Sunday 1st May 2011

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01/05/2011 at 21:16
Tom - I'm off to see the smt tomorrow. Hopefully i'll get going for an easy run on Tuesday. I'll do whatever i'm told. I have 100% trust in this guy who is deffo not a "take three weeks of rest" and come back to me. His approach is to get me going as soon as he can, but not before i'm ready. I'm happy enough to be keeping up a bit of fitness, but have a few things at the end of May that i don't want to miss including the Olympic Marathon route test run in London - flights booked and all!!

Danny Boy - that looked like a toughie. I'd say that sorted youre erection out!!!!!

Regarding streaks, i once was a streaker but when i realized that one day's rest wouldn't be the end of me I've religiously had a rest day every week. I don't know if its good or bad, it's what i do. Mind you, here i am laid up!!!
01/05/2011 at 21:24

Tom: perfect sense! With regard to the streak my fear is that if I miss a day I may well be tempted to miss another one, and then another one. Nothing to do with losing all my fitness overnight! Longest streak was over 11 years, but not sure it did me any good! When I was running at my best I always took Friday off. I would probably be best forming a strict plan and sticking to it. There is a bit of a plan each week where I try to include 1 x LSR, 1 x hills, 1 x reps, but in general I just run as I feel, which is fine as I have no great ambitions at present (quick note to self, just under a 1000 days until the new age group). Am considering a review of my "plan" though to try and up the miles, injuries permitting. I need a stricter flexibility/strengthening regime too. Further note to self: I coach others quite well but I guess its a case of "do what I say, not what I do." 

 Cross post with Pammie: totally agree with "Will i run today and replaces it with how far.

I'm convinced its a good method for me. i feel more mentally stronger doing it." There is a definite mental strength from going out when you don't want to , and from going out every day come rain or shine etc.

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01/05/2011 at 21:38
Alehouse - 11 years i'm impressed - i do agree with you in that  that day off could turn into 2, 3 or more
01/05/2011 at 22:23
"I'm convinced its a good method for me. i feel more mentally stronger doing it "

From what you post Pammie it seems that the purpose of the streak is to develop mental toughness. For me it's the other way round, I have the mental toughness, I'm just afraid that every time I compromise my approach to training that mental toughness will gradually be eaten away... possibly the same view as Alehouse.

FWIW, if I could run 100 miles a week again at the fastest pace I can manage, without my body crumbling under the strain, then I would. To my mind that's the only way to race at the levels that would give me satisfaction.

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