Sunday 20th March 2011

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20/03/2011 at 19:02

Chickadee - 1.40 is still pretty good.

 I think the main thing is you want to run a good 10k is to run 60 miles a week - if you can do that you can run hard from start to finish, and you seem to be able to handle mileage easily so shouldn't be a problem for you, and if you throw in a few quality sessions too to make it interesting, it should be good.

Mava - good long runs.

Stickless - lovely that your brother-in-law was able to make it to the alter. You sound like you are getting pretty strong.

JEB - congrats for your 10k PB and 3rd placing - good on you.

ZaTTu - great stuff - good to be back!! Let's hope they don't round it to 73!

Sporta - nice 50km there mate! Good luck for Longtom!!

What: 3000m - 13.00.94 - only wished it was 12.59.94 what a difference a second makes

Good running everyone.

20/03/2011 at 20:49

Chickadee- well done

JEB - good 10k PB and 3rd place

ZaTTu -good comeback

Sporta - good 50km

NZC - next time for going under..

Me - 4 laps of lightning run 12 hour race, only did that (4 laps) as running partner was ill, so treated as a long run then declared myself finished after the 4 laps (22.5m) niceLSR done.

Take care

20/03/2011 at 22:00

Rounded to 73:00 unfortunately NZC. Nice 3k.

Gobi - best of luck for it. Sounds like a completely different course from your last 100km (iirc that was the Italian one?).

RFJ - sounds like a nice way to bag a long run.

Puffed away on a nice Cuban (Montecristo Petit Tubo for anybody interested in such things) with a drop of Scotch this evening. I feel like I've finally put the whole knee saga behind me.

Lyrics were Rock of Ages by Def Leppard.

21/03/2011 at 00:16

Evening! (or should I say good night?)


@Little M.iss Ultra Happy & Mava
Yeah, I can't complain about the recovery from the injury. It was actually quite severe. I crushed the "bump" on outside of the ankle (don't know the English word for it) and ruptured 3 tendons while at it. It ended with me having 1 titan plate, 8 titan screws and some staples to fixate the bone and put the tendons back to where they where supposed to attach to the bone.
Nice long runs.

Nice raced, and congratulations to the 3rd place.

There are tons of more races to run. Just take your experiences from this race with you to upcoming ones. Under performing sucks, but we all do it once in a while.

Bummer it was rounded up. However, nice raced this early in the season. Looking forward to see your progress towards your fall marathon. I think I'll take my chances with spikes even if they trash my calves for a few days. I think I need all the help I can get to cut a few extra seconds.

Isn't it pretty usual to hit that :00 or :01 as a runner? I feel like I do it in at least half of my races


What: 75min easy paced run
Why: Easy runs make racing easy
Last hard: Thursday maybe?
Last rest: -

An ok training week with 87 miles run. Cutting down the mileage to around 60 during next week to allow for recovery and some kind of performance on Thursdays 3k.

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