Sunday 17th March 2013

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17/03/2013 at 18:44

Great running LMH and 7D - both those races sound tough, especially the fells!  I tried that once too but much prefer walking on the hills instead of running.


17/03/2013 at 19:52

Of course I managed to post this earlier today, in the Saturday thread where I was reading back... I'll add some more reactions at the bottom:


Wabo: happy birthday! and neat 20M in the freezer.

Emzap: I have interesting conversations with the Dutch hairdresser. We supposedly speak the same language...

Stickless: in my memory the Oriental Fac stairs at the back are quite different. Will check them out next time I'm in Cambridge. Well done on the double digits- getting back in there is every time a moment of achievement for me, too. Confidence booster, indeed, despite nausea issues.

DD: well raced on Friday, and good run the next day.

Glad to hear it's nothing to worry about so far, Donaldo. Keep it that way!

Alehouse: only unfit compared to where you were. You're doing a stellar job compared to most of the population. I keep telling myself that when I see you all running at twice my speed!


What: 12.6M, in my usual 9-1 run-walk

Why: forgot where the 6M turnaround point is

Last hard: that was

Last rest: Thursday, Saturday from running.


I also did stairs on Friday, with the pack: 2kg rice and 3L water, to get me started on "weight training". I did not have time to run there and back, just went out on the bike. My stairs can be found here: here , they should be a total height of 17.5 meter.


LMH: nice 20M! Considering the trials and tribulations of the past weeks, not bad at all. And hopefully the weather will be a bit nicer for the big run.

Emzap: confidence booster

Donaldo: pretty uniforms

7D: wooo- sounds tough.

Paddy! nice to see you're back!

Dustin: good racing

Hopefully this time I posted in the right place...


17/03/2013 at 20:41

You did Tine!

Your pupils look very good in their ceremonial uniform donaldo.

17/03/2013 at 21:45

OK Ok Ok Don - You should have packed the bags of all the lads and headed to Wexford to March in the st Paddy's Parade. Pretty Impressive school uniform!!


LMH  - Nice going. I see that youre VLM bound - wow. I will miss VLM this year. Its a race that i thought i'd never run nd indeed thought would be nightmare but then discovered that it was the best. Matbe I'll return some time body allowing! 20 miles is a good spin of a race at any time. Youre obviously not firing on all cylinders - and whats with the Indian - - - It should be Bacon and Cabbage today - with spuds of course!!!


LMH - this year it will be Olympic distance - if things go well maybe a 70.3 very late. I'd love to go Iron but would the body cope - i'm not sure. However, thers still good timber on the bed post where that notch should be. I've just finished reading "Iron War" - a book about Mark Allen and Dave Scott concentrating on te 1989 Ironman Hawaii - great stuff!!!. If you havent already read it have a look.


7D/ Dustin nice going too


See yiz tomorrow


Edited: 17/03/2013 at 21:45
Blisters    pirate
17/03/2013 at 21:45

Lots of good outings from all the regulars, under terrible conditions, and a welcome to the newbies. It also seems to me that Stickless is back on the rise again. Now there is a completely unstoppable woman.

Not a great training weekend for me.
A hard morning of hedge shearing (pulled muscle)
400miles of driving.
Broke my wedding ring.

-I did get some swim training done. Have you ever tried to tread water with your arms held vertically above your head? I sank like a rock.
We also tried to work on the over-rotation that I've developed.

I'm going to take up running.

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