Sunday 10 June 2007

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10/06/2007 at 20:15
NN - if your strong training runs whilst setting off conservatively actually place you better than your races I'm sure you can draw the appopriate conclusions

Tom -Mind you Hilly hardly looks old enough to be out on her own.

That's what I thought so I figured it would be best to chaperone her every night:-)

Nice reward for a training run Sodahead

Kazzaaaah, do you have splits and overall time to post? It's sometimes good to see patterns in a race performance.

10/06/2007 at 20:21
Barnsleyrunner, finish time was 2.00.27. My splits are too embarrassing to post but they show that I started too fast, slowed but stayed on course for a pb till between 6-7 miles and then faded from there. Gave up a bit once the pb was out the window.
10/06/2007 at 20:45
What: 5 miles steady early pm (31:50) / 5 miles steady late pm (31:58)
Why: Miles
Last hard: Thurs
Last rest: Friday
10/06/2007 at 20:46
Nzc - you must have so many prizes in trophies etc!

Well done FL on the relay. I really enjoyed following the routes today.

XL - man, As it was hot I too believe it can make a difference to race times.

Hippo - a pb can't be sniffed at!

Nrg-b - well done on your run. Curry tonight then:-))

Sodahead - sounds like you had extra fun on top of the race.

Kaz- what sort of training are you doing to tell you are in shape to run a pb?

Flyaway - good to be inside your targets. I'd say you achieved what you set out to, so well done.

I had a great day today following the Barnsley Boundary Relay. Nice to see others working hard knowing you've done your run for the day:-))

10/06/2007 at 20:51
In reality hilly I'm probably not in shape to run a pb but I'm just too competitive with myself. I was only seconds off it just before FLM but I was putting in a lot more mileage then.

It's a pb that's so damn old that I really want to crack it.
10/06/2007 at 21:08
Kaz - it would seem from your post that if you want to be in pb shape you need to put in the mileage. Out of interest ( I'm always interested in other people's training) what is your typical training week?
10/06/2007 at 21:13
My mileage has gone down considerably since FLM - partly because I was so depressed afterwards and partly because of the ongoing blister problem. I really need to crack that before I can begin to think about increasing my mileage again.
10/06/2007 at 21:27
Evening All,

Hello to all new Daily Training thread joiners :-)

Congratulations to all racers.

Scooby: Excellent lyrics. I can sing the song but have no idea who the artist is - I know it is not MJ with BJ.

SiT: Hope your long run went ok.

RFJ: That's some week. Glad to hear about the knee.

Clink: Golf course is also a great opportunity for barefoot running.

Hippo: Well done on the PB. Thanks for the comment on our anniversary. We had a great time last night & this morning which must've been one of the contributing reasons to today's LSR ;-)

SGQ: Just keep going. It'll happen, mate.

flyaway: Am I too late to say Well Done on your first ever Tri? ;-)))

Sportaloo: Cheers, mate. One day I'd love to do Comrades. BTW, your picture reminds me of Dr Who's Tardis. :-)

Hilly: Thanks! Not curry but dim-sum :-)

After my LSR & bath we went for a lovely chinese meal. Came home, I slept for 30 mins. My right knee was sore so I iced it for 15mins. Still feeling ok (eg quads/calfs) ie walking up/down stairs etc etc. We'll see what happens over the next few days.

Also over the run I lost 1 pound in weight but I did have maybe 1 litre of of water immediately afterwards. So I reckon I probably lost about 3 lbs due to dehydration & energy reserves. Is this good? Bad?

Enjoying a nice large bottle of Leffe beer and just watched Dr Who the Blink episode on BBC3 - WOW! That must be THE best Dr Who episode ever. I was on the edge of my seat throughout. The story was perfect which all aspects of "The Writer's Journey" beautifully catered for.
10/06/2007 at 21:28
Last para should say: with instead of which
10/06/2007 at 21:39
Thanks,BR... I just need the right race and the right conditions now..

Kazzaah thats not a bad time at all was it hot there too ??

