Sunday 8th June

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08/06/2003 at 22:22
super compensation - maybe the same as bleed out diet - not sure. Basically the idea is about 7 days pre race you deliberately exhaust your glycogen stores - so you exercise and have a low carb diet for a few days. Then you carbo load as normal for 4 days pre race. Studies suggest that your body super compensates - in other words you store more glycogen than if you'd just stuffed yourself with pasta etc without first exhausting your stored glycogen for a period of time.

Of course the risk is you have to do some hardish exercise on low fuel a week or so pre race. But that's the theory - apparently it works in terms of how much glycogen you can store although that is not to say there aren't downsides that outweigh the advantages. It's just a pre-race strategy like tapering, rather than something you would do as part of regular training. I'd have thought it was worth a shout if you are at the level you are and looking for an edge.

08/06/2003 at 23:04

Many congrats to Wardi, Speedie, happyrunning and Hilly. I like reports that tell it like it is, pain and all. And yes, trophies deserve to be displayed, to think I used to laugh at my husband's one and only squash trophy. Actually, it does look a bit sad on its own (snigger).

Achilles, you slacker, fancy only doing 65 miles this week! (welcome back, missed teasing you)

Nutrition, I don't think it needs to be very complicated, and recommend staying away from anything that requires weighing or calorie counting, or comes with celebrity fad diet status. Like BT I've never liked junk food like chips etc but my love of cake probably makes up for that, and I never go hungry or diet.
Alcohol is harder, I have to restrict myself and deliberately have weeks off, I think I could easily drink too much too frequently if I let myself.

What: absolutely nowt.
Why: laid up with what's hopefully 24 hr bug, have spent the whole day sleeping! But good to know you were all out there clocking up the miles in the meantime.
Monique    pirate
08/06/2003 at 23:07
Hello Laura, and yes Marmite I did think "oh Achilles is back at last" Trouble with him is he's too busy training to post any.
08/06/2003 at 23:14
Puts running before the forum - shocking! (I've noticed the weeds too, unlike you I've done sod all about it.)
Monique    pirate
08/06/2003 at 23:16
Laura- I am fighting a battle that I will never win- both at work and on the allotment, now I just need to set an impossible running goal and I will have a hat trick.
09/06/2003 at 00:27
I'm saying that until the bird nesting season is over I can't touch the garden.
09/06/2003 at 06:02
Super compensation is the same as the bleed out diet.

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61 to 67 of 67 messages
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