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30/10/2012 at 09:51

Hi Ratzer, Generally i do run in the hills or do speedwork in racing flats so this winter i aim to back it off a bit and get some nice flat base miles. In the last month ive done ripon ultra 35 [pretty undulating] Bg leg 1 recce (Skiddaw, great calca and Blencathra) and Snowdon. Then inbetween those some fast paced running in minimal shoes! It all make sense when you right it down haha  oh dear. 

Hope to give you a good battle at Bm!

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30/10/2012 at 10:23

NOSEMI -  think the heat had an impact at Melmerby, as I ran 36:42 at Kirkby Malzeard the week after, that’s still my PB. I have only run one slow 10k since, so reckon I have some to come off that as I am fitter now. I certainly don’t run well in the heat, and looking at the results plenty others suffered that day at Melmerby.
Jelly is a clubmate of yours isn’t he? Distinctive name and all that, I remember having a battle with him at one of those HDSRL races a couple of years ago.

Mr V sounds like a very useful effort that. You have plenty time to work on 6mm as target pace for BM. It might be an idea to start introducing it more often, start with 20 min tempo at 6:05, then 25 mins and so on, could be a good variation in amongst the MP and Hill work you are doing. Maybe once every three weeks or so as a little fitness test/time trial.
I reckon if you can run a training 10k at that pace then you will be good to go come HM time. That’s my theory anyway, based on my 10k tempo from last week. Sunday will be the proof, I hope!

Enjoy the hills Hilly.

Sounds like a good days training Ratzer.

Throat seems a little better this morning, it still gets sore if I don’t drink frequently though!

30/10/2012 at 10:52

YD if you can do that time at kirkby you should easily go sub 36 at leeds. Very good time that on an undulating course. I will wave at you as your on your way back!

Club run tonight as the wife had decided she doesnt want to go.. result! 

30/10/2012 at 13:54

Hi all.

Been a lot of action on this thread since my last post a week ago. Lots of good training and reading some of the replies and a bit more on the thread (i.e. monitoring heart rate, etc) is only going to spur me on to structure my training more seriously.

I also ran the GSR on Sunday - I did note in a previous post that I had a niggly/heavy feeling in my right calf but having a few rest days and missing speed work last week seemed to the trick. I ended up with a time of 69:53 which wasn't a PB (that being 68:01 also at the GSR in 2009) but on another day I think I could have been challenging that. I made a schoolboy error in starting too far back in the orange wave (the first mass wave behind the elite). However, there were more runners than I could ever remember with this being the fourth time I have entered this. The first mile even involved a 5/10 second stop and there was plenty of dodging and weaving over the first few miles. I even overtook a fairly fast man with a pushchair after 5 miles (impressive nonetheless as he must have been doing not much over 7 minute miling). Mile splits for the first few miles were 7:45 and 7:10 hence any PB challenge being off almost right away.....and anything between 6:40 and 6:53 for the rest (the last few miles into the slight headwind were 6:52 and 6:53 which was a little encouraging). On one positive note, I felt that my stamina was stronger and that I could be close to challenging a sub 1:30 half now.

Just a few comments from me on the thread;

YP - Hope things are on the mend after the park run.

YD - that 37 minute 10k training workout is very impressive.

Same goes for you PhilPub with that progressive loop you ran the other day and the weekend cycling/long run.

I can only say noting what all of you are doing in training gives me ideas and enthusiasm for own training.

Stevie G - sounds like a good day out at the GSR. The wind has definately been stronger over previous years although it was without doubt a factor in taking seconds off the last few miles. Again, those are the sort of times I can only dream of (I do read your thread from time to time and I get envious but am equally very impressed and see the hard work that is needed to get the sort of improvements that you and others have gained).

Sorry if I have missed anyone out for now.

All in all and with the calibre of times and training posted on here, it makes me wonder if I introduced myself onto the wrong sort of thread?  Despite that I do have an ambition to build my my stamina and speed and it will be good to see how my times progress over the next few months if I can take a more tips from all of you on here.

I feel good after Sunday and no achy effects in my legs whatsoever and am raring to go for a good speed work session at my club tonight. I think the rest of the week will be followed by some consistent but fairly easy running in the lead up to the Lordshill 10 miler (in Southampton) on Sunday. Hopefully I can challenge my PB there weather permitting, etc. Again, this is another course which has PB potential on a good day.

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30/10/2012 at 16:25

Ok, well can't for the life of me remember what I said now so cracking on...

nosemi, yeah just get a foam roller and get cracking with the rolling. After a while start using a rolling pin for extra sadisticness.

Mr V, 6:00/m feeling moderately comfortable with nothing quicker in the legs recently isn't bad going at all. Still plenty of time before BM to get parkruns and 10kp stuff in.

wjh, frustrating GSR by the sounds of it, a slower start is ok but that slow must have been frustrating. 

And where's prf right now? Won't he have about 20,000 races to mention? 