I had a chat to the winning lady today..she was also the winning lady at the 10k I did last week..shes a vet45..and currently the fastest in our age goup over 10k.. 36 somehting..her PB from years ago is 33..
like you Hilly I love to hear what kind of mileage others do..I asked this particular lady and was surprised when she said about 50...I expected it to be higher...though she hasnt done a marathon for quite a maybe that expalins the lower miles !
10/06/2007 at 21:43
Wasn't too bad NN. It was overcast and breezy which kept it on the warmish side of pleasant. Sun broke thro' for last 3 miles - wasn't so nice then!

All in all weather-wise it was better than last year's race which was mid-30's and blazing sun. Casualty rate was quite high last year including 2 of the faster runners ending up in intensive care.
10/06/2007 at 22:14

Hollywood - well done on the Aquathon
XL Man - Sorry it didn't go as planned but still a good effort, Junes not an easy month for racing
Hippo - Well done on your pb. And a very good time
Night Nurse - well raced again sorry didn't go as liked. Any Autumn halfs planned
Kaz - you too, but i know you'll be back
flyaway - Well done on your first tri. Well ahead of target time
10/06/2007 at 22:18
NGR-B, absolutely agree about the Dr Who episode "Blink". I also think it must be the best one ever. I think I've probably seen nearly every episode ever - including the very firt one with William Hartnell.
10/06/2007 at 22:21
So, my short report from today's Barnsley Boundary relay 72.5M (no, I didn't do this far!) and I was on the final 'glory' leg of 4.2ish miles in the blazing, stuffy heat.

Set off at 3:45pm and as I was wearing my fell shoes, they seemed to be blooming hot as we sped downhill for the start. As soon as we got to the first little hill, I felt drained from the heat and overall lack of fitness that I've got. The fields were dry and rutted and I'm still not confident on this after the ankle spraining so I lost ground here.

Adding to the unpredictability of the event, a nice farmer had locked the gates up (he knew we would be coming at this time so was obviously being obstructive) and decided to let his large herd of cows along the lane as we got there. We had to climb over the thigh-high gate, negociate the cow queues then crawl (on hands and knees) under the second gate, before finally vaulting a thigh-high 'electric' (but wasn't going to stop to find out) fence down the rutted field. Exciting! Our Vet runner was streaking away and I wasn;t by this stage, so I just ran on.

Coming down one hill I was rather tentative, but after 7 months of ankle discomfort I think I'm justified. The heat was hard and I actually had to walk at one bit as my breathing was all over the place due to being unable to get any sort of rhythm on this course.

As I approached the end, I just tried to hang on to stop one bloke getting near to me. Last week, I recced the route in 50mins (going wrong a lot and slowly), 40mins (reverse route) and today, I came home in about 30:10; so I'm really pleased!

And the results overall? Well, as yet, we don't know as the results have been sort of 'ballsed up'!!!!! The wonders of modern computing conspired against the race organiser and he promised to "check the results" as I left the presentation tonight. We might have won something after all ;-)

I have learned that maybe I shouldn't do 15 hilly miles in the morning before a race, although the time, heat and lack of general running fitness can't have helped either!

My running appetite has been firmly whetted again and training must resume with a vengeance; there's a fair few scalps that I need to take once more.........
10/06/2007 at 22:22
Well done all the other racers, and thanks for the encouragement today BR and hilly!
10/06/2007 at 22:42
EXcellent write up FL.

Glad things are going your way even if they ballsed things up today.

We got first vets team at the Welsh Castles Relay and were 12th team overall. We also got the mountain prize but I didn't take part in that.

10/06/2007 at 22:48

fell liker-yuo is secretly racking up the miles innit

this thread is so tri tastic at the mo
10/06/2007 at 22:48

fell liker-yuo is secretly racking up the miles innit

this thread is so tri tastic at the mo
10/06/2007 at 22:53
Tom: I wish I wrote for Dr Who. Ho hum.

FL: That's just amazing! Well done - cow's must be wondering who's mad now ;-)

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