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19/11/2012 at 08:51

Curly - Dewsbury rolled over from last year?

19/11/2012 at 08:57

Wasnt it cancelled this year? I'm sure it said something about that when we looked at it...


19/11/2012 at 09:14

It was indeed cancelled due to a huge dumping of snow the evening before.

But we ran it 4 weeks later in perfect conditions.

19/11/2012 at 09:27

Curly - Fantastic effort, that's a massive chunk to take off your PB!

Minni - Yes I'll be there. Kelly and Dan are both planning on doing it as well I think.

Simon - Hope things pick up for you soon. Although it never feels like it at the time the fitness won't take that long to return once you can train fully.

19/11/2012 at 09:40

 Prf/Hilly, i wasn't suggesting a race of that level was short! That'd cause outrage looking at the ilk of the front runners!

Just amazed a guy who's already down to 30.45ish can suddenly take 40secs off. He's an amazing runner though, and clearly those types can find extra when surrounded by similar quality.

Curly, Chichester sounds well worth the drive, similar quality field.

I've done a 10k which has been won by a 30min man before, but can't really say the field was amazing as I came 10-12th (can't quite recall...) Haven't done an immense quality field before...hopefully next sprint tho...

19/11/2012 at 09:43

 ... just lost a long post, including a long read-back review and race report!!!  (swearing profusely at the moment). Arse.

The short version. Well done everyone. I ran 40:27 at the Abbey Dash.


I might come back (if the computer survives).



19/11/2012 at 09:53

Curly - Only newbies knock 8 mins off HM PBs!    That's a cracking time, nice one.  See you at Reigate.

Well done to the Abbey Dashers.  Seems like a good "come-back" race all round.

Simon - I can remember the frustration of thinking you're 100% well until you try to run!  I think you've got the right idea with your plan.  When I'm way off form temporarily I'll either run by feel or just have HR showing on the Garmin and use this for tempo sessions till the figures start looking a little better.  You can always reserve the right to get back to a much more structured, prescriptive plan later down the line.

19/11/2012 at 09:55

Well done Curly. A stunning pb, and well deserved.

Good all out effort Duck, and congrats on the PB. Sub 18 will come...

Nice Abbey Dashing (I can't work out if Dr Dan is unhappy with computer, his time, or both!), good to see that Hilly and PRF are on the comeback.

Just logged my first 40+ mile week since June, which included both a speedwork session and a tempo run. I just need to make the speed faster and the tempo longer. The tempo suggests that I'm back to sub 45 10k shape, which is good, and hopefully I'll be back to where I was in June sooner rather than never!

19/11/2012 at 10:02

Stevie – the Abbey Dash is a fast course but nothing out of the ordinary. It’s the quality of the field + conditions that helps. As NOSEMI says his buddy (Mike App I presume) came 100th in low 33s, says it all really.
I had a look at results and spotted a few names around my standard, a local rival/friend who I beat at the Redcar Half (it was his PB that day as well as mine) ran 34:58 yesterday coming around 200th, another guy I have comfortably beaten over A couple of races this summer ran 35:3x yesterday. I wish I had entered earlier and got myself a spot!

Nice neg splitting prf, interesting what you say about the National Trust getting involved in parkrun. NOSEMI get your club to set one up at Studley Royal (though that could be English Heritage, I forget)

Nosemi – good run that, get entered into Dewsbury and get a 36:xx in the bag. Dewsbury is a similar course to the AD just a smaller event, still plenty fast boys and girls at the sharp end though.

Curly – fantastic performance yesterday, really well done, good progressive splits as well, I like that

MINNI – I am up in the North East visiting in laws and what-not this weekend, so thought I had better enter the Norman Woodcock while I was up.

Kelly – good stuff, weekends like that will have you firing on all cylinders before you know it. What your next big target, Brass Monkey? Cant remember if you got a spot or not.

Good to see you reporting progress on the walking Alehouse.

Mr V –
top mileage that man, interesting to see how you get on next weekend. Oh and I don’t think MINNI knows my real name, well she does now!

I am sure running up and down Box Hill will whip you into shape YP

as I said on bookface that was a good solid marker to put down. A very good conversion from the 5k the week before.

Simon – sounds like a decent plan. Taking the pressure off and running as and when might help with recovery. Fingers crossed for you.

Another good solid marker Dr Dan, certainly shows you are moving in the right direction, looking forward to the report.

Good work on the miles and double session CB.

