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04/12/2012 at 14:22

Hilly yes I got up at 6:30 - my work was 12-7, its a bit different these days as I rarely work earlies. Which means in general i get a lie-in, except I am doing 11-3 the next two Sundays so will have to get up even earlier

Great XC from Wardi - its amazing how all the fasties come out for XC isnt it!!

what did you wear for the frozen ground? Enjoy the curry later.

Interesting thoughts Alehouse - I havent yet bought doubles back in, keep thinking about but a lie-in keeps winning. I think I have about 3-4 weeks needed of further recovery time before I will want to do them. Its amazing how exhausting the 4 hour commute was on top of working, running and cycling!

Anyway looks like another 50+ mile week so I'll aim to keep there for a while and see how it goes down.

Possible interest this Saturday in my first proper silverware... nothing is certain of course and it depends who turns out, and how I feel and if I want to go for it...

04/12/2012 at 20:25

Curly.. just some Nike off-road shoes in the end.  It wasn't slippery in truth, apart from the odd frozen puddle.  I had asked pre-race if spikes were a good idea and was told no.  Turned out to be good advice as the forest trails were pretty firm, even more so due to the cold!

Good luck with the pot hunting, is this XC?

04/12/2012 at 21:32

Wardi – sounds like an excellent race and nice to read that you got to wave  at your old man. I always thought you were a Geordie though?

Stevie – no my PBs are a mixed bag now. The recent 5 mile (28:20) and 10 mile (59:15) times are in line, 5k (17:16) might be ready to come down a bit but isn’t too far out of line, HM (81:06) is soft and 10k pb (36:50) has the same average pace as my 10 mile PB, so is ridiculously soft.
The Brass Monkey Half in Jan and the Dewsbury 10k in Feb will, weather permitting give me excellent opportunities to get them in line.

Impressed with the weekends training volume Curly

Hope the stress stuff backs off Mr V, training sounds like it’s going well.

Good improvised training yesterday Duck

Interesting point on doubles Alehouse

Thanks for all the well done messages everyone, still pretty pleased with myself though there has been no running for me since Sunday, living it up and eating bad food at the moment, I will get back to it before the week is out I reckon.  Need to start ramping up the midweek and weekend long runs pretty soon.

I spotted Terry Lonergan’s blog on the Guy’s 10 mile race on Sunday. Terry’s blog is always worth a read. Oh I had some of the cheese he mentions in the blog, it is lovely!

04/12/2012 at 21:41

YD:  I always enjoy Terry's blog too. At one point I enjoyed PRF's...! I gave up reading after the Chester marathon though ! Well done again on Sunday: did you have any reaction to it, legs-wise? If not, you could have gone faster!! YOu have two very good races planned: let's hope conditions are favourable.

04/12/2012 at 22:05

It will resume again shortly, Alehouse, but the weeks of getting fatter and less fit can be caught up on pretty quickly in one sentence probably.

I remember that 1983 York 10 that Terry mentions. In fact as a historical footnote, it was my first ever 10 miler at 17 years old.

I ran just over 61 minutes and finished outside the top 400. Now theres a stat - try finding a 10 miler where you can do that now.

And the man speaks sense, a Garmin is there to record NOT dictate!

YD - You deserve a few days off, enjoy! In fact now would be a good time to repost photo comparisons - chubby rock diver vs 59:15 10 mile runner!

Wardi - Nice story and sounds like an enjoyable race.

Curly - Eyeing up silverware in advance, eh? Best get the Duraglit ready!


10.0 miles @ 9:27/mile this evening. All on course to take YD down at Dewsbury, 35:xx or bust

04/12/2012 at 22:13

PRF: do you have the results to the 1983 York 10? I have a feeling I ran around it in 61 minutes with this athlete:
this athlete

It may have been 1981/2 though!


04/12/2012 at 22:17

No, I havent got the results unfortunately. It is just one of those memorable races that you tend to remember in some detail.

