Sub 50min 10k/Sub 1h 50 half marathon

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13/08/2015 at 09:20

Ok, so I'll assume no one else has any updates, so:


13/08/2015 at 22:48
Ha. Typical. I didn't even know the club 5k handicaps were back on. Turned up and the only alternative was the Starters Session.

23:16. Massive PB for this year. Don't think it changes the medal table though. Not even WAVA.
14/08/2015 at 12:11

Good work Tim - especially considering you weren't expecting a 5k race when you turned up at the club!

I can update your WAVA if you let me know your age or, if you don't want to, then just let me know if it increases it at all.

14/08/2015 at 12:46
It has leaped to 61.46%.
15/08/2015 at 19:23

Can I jump on this bandwagon? Been lurking and reading through lots of this thread for a little bit and is probably closest to my current goals, although I reckon I'm roughly a year behind everyone else here!

Started running for the first time really in January following c25k, with the only aim at that point really to be able to run a 10k in under an hour this year.

Entered a race in early May and in the end was a bit disappointed to finish in 55.01 once I was so close to breaking 55. Second race in June found tough going and finished 55.30.

Parkrun only recently stated near us and tried that for the first time last week making 24.54 and pb this morning of 24.31. I have another 10k in September and hoping to get as close to 50 as possible then with a view to working towards going sub 50 and entering a half in 2016

15/08/2015 at 20:42
Hi Andy, welcome to the thread! Sounds like you've made a great start with those times and I'm sure you will continue to improve pretty fast over the next year if you train smart and avoid injury

Don't worry, we're not all super fast, I'm still chasing the elusive sub 50!!

Back from holiday and things going relatively well although I'm still having trouble with the post tib tendinitis. Will continue to amp up all the strengthening exercises. Managed intervals session on Mon (first for about a month!) and today a 12 miler which felt tough but was glad to eke out with GNR only 4 weeks away. Really felt like my confidence has taken a knock after my last two 10k races - am minded to maybe treat GNR a bit more lightly instead of getting too hung up on times and getting disappointed. I really enjoyed it last year and don't want to be too hard on myself at this stage, also it's not exactly a PB race with the crowds, especially for the last half mile (zero chance of sprint finish!). I have Vitality Oxford Half a month later which is meant to be fast and flat so that might be the one to aim for once I'm back into the game a bit more.
15/08/2015 at 20:44
Oh, and great work, Tim and Andrew on your times!
17/08/2015 at 09:52
Well I've moved from the abstract idea and entered a half marathon. Not until next May so should give me plenty of time to build mileage up, longest run at the moment was a 10 mile slog. Should give me motivation to keep going through the winter and sleepless nights of baby 2.

Long run following parkrun has been a real struggle last two weeks, yesterday was 8 miles at 9.55 which is in my range from McMillan but would rather be closer to 9.30, legs didn't have it in them though. Anyone with the experience know if this is just something they need to adjust to or will regularly doing parkrun sat compromise my long run Sunday?
17/08/2015 at 12:58

hi andy, welcome to the thread! regarding your parkrun/lsr question, it shouldn't cause you too many problems as long as you do your lsr slow enough, just to illustrate your "ideal" lsr pace is about the same pace as mine and I'm quite a bit faster than you, I'd slow it down, speed isn't the purpose of the run, its time on your feet and getting those endurance muscles working. Take it slower and you'll find your run is a lot easier and then save your speed stuff for the shorter sessions

NB heres a link to prove my slowness for that kind of run

Edited: 17/08/2015 at 13:01
17/08/2015 at 19:29

Andy - welcome along (and good name by the way!). I'd back up completely what Dan said, your long run should be much slower. I'd say no faster than 10.30 m/m really. By comparison to show you how fast (too fast) you are trying to run your long runs, my 10k time is nearly 10 minutes quicker than you, yet I often run my long runs at 9.15-9.30 pace, which is the same as you are targetting running yours! Some will say 10.30 m/m is too slow, but I really believe in the benefits of running your easy runs slow and saving your energy for your quicker training runs and races!

Nicole - hope the injury isn't too bad and you recover from it in time for GNR

19/08/2015 at 19:42

Thanks everyone - have read enough threads on here to know that it is something loads of people seem to struggle with initially - the counter intuitive idea of running slower to get quicker.

I think managing expectations is something I struggle with a little as well and 'feel' like I should be at that sort of standard/pace. Likewise with race goals and I'm not too sure what I would be happy with for next 10k which is 3 weeks Sunday. Pretty confident that it will be a PB but I'm not at 50minute fitness yet. Based on parkrun McMillan suggests 50.55 for 10k but not sure that is quite realistic yet. Think I'd be happy to go under 53 but I know in my mind as I get closer to the day I will be speeding that up as to what I feel I 'should' be happy with. Most likely last event of the year that I'll take seriously so will want to make it a good one!

Hope everyone else's running weeks are going well!

24/08/2015 at 12:05
Hope everyone's doing well, thread has been a bit quiet recently!

