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25/11/2012 at 10:08

Nice to see you yesterday YD, Mr V & Kelly.

I'd just had a week off with a chest infection and wasn't sure whether to do it or not but I am trying to do more shorter races to help my training (thanks to you guys!).  I hadn't raced a 5m before and knew whatever the finish time I would work harder for that 5m that I would on my own.   I managed not to cough until the end to didn't need to stop although I really felt it in the last mile.  35:11 and third V40.

I can't tell you how much hate racing anything under HM but needs must so I might head to Blyth Sands next Saturday for a 5m handicap on the beach.

Well done to the others, cracking times from all three and Kelly that was a great result for you.  

edit: Kelly you must have run at least 16 yesterday and you're fitting another in today - I'd put my feet up!


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25/11/2012 at 10:17

Nice racing from Mr V, Minni and Kelly - and good to see PRF has finally decided to put a little bit of effort in

I attempted a parkrun yesterday with little YP, but he was full of cold, and I don't think his heart was in it, as he decided to stop halfway round because he had a sore tummy and chest, so we didn't finish....

Did 18 miles this morning with the dog though, and really enjoyed the run. All slow, aerobic miles, with average heart rate of 134bpm (70% max, or 60% WHRR).

Happy LSR's everyone 

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25/11/2012 at 13:06

Great racing from Kelly, Mr V and Minni

Kelly you must be so plesed to be back into pb territory!

Well done on the long run YP nice Hr for that distance.

I know Philpub had a bit of a goodun yesterday too...

So South of The Thames XC - 2 laps of priory park in Reigate, apparently 5 miles, but 5.15 by more than a few garmins so well over, hilly and a serious bog fest. I Was pleased they had recommended spikes because the front of the path look okay but when we got into the woods on the warm-up lap there was no traction to be had.

Switched to spikes and joined the ranks, took the first corner easy onto the steep grass bank and settled into a nice position, then turned the second corner into the twisty narrow uphill section and just starting passing when I could. This was pretty good for me as it kept me in check in the first few miles. Clubmate came past then remembered she is recovering from a knee injury so she eased off and let me pass again. I was from then on in, leading the charge for the club, gaining places on the up hill and (in a change for me), not losing any on the downs.

Hit the end of the first lap and back up on the banking and just had wibble jelly legs! Lost some time here, and was seriously thinking 'Oh god another 2.5 miles to go', but somehow the next hill bought the legs back and sped up again. Got told I was 15th, then promptly passed by a woman. Well I wasnt having that so took her on the big hill and extended a bit of lead on the hill top into the wind. Last downhill to go before the grass section finish, I knew she was catching me but I was just able to hold her off and put in a little sprint for 38:09. First for my club of our 8 (5 woman, 3 men).

Mud was shin deep in places and I was glad I had tied my spikes up very tightly so it was never going to be fast (nearly 4 minutes slower than my 5m in September), but tracing some form lines through those around me suggests good things. Pretty pleased, but not really sure where it leaves me for next weeks women's XC...

No long run today as its an ease back week - just 6 to do shortly

25/11/2012 at 13:34

A lovely run this morning 20+ miles in lots of wind, but going on the trail did protect us from some of it.  The flooding was interesting and fun though  Did the last 2 miles in 7:18 and 6:47 ish for a strong finish.  Then back home to serve up a cooked breakfast for BR, PRF and another friend and myself - just what Sunday mornings are for!

25/11/2012 at 13:38

YP - sorry the little lad didn't feel up to it - it was pretty cold yesterday and not the day for running if not feeling well!  Well done on the long run this morning.

Nice racing Curly, Mr V and Minnie.

25/11/2012 at 14:04

Well raced Curly, Kelly, Mr V, Minnie...and look forward to reports from YD  and Phil. I saw PRF's improved performance too!

Nice long runs from the Barnsley contingent and YP.  Merely a SSW (short slow walk) here: on the other hand it was a post Achilles longest (1.25K) and fastest (just under 15 minutes). Felt I could do more, but am not going to be tempted.

Curly: don't worry about times on cross country or off road races, apart from perhaps how far ahead/behind rivals you are. I always think cross country is a team sport, so it is position that counts. So a good run relative to rivals! Well done.

25/11/2012 at 14:54

Alehouse - I think its just hard as I dont have any rivals at the moment, except Magpie who wasnt feeling on top form yesterday and who had just been told his run didnt count (s not enough men turned up) so didnt run full out so I couldnt compare my result. Must find some of the female variety! Especially as the women's XC is next week...

Anyway 7 done as our usual 6.8 route is flooded.

Nice lsr Hilly hope the breakkie was good refueling!

25/11/2012 at 15:00

Curly: I guess most of the runners around you yesterday are fairly regular/serious runners (not many "fun" runners do cross country!) so you can have fun stalking their performances on Power of 10!

25/11/2012 at 15:18

cripes, my post xc race addled tiny brain can hardly make sense of all the stuff over the last 2 pages, but i'll try!

