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16/10/2012 at 12:36

Ratzer - I'll take that number off your hands if it's still available.  I was waiting on PRF's ankle or Hilly's calf to provide a place but they both looked remarkably sprightly whilst shovelling steak and curry down their throats last night.  Do the organisers allow number transfers?

16/10/2012 at 12:48

And does anyone know what time St Albans parkrun starts on Saturday?

Always best to be prepared ready for when Hilly asks searching questions......

16/10/2012 at 12:55

He’s the $60,000,000 parkrunner.

Be fair though prf, the clocks go back soon, it can be confusing at this time of year…..

Care to share the name of the club Mr V?

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16/10/2012 at 13:46
Ratzer - I preferred GER to BM. There was good support all the way round, not thousands but enough pockets of people to keep you going. Also, I seemed to be always around others whereas in the BM I always seem to end up on my own. I'll be doing BM too though.

Mr V - I've just joined another club as second claim so I can run as part of their team in the XCountry Harriers League. I'll miss the first one since its the day before the TM but hope to make all the others.
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16/10/2012 at 13:55
Barnsley Runner wrote (see)

steak and curry

16/10/2012 at 13:56

Thanks for the advice Barnsley Runner. I tend to read and post on here occasionally but never really asked for much advice myself so it's much appreciated. I definately agree that I tend to put too much emphasis upon tempo running which can equate to junk mileage..I think the problem lies in that I get indiciplined when prior to a run I plan to go out at an easier pace as suggested. But then when out on the run, I think if I run faster that it will actually improve my stamina and overall speed...but as you and others have pointed out, that's not the case. I will go to my club tonight and do some speedwork...I haven't actually done too much speedwork recently and I think I need to make that more structured...I can feed back on that another time but for now I will just come back with what training I will have done either later this evening or over the next few days. Hopefully you are also right Duckinator on the kick if I do slow things down a bit!   

Thanks for the encouraging words from everyone else too. It does spur me on!

Parkrunfan - Hopefully indeed with the wind! I will be keeping a close eye on the forecast as it could mean I hold something back for the last few miles if it is a windy day (i.e. southwesterly or westerly winds along the seafront). My current PB for 10 miles is also at the GSR and with running into the wind over the last few miles.

Ratzer - my brother has just started running for Penarth and Dinas Runners which is the club local to where I am originally from.  It was his first official race for the club I think on Sunday.

Mr Viper - something slightly away from running here...are you a Newcastle Vipers fan??? (suggesting you may possibly be with your avatar). If you are, then my brother who ran with me on Sunday used to be a team mate with one of their players when he played for GB at under 19's level and even roomed with him (another completely subject as I say).

PS - not meaning to be ignorant of what everyone else is doing at the moment...will certainly get involved in that when I get the time later or over the next few days what with needing to clock back into work.....

16/10/2012 at 14:17
Barnsley Runner wrote (see)

Ratzer - I'll take that number off your hands if it's still available.  I was waiting on PRF's ankle or Hilly's calf to provide a place but they both looked remarkably sprightly whilst shovelling steak and curry down their throats last night.  Do the organisers allow number transfers?

I'm sure they will if you get in touch now, and bargain with their better nature. You want to get this one in under your own name for sure.

16/10/2012 at 14:34

YD, 3*5 min @ 10kp seems a little on the short side to me. Might be worth doing the first @ 10kp, the second ~8kp, the third around 5kp? 

prf, what happened with the ankle? 

WJH, tempo running is far from junk mileage but the stuff that's neither easy nor tempo-ish is. We've discussed it before but for most of us easy is at least MP + 60s (so for you no quicker than ~8:20/m). 

Track this morning, 8*400 w/2'30 rec. 78.6, 74.4, 74.3, 71.5, 71.3, 70.6, 70.8, 69.5. Not the hardest session ever as 2'30 rec was pretty long (although I can see a pure sprinter, having less of an endurance base would find this much tougher), but 3k+ of running at under 5:00/m pace is good.

Tried out the Adizero Cadences too, and I like them. They feel quite light and like a long-distance shoe but with spikes on, compared with the Velocity 3's which are more uncomfortable and are built more for pure performance. I think I'll stick with the Cadences for sessions with more volume in them. 

16/10/2012 at 14:37

YD – Tyne Bridge Harriers.

Minni – I thought about doing it as second claim as I’d like to keep running with my current club socially. However I was told it was massive pain and not worth the effort. Did you find it fairly straightforward? I’ll be doing all the Harrier League fixtures I think so might see you there. I might be supporting on Sunday as well though not sure if I’d recognise you! One of my clubmates has suggested I run the last lap with him.

WJH – Yes unfortunately the now defunct Vipers. I want to know names now you’ve said that  

16/10/2012 at 15:08
Mr Viper wrote (see)

YP – What’s your Cabbage Patch target?


Mr V - In good MG style, I've learned from the Bishop of Barnsley, and my target is to run the best race I can, control the controllables, and the time will be the time......

Alternatively, I'll be satisfied with anything under 70 mins, and very satisfied with something around 67mins (I have checked the WAVA calculator, and know what I need to get back on the 70+% league table....)

Ratzer - pity you're not able to make it.


16/10/2012 at 15:19

Cool Mr V, I have heard of them so they probably have a few runners that travel and do well. Vest is white with a black band, right? Hope the move works out for you.
One of my flatmates at Uni played Ice Hockey for the Sunderland Chiefs. Went to watch him, he was rubbish, he just wobbled round the Ice trying to get involved and getting hit.

