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08/12/2012 at 16:32

WJH, there was a 4 in there somewhere Nice parkrunning. How much hockey training do you have to do? Does that cover some of the "speed" bases?

PRF, seems the fitness is coming back nicely.

Good pace for your long run, Mr V. I always feel that MP after a longish run does so much more for endurance than jumping straight into it.

CB, I'm feeling pretty good now actually. My HR/pace stats for the last three parkruns show the virus disappearing and fitness returning quite rapidly:

24th Nov: 180 / 7:03 per mile
1st Dec:  178 / 6:43 per mile
8th Dec:  178 / 6:35 per mile

08/12/2012 at 16:43

I beg your pardon...  Anyhow this young lady was 2nd in 20.01, but didn't feel the best today.  Still a Wava of 81%, but I need to add last week's better Wava performance to the list if anyone can locate it for me!

Nice parkrunning WJH oh and PFR

Simon - glad to hear the virus is on the way out!

Nice picture Duck. Unlike PRF as much as I like the snow I think I'd rather not have it come unless it means I can't get to work and have a few days to enjoy running in daylight

alehouse - nice walking.  Enjoy the meal!

Good training Viper and weekly mileage.  Things really looking up for you!

Sounds very  promising Phil for another good marathon very soon!

Did a second run today - get in there!  Felt rubbish all week, but think because I ran so hard last Sunday and not quite as race fit as I was it took a lot out of me and has taken me most of the week to recover.  That's why I'm a believer in the more miles you do the quicker you recover!  When I have done bigger mileage I have always recovered quickly from races. 

08/12/2012 at 17:17

A miserable old git writes...

It's been a miserable few months running.  Getting slower and slower and more and more tired.  Energy systems have been shot to pieces.  Mileage has shrunk to pitiful levels and I can't say I've enjoyed many runs at all.  Those that I have were at my new (old) club and that was probably psychological, reliving the glory days of the mid 2000s.

So, with the reduced running came the compensatory sensory replacement of eating and drinking. If I can't get my endorphins from running or recreational drugs, then it's going to be beer and spicy food.  Spiral...

A slight inkling occured whilst watching the Guys 10 last week, as I realised that I should have been up there, battling it out with the sub 60 elements.  But then despair the next night as whilst running opposite loops with Hilly in what I thought was a reasonably comfortable pace, she was only 20 metres behind me over 1.25 miles.  Therefore more binge-filled days off.

I really don't know why I went to Mansfield today.  I ate a Crunchie bar whilst waiting for our chauffeur to arrive.  On the warm up my leg twinged in the hip flexor and I had to stop, announcing that there was no way I could run.  However, this was a free, weekly, timed 5k which you can run, walk or jog.  So I thought to give it a go.  I also looked around the assembled throng of 37 runners and realised a rare `first finisher' (we don't have winners apparently in a nod towards 1980s municipal socialism) position was up for grabs.

In the first 800m I overtook 5 or 6 over-enthusiasts and the only runner in front of me was being propelled along by a strong looking dog.  For the rest of the first lap I composed my email to Mansfield parkrun arguing why dog-assisted victories should not be recorded.  I then spend the second lap reeling him in.  The owner let go of the lead, and had to cut across a section of grass to catch it up.  A second paragraph was added to the email about people running short courses not being allowed to claim victories.

However, race email wars of 2012 Part Three was avoided as he faded badly after that and I was able to motor along at my own pace.  I did have chest pains in the final km, following waking up in the night on Thursday with them too, and experiencing them at 10pm last night. 

So given a pre-race debilitating injury, canine assisted competition and three chest seizures in a week I was pretty pleased to claim the win in 17:28.  The aim now is to be in competitive shape for the new year and try to be top Yorkshire runner on this thread in 2013.

It appears others are becoming stronger after the MG virus of 2012.  Great to see Alehouse out watching races and good parkrun WJH.

