Sunday session - 17 November

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17/11/2002 at 19:01
What: 5M along the seafront at hill head in Hanpshire.

Why: First on road running since injured calf, this week has been all stop start and after the run my calf was sore, so am feeling dejected. Am supposed to be running the Victory 5 in Portsmouth on the 1st but at this rate will never do it, as it's fast and I've no speed any more!!
17/11/2002 at 19:18
Evening All,
well I'm absolutely knackered.
Well done Murf, Mr C, everyone who raced today and all who trained.

What: Worksop 1/2M
Why: I really was asking myself this during the 11th mile.
Last hard run: What, are you kidding?
Last easy day: Yesterday.

Have to say I really feel like someone's been beating my knees and quads with a rubber mallet, but I'm feeling no pain (or will be after a glass or 2 more of red). Read the gory details here if you dare.
17/11/2002 at 19:45
Well done on the pbs guys.
Snicks - sensible decision, I thought about doing Brighton,but a 75 minute drive for a 10k seems a bit pointless.
Forgot the Epsom race, been looking at the Epsom Oddballs 2000 perch race on 19th Jan (I assume its the same Epsom?)

What : Steady 10.5 mile run in 76.30 (ish)
Why : didn't have time for a long run (was planning around 15 or so)
Last Hard : today I guess
Last Rest : Tuesday

17/11/2002 at 19:52
Meant to do 45 mins of hardish fartlek. Completely failed to do it. Got lured out ice climbing by the boys.

All my bruised and battered body can now do is drink wine. Which is more than Mr LizyB can do - fast asleep ... aaaah!

Hilly - you are so lucky living in/near Portland - I spent a lot of time there last year - top place!
17/11/2002 at 20:01
Well done everyone, Murf on your PB, Hilly on your 18 miles, Mr C on your PB... this thread is really inspiring (I mean it!)
In the end I sneaked out of my parents house for a 45 minute, 6-mile tempo session and left my two year old happily dancing to Irish music, whilst son was at the football... good day had by all

17/11/2002 at 20:14
What: 10 mile road race in Preston. Did a PB of 1h 17m, but it was hard work all the way. I think I'm still tired from the marathon. Still, there was a great T shirt at the end with a cute little sheep on it :)
Last hard: today
Last rest: yesterday

17/11/2002 at 20:16
Agree with Snicks, some great inspiring runs on this thread today. Well done everyone!!

LizzyB, I agree Portland is a beautiful place in a rugged kind of way. The views as you know are outstanding. I live in Weymouth, but run to Portland and back for some of my long runs.

Were you working in the area?
17/11/2002 at 21:06
Hi Hilly, er not working, but still there every weekend ...climbing! I went there by chance as a one-off in spring last year (as Portland had lifted its foot and mouth restrictions and the Peak District, where we climb, hadn't) and fell in love with the climbing and the atmostphere of the place -ended up driving down there nearly every weekend. WE used to camp just outside weymouth and drive to Portland each day ... used to see some v. fit and fast people running - one of them was probably you!
17/11/2002 at 21:39
good running pb and the rest

ran a 59 minute something at Brighton - no pb, but getting under the hour would have been unlikely if still smoking - so very glad.
Trogs    pirate
18/11/2002 at 00:07
Dustin - The Oddballs Perch is over a different course to the Epsom 10 and is shorter, 10.05k as opposed to 10miles. Also the Epsom 10 is a road race and the Perch is multi-terrain.

I've not done it but probably will next year. It starts at the racecourse grandstand and is run over tarmac road, grass, beaten/muddy tracks (depending on recent weather). By all reports its a fun race. Oh, and it's definitely undulating! There's probably some piccies on the Oddballs website -

Maybe see you there.
18/11/2002 at 09:23
Murf - seen the info on the web page.Epsom isn't too far for me,so depending on other races (and home commitments) I may run the perch.

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