Sunday 23rd November 2008

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23/11/2008 at 17:02
oops, sorry Pammie, missed your race. Well done!
23/11/2008 at 17:22
TmR - apparently a place became available for her yesterday but she decided not to run for whatever reason.
23/11/2008 at 17:57

Well done SGQ, Hilly and Pammie - hope I haven't missed anyone, doing all this one handed while feeding Munchette.

Didn't make it to the start line of my XC - gutted as I love gnarly conditions.  And it was my comeback race.

Did an easy run yesterday  - first run post-baby that I've felt like I'm getting my speed back. I was going along fine on flat, soft ground, feeling great - and  tore a calf muscle.

Last time I did antthing like this was when doing high(ish) mileage mara training in 2004.  So no idea why it has happened today,

Really looking forward to today so pretty devastated.  But I'll get over it. 

23/11/2008 at 18:49

Greetings all,

Well done Hilly, vouchers and wine, not bad at all.
Pammie well done on the XC
SGQ Great PB, well done
Wardi, good outing for you too, well done.

Our washing machine finally got delivered............... spent all afternoon staing in for it (with a specail delivery time... fat lot of use that was, and had to pay for it, so am already sorting that one out....) But Mrs RFJ now happy.

Take care all

23/11/2008 at 18:52

Well done on a great PB SGQ and some great performances by the others who raced.

Are you guys still going through a bout of cold weather ? It's not cold in New Zealand at the moment, but wind and rain today.

SSING is not one to hide, so this is what he looked like when he could knock off a sub 2h40 marathon

What: 13 miles with my running club. Every minutes after an hour hurt. By far my longest run to date.

Why: Weekly long run

Edited: 23/11/2008 at 18:53
23/11/2008 at 19:19
Evening all,

Bravo RFJ! Wardi, Pammie, Hilly, well done!

Hope IM is doing ok.

Hello SSING.

Me? Sitting here in front of a nice fire, with son1 and gfriend reading, after decimating a lasagne and rice pud that should have fed twice our number. (Mr. S had to go out again, poor thing.)

Why? Hereward relay, and team stickless makes it round again. Son1's gfriend took the first short leg (6+miles) in sleet that turned to driven hail. Mr. S followed on for the longest leg, 11+ miles, departing in hail that turned into thick snow. The fens are not the place to be in driven snow. Ask Tom. The roads were covered, and the car behind us slithered into a ditch. (A runner's car of course, nobody else daft enough to be out in that stuff). We stopped, nobody hurt, tow truck summoned, teammates on the way, so we carried on to March and the start of my patch.

The snow happily had stopped, and the wind (even more importantly) was from behind, so I stumped off rather numbly in the company of a woman evidently my senior by some years. I watched her as she slowly shrank to a red dot in the distance.

It wasn't going to be a good run from the start. The sciatica was there from the start. The night before a nerve in my groin had begun to twitch, the same that we nicknamed "the crumple button" when I was pregnant and the infants would occasionally kick in that direction, causing the leg to collapse. No, I am not pregnant.

The first half of my patch was on tracks, often grassy and snow covered. The worst of the ruts were frozen hard, which helped. Happily the hard work was over by about 7 miles, which left only 3 on roads when I was really short on push.

I was dead last, but I had got there. Even better, as a measure of avoiding hypothermia amongst the marshalls, all 4th leg runners were sent off at 1:15, whether or not their third leg runners had made it in, thus the pressure was off. I would not have been happy otherwise.

I am content with the day. Last. Might not like it, but it beats the hades out of not running. I knew it was going to be tough. I met the senior woman in red at the end. She sounded very discouraged. I'm sorry about that. She is often around at the races I get to. I hope she feels better after getting warm and a good feed.

It's not easy getting old. You have to learn to look at things in a special way to find the heart to go on.

Lassie the whippet made his way through the Ultimate Mud (and had things to say about it too) in fine style.

For a family day out, can't be beat.

Take care all.
23/11/2008 at 19:41
Well done Hilly, Pammie, SGQ and Wardi!

Just like to say about stickless that to get around that course in those conditions was a truly awesome effort. I was racing there as well today and on leg two there were some of the worst conditions I have ever seen whilst racing and obviously the aftermath was still there for stage 3 so a huge congratulations.

I ran Hereward and just wanted a bit of a stretch out so took first leg for the team. Also trying out some compression socks and my new NIke Vaporflys in luminous red!