Did 20/30/40 accelerations today then 3*150 in outs. Accelerations weren't timed but it feels like I'm picking up reasonably well right now, then 150 were split into 50 sprint/50 float/50 sprint and came out as 21.3, 21.4, 21.1. It does feel right now like I'm getting up to speed well (short hillsprints & plyos to thank for that I am sure) but the top-end stuff is lacking a little bit. 

30/10/2012 at 22:42

Evening all. Still catching up after the weekend's racing, so well done all, especially Minni for a great placing in the marathon.

I seem to be semi-permanently wondering whether I'm still getting over something or suffering from something new.  Started feeling quite snivvly late on Sunday, and generally a bit crap yesterday so didn't do anything strenuous.  Then today, 50/50 on whether I'd do anything but stubbornly went out for this evening's hill session anyway and it went OK.  CNBA taking any splits with my big gloves on - warm hands were more of a priority - but it was a repeat of the 5 x 4 hills over Hilly Fields we did four weeks ago, slightly quicker overall but mainly because of quicker jog recoveries.  Felt OK basically.  13.5M total, about 20 mins of fast uphill effort.

Don't know if anyone's about but I'm planning on another Dulwich parkrun this weekend.  Not sure I'll be in parkrun PB shape/mood but it's my last chance for a ''brick'' session along with some track cycling before the duathlon on Sunday week.

31/10/2012 at 10:37

Morning all!

It's quiet on here before 6 when Hilly's on half-term break!

Did the sprint session with the club last night, 3x500,4' then a 5' break followed by 3x250,3'.  Didn't pace the session well but got the 250s much better than the 500s.  Going to do the Oregon circuits this Thursday then switch to MD sessions, mostly because last night felt nothing like endurance.  That's decision number one sorted.  I'm going to try a few weeks of that with the third session of aspirational MP miles on the weekend, and if fatigue starts to hit hard I'll then decide whether to allow my effort level to determine MP, or just switch to two sessions with one of them MD and the second MP.

PP, I won't be at Dulwich this weekend.  But if you fancy coming down to Cwmbran for a 20k multi-terrain?  I figured it would be a nice way of doing a long run this weekend.  No racing, just splodging at a reasonable pace.

Duck, you can never get everything perfect at once, can you?  I can't at least.  How do you follow 50 float with 50 sprint?  Is your float decelerating?  If I did that I would be concerned that I was pushing into the ground, but it may be your definition of float.  Are you treating it as a bit of a rest?  I suppose it is if you're not lactated up to the eyeballs, but I treat float as what you do when you're maintaining top speed.  I could be completely wrong with that.  But I've never done that exercise.  (Neither have I started reading that site you pointed me to either, so I'm probably missing out!)

31/10/2012 at 16:50

Firstly, welcome from me to Nosemi and WJH. I'm one of the most recent joiners to this thread, and I've learnt a tonne from being part of it, so hopefully you will too.

I did my first run today since the abortive park run, and did 7m overall with 3m warm up, 3m tempo 1m cool down. The run went ok, but I think there's definitely something not quite right with my hamstrings / glute, as my right leg, just below my butt, is quite uncomfortable when I try and run at any kind of pace, and just feels like there's a big tight knot in the middle of the muscle. So, phone call needed to the sports massage lady... and I suspect it will hurt like hell when she gets her hands on me..

Until then I'm going to try and keep the miles ticking over at an easy pace, as that doesn't seem to aggravate anything.

Lots of great training going on as always - and happy Halloween to all
31/10/2012 at 19:40

Happy Halloween everyone, I hope I have been away long enough to not need to catch-up on past posts.

For those who are not friends with me on Facebook, I have quite a story for you to read that explains my sudden disapearance

8th October - I woke up with very painful swelling on my leg and could not walk on it.  My landlady and landlord that I am lodging with are both doctors who took a look at my leg and told me I had an infected abcess and had to go to A&E.   They gave me oral antibiotics to take.  I stayed at home (in Rickmansworth) and took the antibiotics.  Unfortunately they were not working and the swelling - which originated behind my knee - began to spread out and I had to go back to A&E. However, after being seen to by a doctor I was told I need to wait longer for the antibiotics to kick-in.

9th October - As I could not walk - or look after myself - my Dad drove up to take me home (in Cornwall).  I continued to rest and take the antibiotics in Cornwall, however the swelling continued to expand.  By the evening, the back of my leg was very badly swollen from the bottom of my calf to the top of my thigh. As it was clear the antibiotics were still not working, I was taken to a minor injuries clinic in my home town and was then told to go to the nearest hospital. My Dad and I went to hospital, where I was admitted and put on oral antibiotics.

10th October - Spent the day on oral antibiotics.  Doctor looked at my leg and believes it is some sort of insect bite - but we have no idea what it could of been as I never recall being bitten.

11th October - Had an operation to drain some of the fluid out of my infection to allow the antibiotics to circulate better.

12th October - I was allowed to go home and all I needed to do was take a full course of oral antibiotics.