I got in another 8 miles @ 7:36/m last night to bring up the 60+ miles for the week. Happy that I felt so spritely after a couple of hard runs on Friday and Saturday, it seems my recovery powers are improving.

19/11/2012 at 10:17

YD, sounds an incredible race. And always a bit frustrating when you see what your peers have done at a race you planned to do.

Just thinking about Curly's 8 min pb a bit Phil said, that really is startling this far in ! I took 7mins off once...that was from half marathon 1 to half marathon 2, the races being a month apart!

If I took 8mins off now, I'd still be a good 5mins slower than the 30.02 chap!

Edited: 19/11/2012 at 10:18
19/11/2012 at 10:17

I think I found the last WAVA table ... some serious up-dating required.


Calculator here: 

84.00% PhilPub (5K, 16:15, August)
82.20% PRF (HM, 1:18:41, September)
81.43% BR (5K, 17:01, August)

78.83% Simon (4'26.73, August)
78.02% Duck (800m, 2'09.65, August)
77.71% SG, (10M, 57:09, October)
77.41% Wardi (5k, 19:51, October)
76.18% Ratzer (200m, 27.55, August)
75.58% YD (5K, 17:16, September)
73.52% Dr.Dan (10K, 40:27, Novmeber) 
70.78% Curly (5M, 34:12, September)

Out of date:
87.54% RobT (5K 16:27, July)
80.91%  Hilly (5K 20:14, July)
79.15% forever (5K, 20:41, July)
72.88% Mr V (5K, 17:42, July)
70.17% YoungPup (5k, 19:36, July)
68.70% Darola (5K, 20:48, July) 

19/11/2012 at 10:24

So next month my August time becomes ineligible, and my WAVA score will fall, for a quicker time over the same distance.  (5k/5000m)  This is an outrage!

19/11/2012 at 10:27

Cheers YD, Just looked at Dewsbury and put it on the calender! 

BM is my next pb attempt, I knew i wasnt fit enough yesterday to pb but its great to be heading in the right direction again. Have you been hurting yourself?

Mike App had a great run, He did the parkrun the day before and so really suprised himself with a pb and a good amount off to.

Studley Wouldnt be great for a parkrun as too hilly i feel, But i bet there would be a good course within fountains abbey. 

19/11/2012 at 10:51

YD - I reckon your secret identity is safe as long as your surname remains under wraps! I promise not to tell . If conditions are good for Saturday I plan on heading out at 5.59 pace. My 5 mile PB is pretty soft (30.02) so its possible that I might just sneak under that if I have a good one. My 10k last weekend only suggests 30.40 so I'll need another good chunk of fitness to have returned though. Promising on the recovery front from you. Should stand you in good stead for your marathon campaign.

Dan -  Look forward to reading the report when computer plays ball. Sounds like a pretty decent time though.

Chubby - Good to see you back and cracking out decent mileage.

19/11/2012 at 10:53

Ha ha well it was over 2 years since I had been in pb shape for a half... 4 mins a year isnt that much really (although to the time before the previous 1:41 had been 1:56 so I took 15 mins off then). I dont really like halfs so I only run one or two a year! Not doing one in the build up to Brighton but may look for one after depending on how that goes.

YD sounds like you are really getting back into training again! Nice to recover well and feel up for more miles, consildate though rather than pushing too hard...

CB ahh good to see you back A good solid base is 40 miles a week.

Looking forward to seeing you Phil on Saturday. Am thinking it will be quite tough if we get the predicted amount of rain this week. And its laps urgh.

19/11/2012 at 11:45

Not been hurting myself NOSEMI, why do you ask? Yes Studley is hilly, that’s why I think it would be a good parkrun, some of those hills are great fun to run up. I enjoyed tackling them on the Ripon 10 earlier this year. There are plenty fast parkruns about, its good to have a mix with some tough ones about.

Stevie – a little frustrating yes, but plenty of opportunities for me to put a marker down over the next few months.

Curly – training has been mostly decent for a while, with only the odd break for cold sore throat etc. Though not to worry I am having a cut back next two weeks (with a couple of races thrown in ) before kicking on with Brass Monkey training.
Mr V – sounds like a good target, I would have thought its doable for you as long as conditions play ball. As for finding out my name, any self respecting running stalker can find out who I am using Power of 10 within a few minutes. In fact wasn’t that one of the laws that was laid down last week?