So got there early and was shuffling around like an old maid for my warm up before stripping off for the race. Pace set off and a FVS tri chap took the lead but clearly wouldn't keep it for long. COuple of tight loops and we were out on hte grass where no-one had a clue where we were going and we were lost but thankfully some people just behind shouted it out.

Absolutely freezing cold wind coming in against us and in just a vest and singlet I could really feel it. Running along the river side on tarmack it was all reasonablly good underfoot and I very quickly found myself in a group of 4 including a chap that seemed to be going super hard to keep up (breathign like anything), a triathlete chap that seemed reasonably relaxed and a chap from Ryston who was probably a mix of hte two.

Anyways I was running with them (plan was to run with the leaders most of the way) and was amazed to realize I was literally jogging. Pace felt so slow I couldn't quite believe it. I would say I had about 20 secs/mile in reserve as an absolute minimum. Other guys were all workin relatively hard whilst I was still absolutely in breath.

Pace was kept constant along the tarmac section before abridge where I went for the non-white section to avoid the ice before realising that actually it was just hidden ice and almost went over badly but stopped running and managed to avoid going over and get onto the crunchy-white ice! Caught up again in a few seconds over the bridge.

THe rhythm returned and I was still feeling easy, then decided to give it a little bit of a push, went clear in a matter of seconds and none of them were chasing me so eased back into the pack knowing I had the stage pretty much secure. Kept on going (no idea on time etc. as garmin battery had gone) and then when I reckoned there must be a mile or two left started accelerating a little bit. Dropped them all fairly quickly and went along the river bank and then could see the turnover point but wasn't sprinting yet as thought the turnover point was a lap around the field before finishing after going over the bridge. Went over the bridge and then immediately infront of me was the turnover point. Came in and switched over still in breath and over the last km without doing more than just going "uptempo" had dropped them all by at least 20 seconds.

Just amazed that 6 weeks back and I'm in this sort of shape. Haven't felt this good racing in 3 years I'd say. Was just relaxed and not working in the slightest. Could easily have kept the pace up for I'd have thought twice as long.

Got my horsebrass which is awesome! and also the first stage prize which was a glass mugh which I really like as never had anything practical like that as a prize!
23/11/2008 at 20:03

Bravo HH - vvv impressive to run that and find it easy.  And a mug to keep the horsebrass company.  I've got a set of them now, and today's run completes the whole circuite for me. (5th go - done 4th leg, the old 4th leg twice.)  We in the later stages had it hugely easier than you did.

How did the rest of your team fare?

23/11/2008 at 20:10

stickless, as always from you a fantastic post showing a state of mind I wish I could match.  Well run in terrible conditions

Great stuff HH from you too. 

Lizzy, sorry about your torn muscle.  Could it be an result of recent pregnancy and birth? Hope you recover quickly.

23/11/2008 at 21:15


yesterday's lyrics for those of you who aren't AF - "Free Four" from Pink Floyd's 1972 album "Obscured by Clouds"

LIzzyB - gutted for you. Is it definitely a tear & not a tweak?

Hi to SSing - not sure I can guess your earlier incarnation....

Goox XC effort Pammie

Hereward relay sounded, to put it mildly, challenging. Two differing, but equally impressive runs well described by Stickless and HH

SGQ - PB - well done -especially on a day like today 

Congrats on the title Hilly - even if it did affect the motivation for today's performance

Solid 10K Wardi

my own session:
what: 13.1 miles in 99:48, mean HR146
why: getting familiar with running for more than 90 minutes

Well it wasn't Hereward bad, but it was pretty unpleasant weatherwise. The 13.1 encompassed 2 circuits of a course that included both Hoylake and West Kirby proms - with wind blowing at force 7-8, across on the former prom, behind on the latter. With hail showers thrown in at regular intervals.
Although I ran the course in a direction which ensured the wind was behind me as much as possible on the most exposed sections, I reckon I'd have been significantly faster on a calm day - felt pretty easy whenever I did get out of the wind.

23/11/2008 at 21:18

Evening, sorry to hear about the torn muscle, LizzyB, a lass at the club where I used to run had several injury problems upon her return to running after her child. With good rest time she's started producing faster times than ever before, so give it some time to heal and you'll be back soon!

Woke up this morning at 9ish and didn't envy anyone out racing in these chilly conditions! There was a time this year when I would have been out on the trail notching up the miles myself at that time. Now I'm content to just run when I feel the urge - which is about 3 times a week recently. I'm enjoying my life much better these days following my break from running!

