Sunday 1 January 2006

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01/01/2006 at 20:20
Mike its good to hear from you again - good luck with the change of direction, hope it takes you to where you want to go.

Debbo, great racing, riding up to Artrhurs seat on a bike, thread times - gawd help you!!

TMR, sorry about the email mayhem - will go and fix.

Blisters, the only odds I'll be giving this year are on Pantman's 10M prospects, and the book's already closed on that :-)
01/01/2006 at 20:25
sorry, "thread" = "three"

I'm glad you enjoyed the quotes. My favorite was attributable to Graham "Legs in Threads", the one about the two guys running the Worthing 20M for alzheimers, arguing about which lap they were on!
01/01/2006 at 20:33
Evening runners.

Being on-call is great. They pay you extra squids and you don't have to do anything. Normally. Got a call late last night and only sorted it by tea-time today. Just about managed to squeeze a 3 mile run in before tea, to keep the streak going. Achilles was absolute agony, and I suppose I should be grateful as there was no way I could have done a long run today.

Not a good start to the year, but things can only get better.

Nice to see lots of long-lost people returning to the daily training thread.

And now, there's a bottle of port with my name on. I've think I've earned it....
01/01/2006 at 20:41
Evening chaps.

Very good first day of the New Year for me. After returning to running after illness 3 weeks ago I seem to be improving again. Very pleased.

What: 7 miles easy (run) 18 miles mainly up hill (bike)
Why: Marathon training and want to get back to being 100% again.
Last rest: Thursday 29th.
Last hard: Today actually (double session).

Happy New Year chaps!
01/01/2006 at 20:42
Good to hear from you MikeS.

"Attitude towards my employers has hardened from hostile indifference through alienation, now to outright contempt.

Marx predicted a worker's alienation in the workplace:-)

"Following recent events it now seems that thinking and using one's professional judgment is positively discouraged."

Indeed it is. I wonder what `professional' means these days. I thought it was using your judgement and having some control over the way you did your job. Not these days:-(
01/01/2006 at 20:46
MikeS -- I've found travelling early into Liverpool is the only way to avoid the traffic. If your workplace have a shower you might take your kit with you and go for a run when you get to work. This isn't feasible for me because parking is an issue - so I'm at the moment considering biking into Liverpool. Yep... from Warrington - done it twice in the last two days in 1½ hours both days. Hopefully this will improve as I lose weight and fitness improves some.
01/01/2006 at 20:48
Mike - another OU Maths person!!! I'm currently waiting for my Level 2 M208 (Pure Mathematics) course books to turn up.
01/01/2006 at 20:56
Ok thanks Debbo! - I haven't actually entered it yet anyway but I'd like to do it. :)

Tom - I missed your quotes thread before but I've just read through it now. Very entertaining!
01/01/2006 at 20:59
MikeS: Glad to see you posting again. I went through similar work-related circumstances as you all through 2003/2004. A change is as good as a rest.

Cath: Forget to say but that's a great picture, a very cheeky smile.
01/01/2006 at 21:00
Mike S - really pleased to see you!
Go for it - the maths, that is.

M, you enjoy it too!

01/01/2006 at 21:38
Quick one, did the NYD 10k. Didn't really expected much on day #1 of the year. Was great to meet a lot of familiar faces again. Started the race okay, course is a bit up and down, faster km, slower ones, 3 laps. After first 2k the race was almost settled position wise. Moved okay around, but not much left in the legs and energy wasn't high. 2nd lap got passed by two runners, but only one could pull further away. One was Hugh Jones (FLM winner), could not keep up with him. Last lap again, closed on the other chap again, who slowed down and tried to close in on Jones again. In the end didn't get there and finished 16th in 36:03. Quite pleased with the result, didn't ran much better last year, 35:56. The result is in line with my last 5k time = 2x 5k + 1min, pacing was quite even, a tad faster in 2nd half and 3:19 closing km sounds promising.

3:23 / 3:34 / 3:32 / 3:45 / 3:46 / 3:40 / 3:37 / 3:43 / 3:41 / 3:19

Happy new year!
01/01/2006 at 22:01
Nothing wrong with that Urban - you're coming back.
01/01/2006 at 22:07
Well after an hour of reading it sounds like everyone has had a good day running or doing some form of exercise to purdge their bodies of the the bad that was consumed last night!!! I stayed alchie free last night but drinking all the booze in the house tonight, 2 bottles of wine, to have a drink free month or 2.

Thanks for the comments.

Would like to congrat everyone on all their training/racing for the first day of the year. Let you all train well and hard with no injuries or illness for the rest of the year. Listen to the body, when it says not to run, don't. Don't go out for the extra miles if it is screaming at you to stay in doors.

01/01/2006 at 22:14
Evening all and well done all racers with special mentions to Chris and Debbo.

What: 29.5 km on hilly forest trails in 2hours 23.

Why: Weekly long run but suffering at end as this is longest I have run for some time.

01/01/2006 at 22:33
URR- showing some good progress there, esp. with that last km, you'll be back at full fitness shortly I hope!

NZC- thank you for your comments always so insightful and helpful! Hopefully you'll be able to continue with the excellent way you've been running in 2005!

Micksta- yep, no pressure there :O), I'll be happy just to keep improving and getting steadily stronger

BR- yes but it's gonna slow at some point! and that's where it'll start to tell. As we've already talked about, agree with URR. It'll help start to unlock some of your potential, and I think you'd enjoy it to be honest! Barnsely Miler! think the club record may be a bit beyond you though... ;o)

Truth be told I'm expecting quite a heated battle this year! Think it's getting closer now and expecting some very close performances from BR, URR and myself over the next year with hopefully Mickstas training paying some dividends and now the potential of a revival from Pantman. Sodahead probably falls into the 33-34 bracket too I'd imagine!

Though of course the fast chaps who pop in occasionally will trounce the times, think between that group it's gonna be very close.

Also expecting some great running from SiT, that 12 mile time is very impressive!
01/01/2006 at 23:03
just to add my congrats for today's performances from bambi, chris, lady l and debbo

not forgetting hilly - notwithstanding that unsustainable start, sounds like there's some genuine speed there. Well run anyway.
01/01/2006 at 23:13
good luck with that course M. What topics does it encompass?

am working thru some papers on an old Mathematical Methods course from the 90s at the moment by way of revision - it all seems to be coming back alright - though I find myself making lots of silly errors when doing the exercises.

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