04/12/2012 at 22:22

Alehouse – usual stiffness on Monday, nothing particularly painful though, I could have happily got back to training today, so yes I will try harder next time

prf – I haven’t seen any pictures from Sunday yet, find me a decent snap and I might post up a chubby rock diving picture
As for taking me down at Dewsbury, bring it on

04/12/2012 at 22:40
Y D wrote (see)

prf – I haven’t seen any pictures from Sunday yet, find me a decent snap and I might post up a chubby rock diving picture
As for taking me down at Dewsbury, bring it on

Thats what I like to hear.
Never before have I looked forward as much to running backwards and forwards along Bradford Road in Batley!

05/12/2012 at 08:27

LOL loving the smackdown talk and reminissing about the racs you ran in the year I was born

10 x 600m off 90secs for me last night, aim was 5 mile pace (circa 6:50ish) and the reps went rather well at:

2:30, 2:30, 2:30, 2:28, 2:30, 2:28, 2:29, 2:31, 2:29, 2:29

Felt pretty good throughout which is nice, legs a bit stiff this morning though so will put off my 10 miler until this afternoon


05/12/2012 at 09:15
parkrunfan wrote (see)

10.0 miles @ 9:27/mile this evening. All on course to take YD down at Dewsbury, 35:xx or bust

Hopefully I'll be posting a comfortable 36:xx and can get myself a front row seat!

YD - Come on and get that photo posted up!

Curly - Good mileage and a nice session last night.

My first rep session since July last night. 4X1 mile @ 10k pace off 2.30s. Pace was a good 10 secs a mile down on what I expected but I'm putting that down to rustiness and being in the middle of increased mileage.


05/12/2012 at 11:18

Curly - You should be ashamed of yourself, slobbing around in a womb while we were out grafting hard on the roads!

Nice reps. Whats that, about 6:40/mile?

Mr V - Front row seat? You'll probably be getting the coffees in by the time we finish.

I think I've got the main races sorted for the next 19 weeks on the run in to VLM. The schedule consists of:

3 x 10K
3 x 10 Miles
2 x HM
1 x 20 Miles
1 x Marathon
4 x Track Races (1 mile - 10K)
1 x Spencer Arms
19 x parkruns

Sun 30/12/12 Ribble Valley 10K
Weds 9/1/13 Track Race 1
Sun 13/1/13 Garstang 10K
Sun 20/1/13 Inskip HM (or Brass Monkey if dropouts appear)
Weds 23/1/13 Track Race 2
Sun 3/2/13 Dewsbury 10K
Weds 6/2/13 Track Race 3
Sun 10/2/13 Liversedge HM
Weds 20/2/13 Track Race 4
Sun 24/2/13 Snake Lane 10
Sun 10/3/13 Spen 20
Sun 17/3/13 St Annes 10
Sun 24/3/13 Thirsk 10
Weds 3/4/13 Spencer Arms
Sun 21/4/13 VLM

34 races in 19 weeks should be enough to race myself fit.
Anyone know where the diary is?

05/12/2012 at 12:14
parkrunfan wrote (see)

Mr V - Front row seat? You'll probably be getting the coffees in by the time we finish.

Only if you are predicting me a DNF!

PRF - Like the way you say 'main' races. Presumbaly these are just the target ones with plenty of extras to be added in . Nice to see 3 or 4 on that list also on my list.

My club now has 2 free London places. The question is do I put my name in the hat.........

05/12/2012 at 14:56

YD - Great sub-60 at the weekend.  Nothing I wouldn't have expected anyway, but top bombing!

Curly - Lots of good training from you recently and those splits suggest you're getting the hang of this interval lark. 

Duck - I'm impressed with your improvised interval session the other day.  Lesser humans would've used it as an excuse to stay in and put the Xmas tree up early or something, so good effort.

prf - You crazy racing person!  So basically all your tempo-to-MP efforts in preparation for VLM will be run with a number on in lots of company?  Good plan.    As things stand at the moment, I think I have 6 x XC, then a 10k, 10mile, HM and a duathlon before VLM... and most probably 2x road relays for the club, and that's it. 

