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07/11/2012 at 13:48

My WAVA-adjusted plank time is 12 minutes

Harsh session today that didn't go quite to plan  .... set off to repeat last week's 2x2.08M @ 10KP, with 3 min rests. Did the first set at a pace that was 11-12 s/m faster than last time (6:28/m, basically 5KP) and could feel my stomach tightening in the last 0.5M. I took a 4 min rest as I was really knackered ... then went again ... at 0.5M I realised I was running at the same pace ... first lap, yep, at 6:30/m ... but stomach started tigtening again after another 0.5M and, this time, it turned into a full-blown stitch. I cut out at about 1.8 miles. Took my 4 min rest but then finished off the last 2.08M at MP. So ... lesson of the day ... when attempting 2x2.08M @ 10KP .... don't do it at 5KP.

07/11/2012 at 14:20
Mr V - maybe the novelty of it being chip timed this year and strict numbers (600 for the senior race) persuaded people. I expect there will be some disappointed people who turn up on Sunday expecting late entry as usual - there would still have been EOD had the limit not been reached.

Re : Gosforth, yes, I'm going to give it a go. I'll wait until a bit closer to the day too enter so I can check the weather as it has been snowed/iced off for 2 out of 3 years. I also have to check how it fits in with all the XC and other things, I'm getting fully booked with weekends.

Dan - yes, 10k pace might have helped. I find i'm getting a lot more stitchy feelings lately, i wonder if the colder weather has any effect? I suspect I might have done the same on my interval session yesterday but it was only 8x400 so not to worry.

Minni - I'm definitely doing one next year. I would be worried that it will be too warm for a spring marathon so plan one for next autumn - not Newcastle. If things don't improve soon I'll have a think on things, but it could be like you have just done, not marathon specific training as such, but long LSR's and see if anything is available. I do want to do some HM's early next year. I also need to bear in mind I've spent the last two Jan - April/May injured :-/

Right, off for my second run before I get the kids. Doubles are harder when it is colder! It is much milder today compared to Sunday though.
07/11/2012 at 16:30

I'm not one to get many stitches - had a really really bad one near the end of the 2010 Abbey Dash which very nearly cost me my sub-40. I did get one in Saturday's parkrun, though nothing like today's gut-wrencher (mind you, I guess I deserved it seeing as I ran 6.2K at 5KP, albeit with a 4 min rest in the middle).

Edited: 07/11/2012 at 16:30
07/11/2012 at 16:45

Oof!  I can only remember the odd stitch when I started running regularly, possibly because I hadn't worked out quite how long I needed to let my food digest (or maybe it was something else.)

Neck still slightly sore today but at least I can turn my head!  Not sure what brought that on although I used to get it a little more frequently.  Should be good for an easy one this evening.

CP has given me a taste for the 10 milers now.  Anyone done the Maidenhead Easter 10?  It's on Good Friday, fits in nicely with pre-VLM plans and looks fast. Sub-50 winner last year, all of the top 10 getting a PB or SB and 40-odd runners under an hour.  Pencilled in!

07/11/2012 at 17:24

Kelly said...

Right, off for my second run before I get the kids. Doubles are harder when it is colder! It is much milder today compared to Sunday though.

They're even harder when done at 5.15am and again in the dark at night  I don't mind cold, but cold in the dark just seems worse.  All psychological though!

 Phil - glad the neck feels slightly better.  Sometimes a stiff neck can be down to virus too, well I've had one in the past connectd to virus   Planks - I used to be able to do 5 minutes planks, whereas now my arms are shaking after 1!    Hope nothing serious with the ankle Tom!   No running today - all part of letting my injury recover properly this time and as I did my first session for a long while last night I've decided to take today off.  Slowly but surely I will rebuild...
07/11/2012 at 18:18

Ah Phil, Maidenhead 10miler you ask. Until October last year, Maidenhead was the only 10miler I'd done,  5 times between 06 and 2011.

Good standard, is a big local hub event, and tides the Easter long weekend off well.

Course wise, you have a tedious first 3miles, where you basically loop the business park, and see the start and finish sign about 4times.

You have a couple of about turns around roundabouts too.

However, by about 4.5miles it turns into a really nice run, with the only real incline coming around 8miles or so over a bridge, and 3/4mile or so on dodgy ish gravelly ground.

All in all, it's a pb course. It'll be interesting to compare it to GSR and CP these days, bearing in mind I never broke 1hour at Maidenhead  yet have got into mid to low  57s now

2011 was especially gutting, as I'd hit 59.10 at 10miles at the Wokingham half, so thought beating 60:48 was a given at Maidenhead. However, a furiously hot day meant i actually came out around 40odd secs slower. Gutting.

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07/11/2012 at 19:18

Don't do it Phil - it was bloody shocking organistion this year...we got sent the wrong way, apparently we made it up (didnt wear a watch so cant comment)... loads missed the extra too. And collection on the day, not enough bogs and generally a bit crap. Think its a real victim of its success and has not scaled up well!

07/11/2012 at 19:32

Curly, it's been going about 60 years. I think you probably had the one year it went a little wrong. The field isn't that big, and it hasn't actually been upgraded any time recently...

My 5 years went smoothly. Organisation wise anyway!

As for must love xc races!

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07/11/2012 at 21:24

Curly - Hmmm... you've obviously had a bit of a shocker there, not surprised it's put you off.  However, not sure it's necessarily a sign off systematic disorganisation, so I'd be prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt.  We'll see.  I've already been charitable to the Brighton half marathon, assuming they'll triple-check traffic cone placement next year. 