Only 3 weeks to go now until GNR so really focussing on that now. Pretty pleased with the last week. Managed 14 miles on Sat (extremely hot!) which is my longest run since Manchester Marathon in April

This morning it was pelting with rain, which isn't ideal but much better than the heat! Managed to up the ante with my intervals and go up to 5 x 0.5 mile intervals (with jog recoveries of 3m20s in between) 3:54/3:48/3:51/3:55/4:00 which I was quite pleased with considering. I find these pretty tough - but earlier in the summer was only managing 3 intervals so hopefully things are slowly improving
26/08/2015 at 09:44
Sorry Nicole, think I killed your thread!

Sounds like good progress on the intervals, I think I'm going to find I suffer for not having done enough of that type training on race day.

Had the opposite problem to you on Monday, 9.5miles at 10min but was an unexpectedly red hot day here so suffered!

Got a fun event on Saturday, 5k with ten giant inflatable obstacles that I agreed to do with sister in law. Dreaded return to work after 6 weeks off on Tuesday and then 10k countdown, will be back soon asking for advice about the week before that...
26/08/2015 at 12:04

Think it is just that time of year with people away which leads to a quieter thread ....

Nicole - that is good progression with the intervals, and at a sensible pace too. Off those intervals I would expect you could do a 5k in about 24mins, and perhaps a 10k in sub50. Certainly if you continue with the sensible approach to paces which hopefully you are now!

Andy - same comment to you really, 9.5 miles at 10m/m sounds like closer to what you should be running your long runs in (although still perhaps a tad fast) and you will see benefits from this in the long term I am sure.

I ran a different parkrun on Saturday (as we were away for a week in Norfolk) and managed 21.38, which on the face of it was disappointing after the pb a couple of weeks previous, until I factored in the very hot/humid conditions, the fact it measured 0.07 miles longer than my pb course and the fact I had stupidly eaten an enormous meal quite late the night before to round off our week away! So I'm fairly ok with the time (especially considering that 2 months ago that time would have been a pb in itself!).

Am planning a 10k on Sunday to put down a marker before my target 10k at the start of October. Hoping to go sub 45.30 in this one, which would be a pb and a stepping stone to bringing my 10k time in line with my 5k times (ideally by the October race I would like to get 10k time down to about 44 mins to bring it fully in line).

My planned race schedule for the rest of the year has now taken shape and looks like this (with target times in brackets):

30/8        10k      (45:30)

19/9        parkrun  (a pb, so anything sub 20:46!)

27/9        5 mile     (36:00)

4/10        10k       (44:xx)

Will do a couple of solo time trials at 1 mile, 2k and 3k as well probably and may also do my club's 5 mile time trial at the beginning of October, then it is into rest and recovery for a few weeks and then building up winter base mileage.

Sorry, that post got a bit long and me, me, me towards the end ......

27/08/2015 at 13:24
Andrew - would love those times! Got some work to do to get there though! I definitely won't criticise for anything 'me me me' seeing as that is all I've done on here so far!

With that in mind, any feedback on plans for next couple of weeks up to 10k welcome. Think I'm going to aim to set off for around 52.30 pace and hopeful have enough left then second half to bring it in a bit quicker. Rather that and still a big pb than push too hard at start and miss out, hopefully give me something to build on in spring as well!

Anyway, any thoughts on....

Yesterday was 15 min wu at 9'50 20 @ 8'20 10min cool down

Today 5-6 easy @ 9'40 - 10
Sat fun run
Sun 7-8 lsr @ 10 inc 1-2 at 10k pace

Mon 5ish easy
Weds 3x10 @ 8'10 - 8'20
Thurs easy
Sat park run (hopefully pb)
Sun 7ish @ 10

Tues/Thursday 4-5 easy with a few strides
Sun 10k race

Sound about right? Is hard parkrun a week before a good idea or not?

Thanks in advance!!
27/08/2015 at 13:52

Andy - personally I don't have any issue with running a hard 5k a week before a 10k race, there is long enough recovery afterwards. I often even still do a tempo session on the Tuesday before a weekend race to keep the legs tuned into what pace they need to go at, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing a parkrun and then a tempo session - one or the other.

If the training plan above roughly reflects your normal weeks training then it looks pretty well balanced. Perhaps on weeks where you don't have a race at the weekend you should also do an interval session as well as the tempo, long run and easy runs (something like warm up, 4x800m @ 7.45 pace with 400m recovery either walked or slow jogged, warm down) as this will help to work on speed as well as the endurance session you are doing. But that is something for you to consider after you've got this 10k done.

Pacing it slower to start with and then building up pace later in the race if you are feeling good is my tactic, so sounds good to me!

Do you have any race times at 5k, 5 mile, 10k, 10 mile, HM or Mara which you would like to be added onto our little thread table? or would you prefer to start from a blank slate? After all, you will be adding a 5k and 10k time in the next two weeks anyway ......

27/08/2015 at 13:54
Current pbs that can go on are 24.31 for 5 and 55.01 for 10, hopefully beating both in the next few weeks though!

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