Duck – I should have added, it is running round a soggy field in the dark with head torches on! So pace / effort levels might have to be approximate. Though I will try to wind it up as the session progresses as you suggest. I am meeting a mate before hand, so will probably get in a nice long 5 or 6 mile warm up in before the session!
Nice pace for the 400s, now sort those soft recoveries out and you might get somewhere…..

Nice clichés YP, don’t forget to be consistently consistent

This idea of suport helping you run, never understood that. In fact the support at the GNR peed me off, though I was having a bad time over the last 5 miles so most things would have been annoying at that point. Overtaking runners in the closing stages of a race, now that spurs you on!

Edited: 16/10/2012 at 15:20
16/10/2012 at 15:34

Duck - A good session, they dont all have to be right on the ragged edge. It just shows how well developed your speedwork is now if that doesnt feel particularly fast.

And theankle issue was due to going over on it in a pothole duing Saturday's parkrun at Dewsbury. I was on the verge of getting the much coveted sub 20 as well.....

Phil - Steak and curry were two separate meals for two separate people! Could be an interesting combo though?

YD - On course supporters issuing good wish messages such as 'eat shit, Steve' are invaluable in taking your mind off things.


My cabbage patch target is to find a shortcut so as to avoid carding a 90min+ time.


16/10/2012 at 15:46

Less sandbagging prf, you are good for sub 80 I reckon. As for eating shit, maybe it was advice on mid race fueling? Suppose it depends if it contains peanuts.......

The other day you mentioned sorting out your 10 mile time this year, do you know of any decent 10 mile races in Nov or Dec that don’t clash with the Abbey Dash? That rules out Brampton to Carlisle and the Preston 10.

16/10/2012 at 15:59
16/10/2012 at 16:34

PRF.. if you would like pacing to a 20 min 5k I could offer my services (approximately).  Based on my recent form I reckon I would drag you round in 20:02!

Duck.. nice sharp session there & good consistency.

Minni.. splendid effort in the half even if not quite what you wanted.  It should at least  spur you on towards the BM for the sub 90.  Great to hear that Forever is in such good form.

WJH.. well done on your half, just keep chipping away and the 1:29 will come.  I know what you mean about your bruv, now you know how Johnny Brownlee feels! 

BR/Hilly.. very pleased to see you both back in action.

4.2m before breakfast, 6-7m with the club tonight.  Looks like the wind is dropping fortunately.

16/10/2012 at 16:34

Thanks prf, looks good, just power of 10nd it, plenty PBs last year and Josh’s coach won it in a pretty swift time. I will begin working on the pass with Mrs YD.

16/10/2012 at 16:37

YD:  more details of that 10 below, including previous results. A certain Mr. Fish has won it a couple of times, and one of my club ran it in 48:52 a couple of years ago, so it looks to be a fairly quick one!


16/10/2012 at 16:56
Mr Viper wrote (see)

PRF – If you are really committed and are prepared to hit the 10mpw you mentioned I think it’s doable. My advice would be to run 5k three times a week. All done at flat out speed. It’s important that you don’t warm up before doing this but hit it hard from the off. Can we trade advice? I’ve got a marathon in 4 weeks and NEED to go sub 3. I ran a HM time trial in 2.04 last Sunday. Can I do the sub 3 marathon and what training should I be doing?

Sound advice Mr V. Could I add that I think that PRF should include a weekly sprints session? No need to warm up - just sprint for 100m and walk back. 20 of these should suffice.

10 miles today - a sunny afternoon off. Paying for it now as I'm heading back into Manchester for Speech Night (joy of joys!)


16/10/2012 at 17:01
Barnsley Runner wrote (see)

Ratzer - I'll take that number off your hands if it's still available.  I was waiting on PRF's ankle or Hilly's calf to provide a place but they both looked remarkably sprightly whilst shovelling steak and curry down their throats last night.  Do the organisers allow number transfers?

I've contacted the organisers this morning to ask.  No response as yet but they do definitely permit transfers before this Friday.  The major reason for asking was knowing what to tell them in order for any transfer to be completed.  If you send me a message I can mail the package I have to you.

Strangely the Russia trip has been left unconfirmed until tomorrow as my Russian colleagues wait on a contract signature.  However, my stomach tells me that things still aren't right, so a 10 mile race might leave me in a pretty poor position, possibly under a local bridge with someone wrapping a cardboard box around me.  Should the trip be confirmed, I'll still try to come see the race, as I'll be in the area anyway!

Duck, that looks like a tough session, at pretty high paces by the end!  Nope, 2'30" definitely not enough of a recovery for a sprinter.

16/10/2012 at 18:39
Mr V - if you do run with him, make sure you stop by the tennis courts! The timekeeper/lap counter ladies were getting very testy with supporters running alongside competitors a couple of years ago saying they'd be at risk of disqualification due to assistance!

TBH do seem to be active recruiters at parkrun

Minni - I'll be marshalling at TM marathon, so I'm sure I'll spot you. I'm hoping to do the full XC league but the only thing (well, not the only thing, ha) that I'm dreading is that I was at peak fitness last season and promoted to the medium pack. I'm not looking forward to being so much slower and being given a handicap this year!

Well done at GER. I'm not sure of this year's course, but when I did it last year I put it on a par with BM. Really enjoy those HM's. I'm not too bothered about crowd support, like YD, it tends to annoy me for the most part (depends on the race though, "you're nearly there" at 17m into a marathon is never funny!), but do admit I get spurred on in the last mile in most races. I really hope to be able to be have a serious stab at sub 90 by BM so that could be interesting
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