13th October - In the morning I was going about my day and was pleased with the progress my leg had made as the swelling had started to improve.  However, I suddenly collapsed on the floor and could not get back up without the help of my Dad as I felt very dizzy and disorientated.  I had stroke symptoms - slurred speech, drooling, lost the use of my left arm and hand (which had gone completely numb) and had a headache on the right side of my head.  I was taken to the minor injuries clinic I mentioned and they arranged for a helicopter to take me to hospital (probably the only decent thing to happen out of all of this!). Later at hospital I had an MRI of my head and it was confirmed I had a stroke and was admitted into hospital.

14th - 19th October - This period consisted of having numerous tests and scans to try and figure out what had caused the stroke. Eventually, a hole in my heart was found - this is a birth defect known as an atrial septal defect. This hole means that any blood clots I receive have a possibility of traveling up to my head instead of going to the lungs, which would allow the clot to be dispersed with no trouble.  Hence, it is most likely that the huge amounts of swelling on my leg compressed my veins and caused a blood clot.  The unknown - until now - hole in my heart sent this clot up to my brain and caused the stroke.

20th - 25th October - During this time the doctors were deciding how best to proceed how to fix the hole in my heart and trying to measure it from images they had collected.  Fortunately, the hole was small enough to not need open heart surgery and it could be fixed by inserting a device.  This device is essentially a double-sided mushroom shaped plug (hope that makes sense) that fills the hole and allows cells to grow and cover up the hole.

26th October - I had my operation.  This involves making a s

31/10/2012 at 19:42

26th October - I had my operation.  This involves making a small cut on my right leg and inserting tubes and wires up my vein and to my heart to place the device in the hole. After waking up I was told everything had gone ok.

27th October - I had more scans in the morning to confirm the device had stayed in place and was let home. 

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31/10/2012 at 19:56
Oh dear Josh! Was only wondering today where you were. Your problems certainly make my Achilles woes pale into insignificance in comparison. I guess it helps with you being pretty fit. I trust you make a full and speedy recovery.

As for me, have had problems post-op, so much so that I had to make an emergency trip to see the consultant. And for the 3rd time the prostate investigation was postponed. 2 weeks since op and still in bed with leg elevated.

YP: that P&D thread looks really good, and a great place for both learning and further mutual support.

Get well Josh!
31/10/2012 at 20:24

Wow, Josh. I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself because I've come down with a chest infection. Hope you mend soon. You too, alehouse.

31/10/2012 at 20:32

Thanks both.  I will be back running on the 23rd of November and anticipate to be back at 90mpw in early February.

31/10/2012 at 20:45

Cripes Josh, as I read through I began to think it was a tarantula or snake bite!  Best of luck with your recuperation, take it easy.

Hope your luck (& health) turns soon Alehouse.

Congrats on the sub 70 WJH.

Nice session Duck.

7m on the treadie tonight with 6 x 1k @ 3:53 av.

31/10/2012 at 21:24
Josh - oh my goodness! Hope you are being well cared for, and don't rush back to running faster than is sensible.

Alehouse - sorry to hear of yet more post-op problems. To quote a D:ream song "Things can only get better"

Simon - sorry to hear you're poorly....
31/10/2012 at 22:32

Sorry to hear of everyone's ailments.  Speedy recoveries one and all.

Josh - That sounds like a very stressful episode of events. Take your time getting back to it, your health is more important than any specific running targets, although I do appreciate being able to run can help with your state of mind.

Ratzer - 20k multi-terrain sounds right up my street, but if I'm not running or cycling this weekend I'm either helping my dad transfer half the contents of his garden shed into a skip, or going to the dogs for a stag-do. 

Thought I'd report some end-of-month stats.  Bit annoyed to miss one of my target races through illness but all in all can't really complain.

Running miles: 189
Cycling miles: 187
Races: 2; PBs: 1


01/11/2012 at 08:25

Really sorry to read of your difficulties Josh.  Sounds quite scary, but glad they have sorted you out and found the cause of what could have been much more dangerous!  Get well soon and don't go thinking of being back at this or that mileage, just let your body ease back in slowly and build up!!

Alehouse - sorry to read of your continued woes too.  Sounds like you've had an awful time with all this.  Really hope things start improving for you soon!

No before 6am runs here for a little while, well a few more days anyhow  Had a lovely few days in Wales, researching, catching up with family, running my school xc course (not one bit off road) and letting my mind wander down memory lane.  So love the fresh Welsh mountainous air for running!

Off out in a bit to sample the fresh Yorkshire air in what looks like a cold, but sunny morning.

Happy running folk!

01/11/2012 at 08:29

Wow, Josh, I can only wish you the speediest of recoveries from what must rank as many of the worst days of your, and your family's, life.  When you do get back to fitness you'll be able to look back and go "I was there, and I made it!"

I went for a run this morning.

01/11/2012 at 09:13

Josh - Jeez that sounds like one hell of an ordeal. All the best with your recovery.

Alehouse - Sorry to hear things still arent going your way

Running chat seems a bit trivial now but 271 miles for the month for me which is the highest of the year so far. November and December should be a little higher still which should set me up nicely for 2013.

01/11/2012 at 09:13

Josh  ... get well soon. Must have been a hell of a scare for you and your family.

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