:xx forgot to stop my watch after a blistering chase on the finish straight. 9 hills in total 3x3. Was really feeling it on the third Lap. Results are due out tomorrow. I had finish token number 299, I just hope there were more than 300men running!
19/10/2015 at 22:29
Welcome, Kentish, I'm sure you'll pick up a few good tips from others on here! Injuries are just so frustrating, I hope you can build a sensible schedule that suits you. Mixing it up is key, and understanding that each kind of run has its purpose. So easy (and tempting!) to try to run hard every time Which races were you thinking of?

Well doneTim, sounds like quite a challenge and you did well!

Baby steps back into speed work for me today with just 3 X 0.5 mile intervals in a 5 mile run. Hoping to make it 4 next week.

I've decided to swap out a 10k I'd entered next month to Jan and instead do the Thames Meander half. Sounds very pretty, has anyone else done this one? After 1:58 last week in Oxford my modest goal is sub 1:55 - let's see!

Also entered Berlin ballot today
20/10/2015 at 10:37

Hi Nicole.

I keep a log of the exercise I do and I was surprised to see that I have ran over 400 miles in the past year. When I was runnning it was around 15 miles a week.

All of the pace was too hard. I've read load of information from several sources and my paces should be around:

Long - 10-11.20 m/m

Easy - 10m/m

Tempo - 8.24m/m

I tended to run everything between 8 - 9m/m. Usually finishing with a sprint.

From now until Christmas everything will be less than 9m/m to build that base! 

Need to stay focused.

I'm looking at:

Folkestone 10miler - March

Ashford HM - April

Folkestone HM - September.

There are also some local 5k park runs which I might try in the spring/summer - kids clubs/taxi service allowing.


03/11/2015 at 07:27
Wow, everyone has been really quiet recently! How are you all doing? Bob - you must be tapering now for Valencia - how's it going?!

Kentish, sounds like a good plan and you've obviously been looking ahead at the race calendar

Since Oxford Half,my long runs have been 8 miles- 12 miles - and 10 miles on Sat. This Sat I have the Thames Meander half. Has anyone else ever done this? Am hoping it's not going to be too muddy but hopefully should be a nice route. Not sure how to pitch this one but after 1:58 at Oxford I'm hoping this time I can squeak under 1:55. I think I'll aim for 8:35/mile pace and see what happens. Still feel very much like I'm building my fitness and speed back up again. Have been struggling a bit lately just trying to motivate myself to get out there, especially with the winter/darkness fast encroaching!

I've been looking ahead and realise I now only have 6 weeks until I need to start official marathon training for Boston. So my focus after Thames Meander will be getting a nice solid base, building in a couple of cross training sessions a week, going to running club once a week and tackling some hills, and towards the end of the month adding in a 4th run a week if I can
03/11/2015 at 07:53

Hi Nicole! Yes second week of taper although it doesnt feel like it as the weekend saw a 9 mile including tune up race (did a Parkrun) followed by 16 miles on Sunday. It does really ease down now though (after tomorrow's 3x1600 track session). Really looking forward to going back and hopefully putting right last years debacle. This time last year sub 4 was the 'A' target, this time its sub 3:45 and anything over 3:50 would be disappointing. Just shows that there are no limits even at my age!

Good luck with the Thames Meander. Sounds like a really nice race? Where does it take place?

03/11/2015 at 09:40

Hi Nicole, yes long time no post

I have no races planned at the moment so for me it is all about building up my fitness and strength as this is what lets me down as I always fade away and struggle to keep the pace going. I having only been running a year and I feel I need more miles under my belt and to hit the gym. So since my month off in August I have been slowly building back up doing 4 runs a week along with some strength work so my week now looks like this

  • Mondays – Gym Core Work & Arms + 20min Easy Cycle
  • Tuesdays – 10K comfortably hard effort
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursdays – 3-4 Miles fast at around 5K Pace followed by Gym Legs and Core Work
  • Fridays – Gym Back/Chest
  • Saturdays – Easy 6 miles
  • Sundays – Easy Long Run (slowly increasing up to 19 miles now)

Ive been doing this for about 5 weeks and although it was tough to start I am really starting to see some benefits already.

My goal for next year is to finally break the Sub 1:50 for the Half, and to complete a full Marathon in less than 4 hours, but also to compete in a lot more races at all distances.


Good luck in your Boston Training 

07/11/2015 at 08:08
Morning all

I think I underestimated/forgot how hard life with a new born is. Especially with a toddler who wants entertaining as well! Training has inevitably taken a bit of a back seat! Have generally been managing to get out once or twice a week but some of these have been a struggle!

Sleep is starting to pick up a little now though and going to try and get back into some routine so I can try and go pb hunting early next year before trying to up distances for my first half in May. Think I should be able to get out 3x most weeks now, maybe an occasional bonus 4th. Think for the next couple of weeks need to keep them all easy before adding some speed again.