08/12/2012 at 17:29
BR - so you won the race in 17:28. What conclusions can you draw from that.

I'm in a similar place as you, except it's years (4 to be exact) for me rather than the months you've suffered. Still it's good to see that like me you haven't let it get you down
08/12/2012 at 17:51

Good to see you back BR. Well done on the parkrun victory and the rediscovered optimism.

Looks like the training's going really well atm Hilly. Looking forward to some outstanding race results from the Brilly household over the next year!

08/12/2012 at 18:17

Tom - if I lived in a similar place to Lincolnshire, I think I'd be even more despondent.  Only joking - in fact my last good run was at the Woodhall Spa 10k in that county, followed by a memorable day for Hilly sampling the delights of a run-down end of Skegness...

Seriously, I draw the conclusion that I am about 15 secs / mile off my best pace, and that some of that is accounted for by weight gain, and the rest by lack of training resulting in lost fitness.  The outcome will be to run lots of miles, most of them slowly, some a bit faster.  The other conclusion is that I like competing.

CB - cheers.  All appears right with the world again.

08/12/2012 at 18:32
BR - joking apart, I am despondent, but it's got nothing whatsoever to do with living in Lincolnshire.
08/12/2012 at 20:54

BR – after all that pouty drama queen behaviour, you ended up running a decent parkrun in the end   Good to see

Duck – excellent pace in the snow, I haven’t had it too bad down here, just cold.

Wardi – translation not needed Mrs YD is a Geordie (ish) and I lived in the NE for 10 years so can understand the lingo. You must get confused with all these folk saying Duck on here all the time, Duck?

So you are going for the Marathon spot then Mr V? Good marathon training run that

Phil – cracking Marathon session the other night.

WJH – using parkruns to race yourself fitter, you will fit right in here!

Good to see it coming back Simon, do you think it was a virus or just a menthol thing?

Stevie –similar boat race wise then, I should have my ‘soft’ PBs fettled by April’s Marathon I reckon. Speaking of which, when are you making your Marathon debut?

prf – good to see you putting an effort into your parkrunning this week   I don’t want an easy smackdown win at the Dewsbury 10k  

Enjoy the meal out Alehouse and well done on the longest walk so far.

Agreed Hilly, when I first started out a hard 10k would knacker me out for a couple of days or more. Whereas now I get over longer races much quicker.

Only run twice so far this week, it was a cut back week so that’s fine, though I am planning on running a decent length long run tomorrow, maybe even 20 miles. Marathon build up starts here……..

08/12/2012 at 21:39 time ever?

08/12/2012 at 21:40
08/12/2012 at 21:54

In fairness I do remember saying I'd never do XC again back in 2006.

But marathons are for the injury invincible and nutters

09/12/2012 at 07:56

Tom - too much too soon?


09/12/2012 at 09:26

Morning! Wow good stuff going on here as usual!

Especially pleased to see BR back and making full use of the wingeometer to run well and secure a win (ha! Sticking it to the man )

Good running too from PRF and Hilly - sorry about your long recovery from the previous race though, but it does sound like things are very much falling into plce again.

WJH some great progression of times there for 5k.

Duck wow lots of snow and some decent running on it!

Simon ah good to see you back again and running some blistering rep times.

Phil interesting plans re: HR training and Dr Dan hope the run home wasnt such a slog.

Inter club XC yesterday for me, which is where we invite local clubs to come and run some xc on our course in Richmond park for a couple of trophies (one womens, one mens) but the first woman home for our club also wins our XC champs...

09/12/2012 at 09:38

Right so I took Friday off running and turned up with foot a lot better but still a little sore, a physio clubmate confirmed my dignosis of pulled muscle/tendon in the foot rather than anything "more" serious and bought some tape to help it recover.