What: gym this afternoon, so 7M in an hour then stretching
Why: tickover and base training (of a fashion)
Last hard: tonsilitis for much of the week
Weekly miles: 11M!

Got my first race in absolutely ages next Saturday which should be amusing. My fastest for this race was 29.0x for the 4.55M multi-terrain course but I think I'll be closer to 40mins next weekend with my current level of fitness - oh, how the mighty have fallen!!

Wardi - excellent result for Abbey Dash today, the oldies have it!

23/11/2008 at 21:41

Evening all,

Hilly: congrats on the title
Pammie: nice xc
SGQ: congrats on the PB
Wardi: Congrats on the sub 40 at the dash.
Stickless: sounds like a lovely day out for the stickless clan.
HH: Well run and congrats on the win.
LizzyB: sorry to hear about the calf.

What: rest
why: been very good this week with only running every other day. Rebuilding starts tomorrow.

23/11/2008 at 21:58

Well won, Hilly

Orsum post, HH

Well raced a few others too (Pammie!) 

And Mel seems to be putting in a stonking performance on the run right now - go Mel! Strong lungs and legs to you!

  • What: did 60+ miles on the bike yesterday (cold!) and 13 miles running in the wet today
  • Why: build the base, build the base, build the base, repeat

G night!

23/11/2008 at 21:59

Another 1.5 miles with the kids - they wanted to train for next weekends XC.   The 7 year old girl is now quicker than the 10 year old - she beat her last week  - luckily the 10 year old has decided she is going to be a musician and composer so it doesn't matter if she gets beaten by her younger sister.  The 7 year old boy is slower than both but so long as he can play on his DS when he gets home he isn't bothered. 

Can anyone on here recommend a trail shoe?  I've got Walshes for really muddy stuff but I want something more for the sort of runs which are more mixed road and country - something that can cope with slippy conditions but I'm not going to race in them so don't have to be fantastic.   I was looking at Adidas Kanadia, mainly because they are dead cheap, Derby runner has some Swoops reduced too - thought they might be too much of a fell shoe though and maybe not too good for runs with 2-3 miles of tarmac ?

23/11/2008 at 23:31
Popsider.. I have a pair of Nike Air Zoom Trail S+ @ £50 from Start Fitness. More than reasonable grip & fairly light, and they are black! The uppers are not goretex waterproof but the soles can be used both on & off road.

Well done as always Stickless, a fine effort & top reporting.

HH.. very well done on your stage win, good to hear you are getting back to form.

Good luck Lizzy. I sometimes think that the worst thing a runner can do is have a break from running!

SL.. ease back steadily, hope to see you in a race soon!

Mike S.. nice long run duly noted. When is your nest narathon then? {O:

Holly.. good bike outing. I can't do long bike rides in this weather, my hands tend to freeze after 20m no matter how many pairs of gloves I'm wearing!
23/11/2008 at 23:38
Thanks guys.

Stickless- I was actually not in too bad a shape as it had only just started hailling as I was finishing- our second leg runners got completely washed out though. Glad I did as just after I finished I very quickly got very very cold and needed to get to the car. Much more respect for those on the longer, muddier and snowier later legs!

My second Hereward, done the first and second legs. Think I'll do first leg again next year and really go for it and try and get a quick time.

24/11/2008 at 02:09

ssing - now that I know what you look like, I'll say hello if I see you around.

Mava - well done for braving the snow.

Pammie - good team effort at the x-country. Love the nodding the head bit 'cause you couldn't talk at the finish

Hilly - well raced - good haul.

SGQ - 10k PB - very satisfying.

Wardi - under 40 mins - good stuff and well done to the old guys and young Jon Pepper.

Lizzy - so sorry to hear about the calf muscle - take care.

Stickless - good on you getting out there in those conditions - if you get a chance - go see the movie "young at heart" - a real tear-jerker!

Hobbling Harrier - congratulations - great to be young and getting stronger all the time - enjoy it.

What: 18.4km with club (thinking it might be same one as ssing), now that would be funny. Lots of off-road, running/walking up hills and steps on tracks. Very tired afterwards.

Good running everyone.

24/11/2008 at 04:59
Christine which club do you run for ?
24/11/2008 at 07:55
ssing - I ran for Owairaka for years, but I now belong to YMCA.
24/11/2008 at 08:38


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