On plus side got a forerunner 220 for my birthday this week so can have fun playing with that! (And wife bought it so she has to let me out!)
07/11/2015 at 21:05

Have a good run tomorrow Nicole. Hope the wind and rain stays away for you!

08/11/2015 at 08:33
Hadn't clicked that your run was this weekend Nicole. Hope it went well!
08/11/2015 at 11:57

Sorry Nicole, just realised it was yesterday. Hope it went well.

09/11/2015 at 08:36
Hi everyone! Sorry for the silence, I didn't get any notifications for some reason

Bob, I'm confident you're going to smash Valencia this year! Seems odd to think it was a year ago early we were both out there and how much has changed. Best of luck with final taper!

Stephen - great to have you back. That sounds like a tough but very good schedule and I'm sure will soon pay dividends.

Andy - yes it's not easy with a tiny one, be patient and enjoy these special months. I think it took me years to catch up on my sleep after my two You're doing well to keep anything up at the moment!

Thames Meander was as predicted very very wet and muddy! Really pretty route. I did a couple of Richmond Riverside 10ks a few years back (also mudfests!) and think they share part of the same route. Unfortunately as it had been raining all week the towpath was very muddy and in places the path a bit flooded! So a choice of running straight through (but ending up with very heavy shoes squelching with water) or doing a lot of veering, zigzagging and leaping (I mainly chose the latter!) This was only a small event, although there was a marathon taking place at the same time. About 300 runners for the half and maybe similar for the mara. Even so because the towpath was so narrow the first mile was very crowded and slow, but after that everyone spread out and it was OK. I guess because of the bad weather there were fewer members of the public (walkers, cyclists) out on the paths.

I'm not at all used to trail and wasn't sure which trainers to wear. I own a pair of hybrid trail shoes but haven't worn them really so didn't know whether to risk those or just go for an old pair I could trash (but maybe run the risk of injury due to lack of grip in the mud) - in the end went for trail shoes which I think was the right decision.

At the beginning was more light rain but soon started coming down extremely heavy and was also quite windy! At one point I looked to the river on my left and realised there was a steep sheer drop with concrete bank and felt even more nervous about my footing!My ankle still isn't 100% so I was trying to focus very hard on staying upright

Other trail 'features' included no mile markers (just pieces of ribbon in the trees to indicate the route!), and aid stations had plates of cake, jelly babies and flapjack (I didn't partake as think I might hold running along chewing on brownies) but only half full plastic cups of water rather than bottles. They were quite hard to access as there were lots of people stood round the table eating cake and the water was at the back! I tried to grab a cup and drink whilst running (I'm a dab hand doing this with a bottle) but it was hard with the cup, I gulped down too much water and air as you couldn't control the flow. Also there was so little in there- luckily I had my own bottle too but still ended up dehydrated - think this would be a real problem in the marathon unless you had a camelbak!

Anyway I pushed on and was definitely feeling stronger than at Oxford as I managed to try to target people to overtake/track -a good sign for me. Last 3 miles very tough though especially as the worst of the flooding at the beginning/end so had to focus hard when your legs were tired,not to slip!

Fantastic medal at the end and finally managed to sample the homemade chocolate brownie! After 1:58:56 at Oxford last month I'd been hoping for sub 1:55 but think I'd kind of underestimated the conditions So reasonably pleased with 1:58:40 in the circumstances. My friend also did Oxford and this race and she got 1:43 in Oxford and 1:52 here so quite a difference!
09/11/2015 at 11:00

Well done Nicole. That's a really good time in those conditions and looking at all the results I would say that is easily sub 1:55 on a 'normal' day. Very encouraging run As Boston training beckons.

Oh how this marathon business tests us. Having done 17 weeks without missing a session and feeling strong although a little fatigued at times, yesterday was the final MLR before Sunday's race. Went really well and comfortably trotted round at just under 9:00 min miles. Just before finishing I felt some discomfort in one of the glutes in my left side. No pain just a feeling that something wasnt quite right. An hour or so after the run it became clear that something was amiss and with certain stretches there was a noticeable discomfort down to the top of the thigh. Did lots of icing, heat, stretching. Woke a couple of times in the night and it was there if I put the leg in a certain position. Quite tight on getting up this morning. Did some stretching, tennis ball rolling over the area which seemed to loosen it a bit.

Decided to see if I could actually run on it. Have had these tight glutes before (not this bad) and they have disappeared after a mile or so. First 20-30 metres were agony and  almost stopped. However, gradually it eased and by mile 3-4 was barely noticeable. Completed the planned 6 miles strongly. Feels ok at the moment. Will repeat the ice/heat/stretching regularly and will see if I can get a physio appointment so that they can have a good go at the area. 

Golf has got to be a lot easier and stress free?



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