Kels, 30secs off is always a delicious chunk, great pb!

Alehouse, sounds like you're at least in the right direction, with the short distance being doable, here's to that continuing nicely in good health.

Curly, first home from the club! Nice effort! Do like a good little race report. Are you like me, with sheer paranoia about making sure the laces are done very tightly before boggy races? I lost a shoe last series, and lost the bottom of one at another.

Hilly, a 20 is monumental at any time Hats off, but you're probably thinking that's standard!

Mr V,  sub 30 5miler, is a nice little benchmark, and by the tone of your post not even your best?


As for me, a better sunday than the DNS at Gosport last week. Wasn't sure if it'd be niggly or more in keeping with the recent 10milers Luckily it was the latter.

Pleased to get home in 5th out of a good field of 250-300 ish, and beat all the key people i wanted to.

Our club has a really top guy, 32ish 10k man, so the real race within the club is 2nd. Managed to make that my own, and leave them to contest 3rd in a gang of 4

Put this on my fb too, but the most ridiciulous moment in any race I've ever done came 3miles in. I saw a big puddle, but thought, I hadn't heard the 4 in front splash much, and the steward standing a meter behind it didn't say anything, so I'll just smash through.

Went up to my NECK, had to SWIM out for a couple of motions, and was soacked to the core. I realised just how thin those Walsh XC trainers really are. And let's not even talk about how cold skin tight lycra cycling shorts are when fully wet.

Good fun tho

25/11/2012 at 15:20

Oh yes! I did enjoy doing that... but they are all a bit faster than me on the road. I do seem to run a bit better at XC or more that my decline is less than others.

25/11/2012 at 15:22

Fantastic racing Stevie

25/11/2012 at 15:26
Laptop went up in smoke this morning so not sure how this will post.

Alehouse - Good to see those pbs still advancing. Are there noticable improvements to the achilles eg less pain, more flexibility etc?

Curly - Sounds like you had fun in the mud yesterday. XC is a good opportunity to get your racing head on and get involved in some head to head combat and psycological warfare Good for just basically getting toughened up but times mean nothing. You' ll be seen as club xc queen now, maybe its your niche?

Minni/Kelly/YD/Mr V - A very impressive set of 5 mile pbs landed yesterday which reminded me that I really need to have a decent crack at a 5 miler. As a result it probably looks like I'll be doing the Hartlepool 5 next April dressed in a monkey suit. Apparently I will then have to serve 12 months as mayor of Hartlepool....

2 weeks ago did a 12 mile run that started off slow and got progressively slower until I couldnt even shuffle at 12 mins/mile.

Therefore the only aim of today's 13 miler was to try to feel strong towards the end. Off an avge pace of 7:56/mile the last 2 miles were lifted to 7:18 and then 6:27. A perfect session for this stage of the game
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25/11/2012 at 18:22

alehouse - onwards and upwards.  Looking forward to you being in good health and running strong, nothing you don't deserve.

A great thread 5 miler yesterday, well done to Kelly, Mr V and Minni.  Where's YD?

Very nice mileage from Hilly, prf and YP.

Stevie - That sounds like a mighty XC performance.  Did anyone get the 'puddle' incident on film?  Sounds like a cracker.

Curly - well done yesterday, great run on a proper old XC course.

I woke up feeling a bit pants, with another head cold.  Would've pulled out if it hadn't been a team race, and was dreading having an awful experience, but had a good one in the end. Settled into the pace a few places behind a couple of b group team mates, got briefly overtaken by the first female in the first mile but took her back going down hill and never saw her again.  Phew.    I usually run relatively stronger up than down but felt that my lungs were more of a limiting factor, possibly due to the cold, so legs felt strong going downhill which is where I made up a few places through the race, a good sign that I wasn't going to experience the dreaded fade.  Had a spurt on the last downhill to take one more place and clock a 5:40 final full mile - total 31:30 - and finished in 15th overall, 6th scorer for the club.  Our 4-to-score came 2nd team but we packed so well that the B team, 5 - 8, came 3rd.  So a nice little bronze medal to show for my team heroics.    Ran 15 very easy ones today, first half of which was real jogging pace on grass with a training partner coming back from injury, 8:07/m average for a pleasant time-on-feet run.  Actually my nose was running quicker than I was. 

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25/11/2012 at 19:08

thankfully not Phil.

The marshall was too busy acting dopey to think to film it!  When your marshalling point is basically "a big puddle", probably one of the first few things you'd think is, I might test how deep this is, and warn people who might not have much time to make a decision running at 6min miling round a corner towards it

your club sound epic quality if you're a mere 6th!

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25/11/2012 at 19:57

So much going on!

Kelly for the PB - it's coming back quickly for you.

Mr V and Minni well raced.

Curly brilliant result. Well done and it sounds quite fun.

Stevie actually did laugh out loud at your post! Well done with the result.

Phil nice medalling and well toughed out.

A gentle club run for me this morning. I'm hoping tomorrow's early morning speedwork isn't as disastrous as last week's!