19/11/2012 at 11:47

  What YD said way up there in that post that said everything.  Special mention to Curly on that HM!  All the rest of you are simply good and getting great results from your excellent training.

Been struggling a little with the edge of lurgy.  12 miles on Friday seemed ok, but next morning 3m was impossible.  Left the rest of Saturday clear to see how Sunday would be but felt throat grating a little on Saturday night.  Iffy on Sunday morning so popped pills and went to run a club local league xc, ending up with exactly the same position as the first one of the season, and a decent sprint finish this time, but one club peer was uncatchable which wasn't the case a few weeks ago and said something wasn't on top form.  Felt poor last night so gave recovery a miss, and feeling about 90% today.  Think today'll be a rest too.  Nothing long or hard, anyway.

Edited: 19/11/2012 at 11:47
19/11/2012 at 12:13
Y D wrote (see)

Not been hurting myself NOSEMI, why do you ask? 

I thought i read you Dns a race cos of an injury... Cant find it now though so i poss made it up or had jumped back a while on the forum. Good to hear anyway.

19/11/2012 at 12:24

See I've been removed from WAVA  table

I do have an 87.45% from 22 August Urenco 5K if that counts?

Sorry not been posting picked up a hip flexor injury 3 weeks ago and have only been running steady for last 5/6 days MRI scan results due this Friday!!

Haven't kept upto date as feeling sorry for myself and reading about people's exploits makes me feel like a moaner!!

I don't like burdening people with my problems I'm obviously just getting old and push a little hard at times!

Curly just read back a little excellent PB well done


Edited: 19/11/2012 at 12:34
19/11/2012 at 13:03

Phil I'd lke to be sympatetic over your WAVA situation ... but it's way too high, so I'm not.

YD (who is he anyway?) seems to have replaced many of the the sentiments of my thread review comments that vanished ... I had read back further, so it included Duck's fast parkrun and PhilP's duathlon .

Been very busy and have been out of touch with the thread ... in fact I barely managed to run last week! Took Sat off as usual, then missed my LSR on Sun ... then was too busy to run on Mon and Tues ... a terrible 5M run on Wednesday and another missed run on Thurs got me to the point of despair. This was not ideal race prep!Another 5M on Friday with two 0.5M sections at something approaching 10KP woke the legs up but I wasn't feeling sharp at all. Given the lack of significant improvement over 5K, being 6lb heavier than the summer and the general poor mileage this year (30 mpw average over the past 6 months), I knew that sub-40 was not going to happen ... getting home at midnight on Saturday didn't help my confidence either.

However ... on Sunday morning I felt okay. Warmed up with JnrDan (he was entered for the junior 2K - basically the first and last km of the senior race) ... legs were okay and conditions perfect, so I decided that sub-41 was perhaps possible. During warm up we ran down the ramp to the A65, under the bridge, and then back up to the finish ... I was trying to give Jnr at feel for the incline and where to push on etc. Turned out to be worthwhile as he came up the hill in 5th (I shouted "Podium - go!!!") and he started working ... I cut the corner and managed to see him move into 4th and then take 3rd just before the line. No podium though, as only 1st place got called up ... but good gutsy effort at 6:13/m.

I jumped the barrier near the start to avoid having a 20min walk to the start line (7000+ runners!) ... landed in a place close to the "Barnsley 3", so knew I needed to move back towards to slower runners. I had planned to give my Chester marathon long-sleeved top to my son but he'd vanished, so had to tie it to a barrier and hope it was there later. Then we were off...

I had just stop watch and HRM today, so had no idea of the "live pace" ... went off comfortably, expecting a fast 1st km due to taking the ramp down to the A65. Turned out to be 3:48, so as expected.  Next km is very flat ... 3:52, oops, time to slow down. 3rd km at 4:10 ... more like it. At this stage I was feeling very comfortable ... ticked along and got to 5K in 19:57. Two years ago, I was at 19:50 at this stage and abolutely determined to break 40 min ... this time I was convinced sub-40 was not on the cards and just didn't have the drive or gears to mainatin or lift the pace. In fact, as I got to 5K, I got a nasty pain in my right kidney area ... the though crossed my mind that it was all about to go pear-shaped ... but after another 0.5K it passed. Phew. At 7K I was only 3 seconds outside 40 pace but knew there was the ramp to come. I needed to speed up but, instead, I was gradually slowing ... no distress or pain, just an inability to find another gear... so, 40:27 in the end.

Edited: 19/11/2012 at 13:07
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