Some mad pyramid session last night on a slippery track. 
1200 / 1k / 800/ 600 / 400 / 400 / 600 / 800 / 1k / 1200.  200 recovery between longer reps, 100 between shorter ones.  I won't bore you with the splits, mainly because my lobster-mit fingers were bungling them up all over the place!  Suffice to say, it was rapid enough but on the comfortable side of hard.

Then today at lunchtime I took HR data for the first time on my exercise bike "tempo interval" session: 60 mins incl. 2 x 15mins efforts.  Interesting.  For what feels like a reasonably hard session, average HR was 134 (comparable to easy run HR) and average for the two efforts was 142 / 147 respectively, max 153.  Compare that to marathon race AHR 168.  Possible conclusions:
- Effective max on the bike is likely to be lower than running anyway, cos you're sitting down.  That aside, I'm comparatively under-trained on the bike; perceived effort is high because my cycling muscles aren't as strong as my running muscles, to utilise the oxygen that's being delivered by my powerhouse of a heart.
- I really should HTFU and pedal harder!

I'm gonna start being a little more serious about my "quality" cycling sessions, since this is the discipline I can improve on the most for duathlon performance.  So it'll be interesting to see how the HR data on this session progresses as I push the power output.

05/12/2012 at 14:57

MrV - It's a no-brainer!

06/12/2012 at 06:41

PRF - you'll miss a few good long runs in the Barnsely area with all whose races booked in

Races for me leading up to VLM will be 1 x 10 miles (Snake Lane) 1x HM (Brass Monkey) 1 x 10k (Dewsbury) maybe 1 x 20 miles as a fast training run (Spen)  a few relays and hopefully lots of miles.

Although miles are just passing me by at present as only run two short runs since Sunday's race.  It's strange due to having to cut back so much when injured it's hard to get the desire back to go out morning and night, especially with BR not feeling up to much running!   Club tonight, so should be a good hard run

06/12/2012 at 12:40

Mr V - I have high expectations of you at Dewsbury.

And yes, there'll be another race or two along the way such as the Yorkshie and National XCs

Phil - Sounds like a challenge running intervals on a slippery track!

Hilly - Theres still plenty room for Barnsley trails.

10K @ 8:39/mile last night - another run in the 'taking YD down' bank .

06/12/2012 at 13:55

Y D.. I was born in Mansfield, lived there (Edwinstowe) 'til the age of 4 then moved to Toonland until I was 11.  I've lived in N.Yorkshire ever since.  I can still act as a Geordie interpretor for a small fee.   Parents moved back to Edwinstowe for their final years hence my fondness for the area. 

I was tempted by Dewsbury but a 9am start??  I'll think about it!

PRF.. I was talking to my older clubmates about the 'York 10'.  Was this the one organised by the Rowntree club?  I know they got into trouble once because the route went across a railway crossing - and you know what runners are like!

PP.. nice work on the bike & running track.  Good session from Curly too.

10.7m this morning with aforementioned clubmates.  Decided to incorporate our old 'Tad Ten' route for nostalgic purposes.  Suffice to say we didn't get anywhere near the course record of 48:07!

06/12/2012 at 14:05

Wardi Dewsbury is amazing! Do it

Nice running from you and Phil as well!

Mr V being slightly off the pace when you have been as hectic as you have isnt any bad thing, probably tired more than anything!

Hilly enjoy the club session!

PRF your racing schedule looks crazy

Ppossible bad times here, trying not to worry, but seem to have pulled something in or around my peroneous tendons or muscle...didnt do it running (although the session likely caused tightness) but walking and standing around in some very flat shoes Feels a lot better today already but am not going to risk anything like racing if its not 100% better by Saturday. Bloody typical!

06/12/2012 at 15:20

Curly – Bad luck, hopefully just a minor issue.

PRF – Thanks for the vote of confidence. Smackdown it is then

Hilly – I’m doing all those races as well. Whether mine leads to VLM though remains to be seen!

Anyone else got awful running conditions to contend with? Every pavement is around here is an icy death trap at the moment. Wanted to get a long MP run in tonight but may have to settle for something a little more sedate to avoid any nasty falls. The combination of freezing temparatures, darkness and icy roads is sapping my enthusiasm a little at the moment. Still I won't ever complain about being able to run!

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