Sub 50min 10k/Sub 1h 50 half marathon

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14/09/2014 at 18:57

Well done PTD!

Edited: 14/09/2014 at 18:58
14/09/2014 at 19:34

Great work PTD!

Bristol Half is next weekend.

This weekend I reacquainted myself with the world of mountain biking and hit the trails. 20 very bumpy miles, 2 burning quads and an even bigger dislike of uphills now! Great day out though

14/09/2014 at 19:55
Yes well done PTD, that's a great time!
Yesterday at 08:35

you'll be doing a Tri soon Rich...

bit of swimming and you're away!!

Yesterday at 08:50

Strictly off road biking for me! No-one needs to see me clad in lycra!

Yesterday at 10:09
Absolutely hilarious day yesterday. I would thoroughly recommend the Baccus Half at Denbies Vineyard.

Mainly on the hills and trails opposite Box Hill in Surrey.

Fancy dress with wine stops every two miles, sweets, cakes.

2:50:32. At several points we forgot we were supposed to be running and stopped to take photos and look at the view.
Yesterday at 10:54

Do you think it would be frowned upon if I took this approach at Bristol?

Yesterday at 10:58

Ran the Northampton Half yesterday, Tried to break 1hr 50 and was on course for it at 9 miles. Then I hit the wall (in the form of a particularly nasty hill) and could barely move beyond walking pace. Ended up stumbling across the line in a disappointing 1.56:09.

Bring on Leicester next month.

Yesterday at 12:27
Rich, I am considering giving up on the idea of another sub 1:50 and taking that approach on all future half marathons.
Yesterday at 12:57
NorthamptonNick wrote (see)

. Then I hit the wall (in the form of a particularly nasty hill) 


Thats why I always check the profile of a HM so Im not ticking along going 'Yep on track, everythings good' then realising the  b...stards have put  a mountain between me and the finish line. In the next HM im in, the 2nd half is pretty much flat or a bit downhill so I know if I can just maintain pace for the 1st half Im with a crack at under 1.50

Yesterday at 14:39

Well done everyone - very busy weekends. I am still debating whether to do the Etonman half next Sunday. Went out for my first run since GNR yesterday (Nicole - I am very impressed with your fitness levels!!) and was knackered after 3 miles. OK, admittedly, I got confused with the pacing and ran it at 7.30 pace (I have always worked in kms so this switch to miles is mind boggling!) but I'm still not sure it's worth entering if I am not totally feeling it. Don't plan on doing much this week as figured being fresh is the most important thing.

Nick - sounds like a tough race so don't feel too disappointed -look forward to Leicester

Yesterday at 15:46

Nick you have my every sympathy. Hills so often ruin a good run! I'm considering moving to Lincolnshire or Holland or Valencia!

Having said that I have just completed my first 20 miler of this marathon training, including 200 metres of elevation gain. Was very pleased with 9:43 average pace and felt really good until 17 miles. Dug in on 18 and 19 but suffered badly in the last mile and have taken a good 90 mins to recover. Three more 20 milers to go, the last of which coincides nicely with my week in the Algarve at the end of October. Wonder if there are any hills there? Can't remember many from my last visit -expect they've installed some since then!

Yesterday at 20:29

Well done PTD.

Nick - thats tough luck.

Tim - Thats a cracking time considering the wine! You should also try the Marathon du Medoc - more of the same

We celebrated our first parkrun birthday on Saturday. Was great fun, we invited Martin and Liz Yelling who were kind enough to present some awards and were generally very lovely people with loads of time to talk with runners. It was a shame I was busy Event/Run Directing, cake cutting and results processing! But the important thing was everyone had a good time. 261 finishers, a record by over 80! So all in all came away from the day feeling particularly smug. Then chilled for the day with too many ciders and a dominos pizza. It was so bad but soooooo good!

Had a cheeky 8 miler on Sunday and finished it feeling good. A 4 miler today in alien territory was a bit weird though. I'm sure I ran through the Tamworth equivilent of the Chatsworth. But all good. Got a canal route planned for tomorrow. Travelling for work and being away from the missus sucks sometimes, but at least I get to run in some different places!

Rich - how goes the injury? Is finishing still the main goal or have things improved?

Yesterday at 21:37

Hey Matty, working away sucks, but like you said, new routes help keep the running fresh.

I think I've finally shaken off the injury, did 6.5 miles this evening at 8:48m/m... first run where I've felt like the leg is completely normal. Felt reasonably relaxed I just don't know how far I could keep it up. Feel woefully under-prepared and my longest run is only 12 miles and that was an age ago.

I do have a little target in my head but I'm almost tempted to run without a watch and see what happens.

Not sure on how much more to run this week now either - I hate not having a plan to follow! I guess a couple of easy 4 milers and a 15-20minutes very easy on saturday morning.

Today at 10:42

Just realised all that sounds a bit whiny! I'm actually really looking forward to the race, hoping it'll be a great experience!

Bob - Congrats on the 20 miler... 90 minutes to recover!! It would probably take me the best part of a week to recover from that! You could always call ahead to the Algarve and ask that they remove any hills for the week.

Nicole - well done also on the big 20! Gutted I can't make the Valencia Marathon with you guys, next year maybe!

Matty - too many ciders is never a bad thing, until the next morning... and then when the pictures start appearing on facebook!

Katy - I wish I could get confused and run 3 miles at 7:30m/m without realising!


Edited: 16/09/2014 at 10:42

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