Anyway, after warming up I decided to run as it wasnt too sore. Its 4.1 miles, over parkland, qute twisty and stony with a mud overlay in places. I went for spikes but you possibly dont need them, but its all good practice in them. Lined up and it was clear Serpies had the trophy win, 4 of them looked faster than all of us.

But I decided that I wasnt going to let them have it easily, whistle goes first 100m to the bend and I am in front, okay, dont panic! Keep going around the small loop aroud the wood and pass through the finish line for the first time, still in the lead. its here that I get an idea of how much (13 yards apparently) by club mates calling it out. Onto the second lap, much bigger than the first. I head off down Queens ride and hit the steep but shortish climb up to the ballet school. God my legs are hurting now. At the left turn I get a very sneaky glance over my shoulder, she still isnt  coming back at me. Good. Phew. Through past the Ponds and hit the last hill which goes on forever, legs are burning now, I want to sit down and have a nice drink or tie my shoe lace, but is that her catching me? Arrrrghhhhhh. Round the last corner about 200m to go, but its uphill a bit and there are people in the way, oh wait my crazy breathing hs moved them sharpish. Speed for the line. Cross, Lie down and die, expect to see Serpie right behind me but no she is still where she was!

Shake hands and everyone is so excited! Oh yeah, I won

Time for 4.1m 28:08 which is irrelevant, but pretty good I think too. I got my gold medal, but my club silverware waits till March... need to make space for it!

Serpies did win the trophy but our club have lost it. Ha Ha It will turn up I am sure

Edited: 09/12/2012 at 09:45
09/12/2012 at 09:53

NICE, Curly!

09/12/2012 at 11:45
Well run Curly - really pleased for you.

BR - too much to soon, I very much doubt it. This year I'm heading for a total of 1820 miles (ave 35 per week) and will have run 295 days out of 365. This will be my best years mileage since 2006. Simply put, there's nothing there! I'll get occasional periods when I think it's starting to come back then something happens and I'm back where I was.
09/12/2012 at 13:01

Well done Curly . Enjoy the medal.

Good to see you embracing the marathon build up YD.

Tatton Yule Yomp today. My Garmin died on the warm up, so I had to run by feel. (always fun!)

I set off fairly strongly and was soon past the other runners from our club (apart from 1, who doesn't count), which was a bit of a confidence boost. I concentrated on just keepin effort steady and reeling people in, which seemed to be working as the km markers ticked by.

Just after 5k the wheels seemed to come off and the pace suddenly felt a lot harder. I slowed to an effort which I knew I could maintain for the next 5k and slowly pushed it from there.

The course was as remembered - muddy, undulating from the 2k marker to the 9k, and the last km on road. So overall a time of just under 47:00 (waiting for chip time, but clock read 46:59 as I went through!) which I am really happy with. I'll do some PO10 stalking to find out what the others around me are doing, but my BS meter says that was worth around 44:30 on a flat road. Fitness coming back

09/12/2012 at 13:16

Well done Curly, Sounds as if you really enjoyed that race!

A lovely 20 miles this morning for me with pace anywhere between 8.05 - 10.38 depending on the hills and blustery wind!  These kind of run provides good mental toughness, they aren't pretty, they don't feel great at the time, but each step is overcoming conditions that want to stop you in your tracks. I love to do battle with the elements and win

09/12/2012 at 13:18

Well done at the Yomp CB - always good to have a positive race and even better to feel the fitness coming back!

09/12/2012 at 13:20
Hilly wrote (see)

Well done Curly, Sounds as if you really enjoyed that race!

A lovely 20 miles this morning for me with pace anywhere between 8.05 - 10.38 depending on the hills and blustery wind!  These kind of run provides good mental toughness, they aren't pretty, they don't feel great at the time, but each step is overcoming conditions that want to stop you in your tracks. I love to do battle with the elements and win

Agreed. Runs in crazy weather conditions are great, and a completely different challenge to what we normally do. Here the wind has dropped and the sun has come out - if only it was like this at 10 this morning!

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