Sub 50min 10k/Sub 1h 50 half marathon

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19/10/2014 at 20:44
John, don't worry about it. I've found the best method is to run lots of halfs and learn from each one. The fastest ones are the ones where you wake up in the morning and everything just comes together. I think the more you target a specific race, the more likely it is that something will upset it.

I was running a half a month early last year and one just came together on the day.

So, me?

I've done nothing decent in the last two weeks. Walked about 30miles and 7,000ft in the Lake District last weekend. Was planning 16-18today but ended up working all weekend. Two weeks to Stevenage marathon. Strategy unknown. Think it'll be 9:20/mi and see what happens at 20miles. I have gels now.

I may run from Canary Wharf to the Tower and back again on Wednesday to see the poppies. Maybe that'll give me some inspiration.
Yesterday at 13:15

Tim, good luck with your marathon - assuming you're tapering off now?

Another very difficult week for me with no running allowed.  Although I've been doing lots of cross training I struggle to get my HR up and just finding it really difficult mentally as cycling and swimming so different!  No real improvement in my ankle and in fact the spin class I went to last night really seemed to aggravate it

Some really positive news today though, going mad with frustration on Sunday, I sat up late Googling for possible solutions and came across this:

I read a little bit about how some elite athletes, including Meb Keflezighi, had managed to use the AlterG to train through their injuries, and it sounded great!  Anyway, booked an appointment there this morning where I met a physio and was shown how to use it, and then had a 30 min session.  It was amazing!  Quite weird at first as you had to put on special shorts, which then zipped on to a kind of tent on the treadmill.  Then you calibrated the machine for your bodyweight, and then off you went - very easy to adjust speed, incline and of course body weight.  You can adjust it down as low as 20% of your bodyweight which is the same as walking on the moon! (and the machines were originally designed for the rehab of returning astronauts)   I found that setting it at around 50% of weight gave me almost no pain, and whereas I normally run at roughly 7miles/hr, adjusted it to 9miles/hr which felt like similar effort.  Next time I'll wear my HR monitor so I can do this slightly more accurately.

So on Saturday I am *supposed* to be doing my last 20 mile run, and had planned to do a 3 hour swim as an alternative - now I have instead booked a 2.5hr session on the AlterG (the longest they had availabity for but good enough I reckon).  So excited that I have this alternative, although of course it's not quite the same, the thing is that I was really starting to lose all confidence mentally - which I know is the most crucial thing for a marathon.  If you don't believe strongly that you can do it (and last time I clung like mad to the thought that I hadn't skipped a single mile of training) then you're done for before you start...


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Yesterday at 14:18
Sounds amazing. All I have to do to run 2mph faster is lose 5.5stone. Best cut down on the curries then.

I had a really good 7mile run on Monday average 9:10/mi so yes, I'm tapering now. I suppose I've been tapering for two weeks already.
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Yesterday at 16:28

Did fifth and final 20 miler today @ 9.17 pace. Off to the Algrave tomorrow where the temperature isn't quite as hot as it is in Valencia at the moment but is hotter than it will be on race day (I hope!). Will do a few more mid tempo runs at HM pace and give lots of thought to race strategy. Have I got the guts to start slowly (9.20 to 9.15 pace) and gradually build aiming for a negative split, or do I go off at 9.00, hold it for as long as possible and then hang on?

Mind you, have bought 'Running with the Kenyans' to read on the beach so I haven't yet completely ruled out an assault on the World record.

Glad you've found something to get you running again Nicole. I know what you mean about cycling/swimming. it must be doing you good, but never really feels like it. Probably because I don't approach it with the same intensity.

Good luck with the taper and the weight loss Tim. 5.5 stone before Stevenage is a big ask though (mind you, exactly how many curries a day/week do you have?)

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