Sub 50min 10k/Sub 1h 50 half marathon

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15/12/2014 at 12:14

Nicole - did you run the 10k this weekend in the end?

Yesterday at 10:17


Yesterday at 10:24

I've gone back and updated the table the best I can. Any amendments let me know. I've added in anyone who has posted in the last couple of months.

Bob - your 5k time was quoted as 22:44 and 22:55, I've put in the the latter, let me know if it needs changing,

As there are quite a few in the table that haven't posted in a while, i think I'll start removing people in the new year (or hiding their lines in case they decide to return) Does anyone object to me trimming the table? How about anyone who hasn't made an appearance between now and this time in January gets the chop?!

TheDan - You're welcome to take over table duties again if you like, but I'm happy to carry on if you don't have time

Yesterday at 10:57
Yes. A bit of housekeeping is probably in order.

I should have a 10mile time by then too.
Yesterday at 11:04

Well done Rich! My 5k time was changed the day after (they obviously made an error with the results). Was quite pleased as it now gives me a slightly easier target for a new PB. You would obviously smash your 5k time now. Would be interesting to see what you could do. I'm hoping the weather is kind for NYD. Last year it was horrendous and at 5 miles we had to wade through water knee deep for about 80m. I'm going to go full blast on this one. It is a hilly course but its where I do 75% of my training so home advantage should help. Have you booked any races yet? As well as the Minchinhampton 10k (Stroud) and Hampton Court Half (now full I see), I am looking for a 20 miler. There is a fantastic one not far from here 'Rhayader Round the Lakes'. However, it is very tough and although the challenge appeals, I dont want to pick up an injury or totally knacker myself 6 weeks from Madrid.

Start the P&D schedule next week and have had to adjust all my training paces in the light of last weeks run. I will train for 3:45 but on the day will probably set off for 3:55 and see how it goes. The more I think about it I am beginning to feel that my Valencia Experience was less down to poor pacing but more likely a nutritional issue. I will be paying much greater attention to this throughout the training this time and particularly in the week leading up to the race.

Edited: 18/12/2014 at 11:05
Yesterday at 11:44

I keep planning a parkrun but always seem to come up with other things to do! Was going to have a crack this week, but I have family coming now so early Saturday morning is the only time I can get up in the hills on the mountain bike for a quick blast.

I was having a look at Minchinhampton myself Bob - my folks live in Gloucester so could visit that weekend and kill two birds with one stone (so to speak)

Also, that 20 miler looks like a great experience, and an absolute bargain! You can enter on the day too - I'm tempted myself!

Yesterday at 11:49

Would be good to meet up on either, or both!

Yesterday at 12:02

ah just spotted this has been updated again recently, and iv'e even been mentioned too! Rich, i'm more than happy for you to take over table duties.

Sorry for the silence from my end, i've basically dont almost no running since october due to issues with foot, then knee then back (including having to vault over a buggy that was swung out my way mid run, causing additional back issue) i'm hoping that these are nearly sorted ready for my attempt to smash into the sub 4 for the marathon.

speaking of which i'm going to declare my targets for this coming year;

5k: actually get round to doing one for the first time since 2013

10k: sub 45

Half: sub 1:40

Marathon sub 4

Yesterday at 12:19

No need to apologise Dan, sounds like you've had an unfortunate few months. Hope your fully recovered soon and crack on with training for those targets, speaking of which here are mine:

5k - actually do a few more and sub 22:30

10k - crack the sub 50 early on in the year, sub 48 by the end of the year.

10mile - find one, finish one

Half - in the spirit of the thread sub 1:50

Marathon - don't think so this year, but I think I'd like a go at a longer offroad trail event between 10 and 20 miles, or maybe a trail duathlon (run, mountain bike, run)


Yesterday at 12:56

ok targets then!

5k - 22:30

10k - sub 50 Hereford on 1st January

10 miles - sub 80:00  Sneyd Striders Pudding Run 13th December 

HM - sub 1:50   Hampton Court  29th March

Marathon - 3:55 Madrid   26th April

Edited: 18/12/2014 at 13:01
Yesterday at 15:14

I think you're selling yourself a little short there bob, based on your 5k time you should be somewhere not too far away from me for your 10k and half, sub 50 & 1:50 you'll blow out of the water!

Yesterday at 15:48

The thing is Dan, the 10k race is quite hilly (did 52:00 last year) so would be happy to just go under 50, although I agree based on my race last week 48-49 mins could be on the cards if conditions are good. The half comes 3 weeks before the marathon so I probably wont be going flat out. Again based on last week with 10 miles in 1:20 ish then I agree I think I have  1:47 ish as a reasonable target post marathon. This has all come as a bit of a surprise as I really thought that nearing 60 I was unlikely to see major improvements. The thing now is to not get carried away but pick these targets off gradually and see how far I can go. It's so long ago that I cant actually remember what my PB's were when I last ran seriously (1980's). I'm sure my 10k was around 40 mins and 10 mile was under 70. I wonder how close realistically I can get towards those? I would imagine 45:00 would be the absolute limit for 10k with another year or two good work behind me. Only problem is by then I will be over 60. At the moment my recovery rates from training and races are excellent But I dont suppose thats going to last forever!

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