Feeling in good taper mood at the moment.  Legs felt very strong this evening for 7 miles easy, 7:07/m, HR 128/63% max = 918 beats per mile, lowest since just before my 5,000m pb in September, so a good omen for Sunday's race.


07/11/2012 at 21:47

Brighton half was crap the year I did it too. Just saying. Maybe its me

07/11/2012 at 22:00
Phil - I ran Brighton in the year of the cone saga, and it was still a very nice race. Don't listen to Curly

9.5 miles for me tonight, with 4.5 miles @ 07:20/mile. This was meant to be 5 miles at sub 7 mins, but I was running home from work, was carrying a rucksack with laptop, work stuff, etc, and 07:20 felt hard enough, so not going to get hung up about it.....
07/11/2012 at 22:02

what was the cone saga by the way? Classic "short course" fare?

07/11/2012 at 22:03
Stevie - long course saga. 13.5 miles....
07/11/2012 at 22:13

Wow, covered a lot recently!  Planks, my WAVA adjusted time is about 30s.  Let's just say I don't do planks.  Actually I'm a little bit against them, on the principle that they don't move...

Stretching.  3 times a day, Stevie?  That's good, if two of them are just recovering after runs, and the other is a bit more serious.  I think that generally people aren't flexible enough, but there is a balance.  Plyometrics, for example, and static stretching would seem to be at odds with each other.  With plyometrics you need to get the quickest return out of your soft tissue, whilst with stretching you're trying to ensure that things flex enough rather than breaking.  Even pre-race you're trying to warm things up without overstretching, so that you get the best elastic return.  It's a balance I don't think anyone has properly figured yet, except perhaps for themselves.

What else have you been up to?  PP, looking good for the weekend.  Tom, I think you're right about the short, sharp injuries, so let's hope it's just a short, sharp one.  For a moment I considered the Maidenhead 10, then realised I'm in France that week, in the snow.  A snowy holiday four weeks before a marathon - does it count as the start of the taper?

Last night was good at the track.  Took the 550 and the 450 slow, the 350 medium, then started running in the 250, and ran three quick 150s where I stuck with the zippynippies.  Felt out of it still at the start following Sunday's frolics, but warmed up to it all.  Bit stiff this morning, but eased up through the day and cranked out a slow 10 this evening in about 84 mins, which was fine given it was a bit rolling.

Things felt a lot better today.  Work isn't getting on top of me as much as it has been recently.  But there's change in the air...

08/11/2012 at 09:21

Ratzer, it's more strengthening/stretching in fairness. But even still i'd never describe myself as flexible! If this is how things sit at 31, 41 is going to be hard work!

YP, at least it wasn't short, and you could actually legitimately claim to have run a half marathon.

08/11/2012 at 09:40

Hilly – Kudos for getting up at 5.15am to run. That’s something I can’t ever see myself doing, as much as I love running I don’t love it that much

Phil – Looking good for the weekend then

Kelly – I’ve pre entered Gosforth now..just in case! Also just paid up for my deferred GNR entry. That’s £50 I didn’t want to spend right now!

Fartlek session with the club last night. Included 8 reps of around 450 amongst other things. Doesn’t really fit with current training but wanted to get the legs turning over before Sunday. Think it’s pretty much the first time I’ve seen 5:xx pace since July!

08/11/2012 at 14:32

Stevie, 41 is hard work.  And along the lines of what I was muttering about above, I think 41 is just past the point where you concern yourself with springy stiffness and start concerning yourself more about being flexible enough to shrug off the trips, twists and falls.  I only wish I could practise what I preach...

Always remember that hydration is a major component of flexibility  Lots of your fascial tissue is mucosal - your muscles slide around in lubricating layers of snot.  Is it easier to snort out wet snot, or the dry bogeys that have stuck to your nose hairs?  Just the way I picture it and force myself to drink enough!  

A bit over 4m at lunchtime today, recovery.  Probably too long a recovery for Simon, but it was all very slow.  Considering the MD session tonight as the sprint session is a short, fast one.  Feeling a little bit overdone at the moment, but Saturday will be a full day off due to other events, and Monday always is, so recovery is planned in.  I think I'm feeling overdone because of both the Sunday run, and the switch from doubles to longer singles on some days.

08/11/2012 at 15:49
Stevie - the fact that Brighton was long also means my HM PB should be relatively soft

Ratzer - I agree that 41 is tough. These young whippersnappers like Stevie dont know how lucky they are to have youth still on their side, do they? Also, thanks a lot for the snot and bogey analogy

8.5 easy miles for me today, pootling into the office.
08/11/2012 at 16:17

What's all this about 41 then??  When I get out of bed in 7 months and one day's time, won't I be able to touch my toes any more?    I think I'm reasonably flexible for my age ("for my age" - oh god!) but try not to take anything for granted.  I tend to have a reasonable round of stretches after each session.  Used to concentrate mainly on quads and calves but do a bit more on hammies and glutes as well now, especially with the cycling which seems to make different bits tighter.

Just had a guilt-free mid-afternoon bowl of cereal.  I'll be racing for nigh-on (hopefully) 3 hours on Sunday, which is definitely into carb-load territory I reckon.  That's the best bit of any endurance taper really isn't it - eating. 

08/11/2012 at 16:32

28 steady miles this week so far, thats a lot for me! Im trying to get some base as we used to call it in cycling terms (maybe the same here to). So just running with no speedwork unless i race and there is only 1 at the moment. Hopefully i will be able to up the mileage over winter then start speedwork again in new year.

I do karate which i feel helps keep me supple, I can easily touch my toes or even get my palm on the floor after some warming up.. dont reckon my plank would last long, buy i shall time it and see could be embarsaing 


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