Sunday 26th November 2006

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26/11/2006 at 23:11
I have enjoyed the reports though

Drew-well done!

Liked Stickless'report, but dont we all
26/11/2006 at 23:57
Hippo - I think 9 of the regular posters on here are BAC members.

It's a case that 6 of us have raced today and are discussing our performances and those of others on this thread. Also a debate about using chip or gun timing has arisen.

I've enjoyed reading everyone's reports and comments today too.
27/11/2006 at 00:05
I retract a bit of my previous post.. two of the 45-49 yr old guys in the positions above me actually ran slower than me on chip time. Not only did I therefore finish 22nd, they clearly had the audacity to start too far forward...

peasants! {o:

Hilly.. I see my wine suggestion has won over..
Blisters    pirate
27/11/2006 at 00:32
Happy Birthday Christine in NZ, although by now it was probably yesterday.

200min; I'm sure that you look lovely in a pinny.

Drew: Abbey 10k: happy or what? I would put a tiny banker on the "happy", but I bet that I'm backing the favourite. Seriously well done there. Have you been specifically 10k focussed for this race, or have you balanced your training?

Wardi: Abbey 10k: Thankyou very much for the update on your performance. 39:30 is identical to my recent-ish 10k form. I spy a challenge. Now where did I leave that 38:30 form?

Xerxes: If it's muddy XC, then spikes are the way to go, providing that you don't have too much hard surface to deal with. If they have some stud in the heel, then even better, as that means no slipping on wet downhills. Mixed terrain is the place for Innov8/Walsh/NBRXterrrain studdeds.

Micksta: It sounds like you enjoyed this event! And well run for a solid performance too.Good stuff.

Treadmill: Abbey dash: A darned good race there. Very very evenly paced splits. I hope that you are pleased with 35:29, you didn't say what you were hoping to achieve.

AF: It sounded like a hard day's work, but very definitely one of those "1-0(penalty)" results that get teams to win the Premier League. You toughed it out, you got a decent enough outcome, you got the prize you were really after. We can't always score pbs every outing. You also tested your kit choice. All you need to do is remember the wind speed and temperature, so that you can choose better next time. And moisture levels for the Asics.
Stickless: So uplifting. Somehow you are able to tap into all our feelings with a few choice phrases, you can describe the difference between Brown Windsor and Mulligatawny soup when asked to run through it. And the Fenland sky looms larger, ever larger. A question. Is the sky hemispherical?
Barnsley:.................................... :-) Nuff said?
Hilly: 39 minutes? It's a banker. Another 1-0 training race run, even though you wanted this to be a pb shot. It'll come good, I promise.
RFJ: A muddy XC and it sounds like you chose the footwear well, despite my previous pronouncement. That mud stuff is a reall sapper, isn't it?
Tom: Ah, yes, now THAT is what I meant to say about training, and I think it has applied to me for a year or so.
flr: 2:05 is another good outing
Clink: Nice race, LOL about the homeward nav!
Fell Liker, Footwear Loose, Flimsy Lacing, Foul Liquid, Funny Linesman, Favoured Legionella.

Chips and times: I agree with the usual race director's approach. Cross the line to win the prize. The chips are for pb timing etc. If you think that you've got a chance of winning a prize, start near the front. If you start FLM in the heated bog enclosure, make sure your chip is on the right foot. Adolf will be watching.

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