25/11/2012 at 20:54
Minni - yeah, it has been a heavy week, 70 miles! It was horrendous weather this morning so capped it at 14. Easy week next week though so looking forward to it. Coming up to a busy time with kids activities.

You ran an excellent time, especially after a chest infection. I think you were a bit like me - didn't really want to do it but thought it might be of benefit later.

Curly - I seem to recall not so long ago that you "didn't do mud". Sounds like XC is your thing, it definitely makes you work harder to keep with/overtake rival clubs than in a road race.

Stevie - nice position. I remember a couple of winters ago running through 8 inch snow in the dark and that I was about to go through a muddy patch of snow... it wasn't snow, but ice cold water. That certainly resulted in a sharp intake of breath.

Phil - always good to get a medal.

PRF - big improvement, 12m/m sounds painful. I'm planning on doing Hartlepool next year, although not in a monkey suit :P

Hilly - 20m finishing at that pace can't be sniffed at.

YP - I'm shocked at your HR. I think I could get up to that just by walking fast. I've never been able to run by HR, gets pretty high, I think I am a freak!

Chubby - early morning and speedwork wouldn't go together in my world. I am so not a morning person.
25/11/2012 at 22:03

A great weekend of racing it seems. Well done everybody. SG, you poor sod. Wish I'd seen it though.

25/11/2012 at 22:36

Thought I had better, pop in and do a quick report on my race from Saturday, I will read back and comment on all your exploits shortly!

As has been said I ran the same 5 mile race as Mr V, Minni and Kelly. As this was my first 5 mile race my plan was to go off at perceived 10k effort and try to wind it up. The race didn’t really work out that way, but I am happy with the way it panned out none the less.
My splits were 5:35, 5:44, 5:43, 5:43 and 5:34 (5:32 on watch) for a finish time of 28:20 (not the 28:18 originally advertised on bookface, I think I stopped my watch before the finish, in my defence the finish line wasn’t all that clear and I saw others do the same later)
So average pace of 5:40/mi, on a fairly quick 3 lap course, but it’s not as flat as billed with some fairly rough stony bits and loads of pot holes to dodge. Though, the course does flow very nicely with no corners, any bends are pretty gradual, so you were able to tap out a decent rhythm. For those that know the Leeds parkrun course I would say in hilliness terms it’s on a par with that but without the corners, so a tad faster than that.

Anyway, the race itself was quite a good one; it seemed to be all club runners in a field of about 250. At the start line I noticed loads of youngsters, so made a mental note not to bomb off early doors. It turned out to be a good ploy, after about 0.25m I estimate I was in around 40th position, so just settled into a nice rhythm and started to work my through the field.
After 1 lap I was coming up behind a lady runner and some shouted to her that she was 4th lady. I soon went by her and started to make up some more places. After another half mile or so I was catching up to the third placed lady. At the back end of each lap you had the uphill drag, it was here I was able to make my biggest gains as I think I am pretty decent going uphill, at the top of the climb at the end of the 2nd lap I was in a little group with a young lad from Newcastle Uni XC club (who incidentally kept on farting throughout the race!!! ) and the 3nd placed lady. We swapped places quite a bit in the 4th mile with the 3rd placed lady only dropping off me and the lad from Newcastle Uni on the last climb uphill. On this climb me a the lad made up about 5 more places including overtaking the 2nd placed lady but alas the lad must have had too much afterburner power (or fart power) for me and I wasn’t able to take him down on the sprint finish. I am particularly pleased with the 5:35 last mile considering it mostly uphill, albeit a gentle climb.

My finish position was 27th with the 1st lady 12 seconds on front of me, just goes to show the quality of the field for a small race and particularly the ladies field. The overall winner ran 25:30.

25/11/2012 at 22:43

Me chasing fartypants at the finish -



25/11/2012 at 23:06

Alehouse, I admire your positive attitude, well done on the comeback PB.

As I said to you yesterday Mr V, you looked in control at the end, I reckon you will be running that pace and a bit quicker over 10k pretty soon.

Good comeback effort Kelly, sorry I didn’t see you after the race I did shout you at the finish.

Minni – another good race, this autumn has been decent for you I think.

8/15 or 4/15 combo looks like the smart choice(s) to me Duck

Good news on the MRI Rob, good hill session as well, don’t push it too hard though!

prf – I am sure the upswing will start moving up pretty steeply now, you seem to be back amongst the miles again and the parkrun times are coming down nicely, next weeks 10 miler might just be decent!

Shame about the parkrun YP, but excellent mileage all the same.

Curly – prf could be right, XC could be your forte. Good racing!

Excellent mileage Hilly, confidence must be returning now?

Stevie – loving the multi sporting, never had you down as a swimmer
Sounds like great fun, and pretty well toughed out, I imagine it was pretty cold after your dip?

Excellent snotty nose running Phil, good character building stuff that.

I have no idea how you do speedwork so early CB, I can manage an easy run at that time but nothing fast

Hows the treadmill/cross training going Simon?

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