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03/02/2013 at 17:59

Wow great work PP, V40 in that field is a terrific result, and well deserving of a quality prize there!

Wasn't quite the downs that the ups promised!

Any idea who took that pic of you, me, a couple of other fasties of your level, and my Sandhurst clubmate?! And where it might pop up?

03/02/2013 at 20:54

Stevie – nice one, 35 is a big milestone, ill pop over to your place to read the report…..

Monster PB Curly well done , Abbey Dash for the big 40?...

Sounds like a sensible use of a race Young Pup considering you are just off the bench. I nice platform to build on.

Ratzer - training has been 4 weeks of 20m+ long run, MLR and a tempo somewhere around LT-HMP. Though there was one MP session, so apart from the Brass Monkey cancelation it has been to plan. It was almost training to train for the Marathon.
This week has been an easy cut back week, the next 4 weeks are long runs (up to 23 miles I think) and longer MP tempos as part of MLR and a couple of hill repeat sessions. Endurance and strength is the name of the game now, 2 hour 50 Marathon pace isn’t the problem…..
Good to see you getting some miles in. One thing I did once was 11miles in the morning, then another 9 at night with some tempo in. Maybe you could do something similar on the treadie, not the same as a long run but training to run on tired legs, so useful.

Phil – top work on the ranking and so close to the 32:xx, BS factors in play I reckon, so with that I am taking a call and am naming you a ‘fast local’.

My result and report to follow…..

03/02/2013 at 21:01

Dewsbury 10k for me today. My aim was simple, to run a decent chunk under 36 minutes. From the 5m and 10m times I posted in Dec I thought this was doable, and training had been going very well, so thoughts of sub 35 had entered my mind. However, the weather forecast was for windy conditions so it was back to plan A to go under 36 by a reasonable margin.

The race set off and as usual loads of people went streaming by , I just concentrated on running as comfortably as possible at close to 5:40 pace. First Garmin mile split: 5:43.8.
Mile 2 and the course started to go uphill, albeit gently, also a headwind appeared here, I had begun to go past some of the early enthusiastic starters and the mile ticked by in 5:49.8. At this point I hadn’t taken any notice of who was in front or around me. 
Into the third mile, the wind picked up here and the hill got marginally steeper. Looking ahead I had noticed a female club-mate up the road and a bit further up the road a Selby Strider I know. I had never beaten the Selby Strider before, though I had been fairly close to him previous races. I had my target!

I went past my club-mate at about the 4.5k mark and the third mile clicked by in 5:56.6. Running under 6:00/m pace was tough here, I hit the half-way point in 18:10, ready for the big push.

We went round the half-way point and the wind lifted. I felt pretty good all of a sudden and caught up to the Selby Strider quite soon after the turn. We ran side by side as we both wound the pace up, the 4th mile ticked by in 5:30.2 and I felt very comfortable!
Mile 5 was good, myself and the Selby Strider both made surges to drop each other, each time he surged I felt easily able to cover the move. By the end of the mile I felt like he was starting to wain a bit, so I made a surge and put a bit of gap between us, split 5:28.6.
The last mile was where I had to really dig in as until this point it had all felt relatively comfortable, the wind had picked up a bit and holding pace was hard work into it. The Selby Strider was digging in here, but I had my eye on a group up the road. Woking hard into the wind I remember BR shouting out at me, just before the 6 mile point I caught the 2nd place lady and managed to overtake a couple of runners in her group. Split 5:40.9.
Last section was a bit of a blur, but I managed to make up a couple more places to cross the line in 35:21 on the Garmin but my official time was 35:24.
Last split was 1:11.3 or 4:59/m pace.  Officially a PB by 1:18, and a 17:14 2nd 5k, that’s a 5k PB by 2 seconds!!! (or 5 seconds if you go by my Garmin time )

Not sure what happened to the timing, I was a second or two over the line but have an identical chip and gun time, I heard a few others complaining of this.
Feel like I have more to give, obviously wind was a factor but HR data says I only averaged 90% maxHR. Specific training would help me work at higher HR but it is all very good news as I felt recovered quite quickly after the race, bodes well for the Marathon.

03/02/2013 at 21:01

 Hang on, there's some BS points available for today

03/02/2013 at 21:04

Smashed that pb YD, great stuff!

Interesting you did your splits by mile? Does that not feel a bit unsettling when the markers are coming up in km?

Having said that I find kms a bit hard to deal with at times!

03/02/2013 at 21:28

YD - absolutely smashed it, brilliant!  I always think a shorter-distance PB breaking is a sign of a step-up in things.  Good stuff working through the field as well, marathon training must help with that. what would a new PB be without some proof that I worked for it?  Quite an amusing one for the gurn files here; everyone else getting in the way of my lovely shorts and all you can see is the anguish on my face. 


Edited: 03/02/2013 at 21:29
03/02/2013 at 21:30

There’s always BS points to be had Stevie, todays account for 25 or 26 seconds for me

I just have the Garmin on auto lap Stevie. I have tried to manually hit the lap button at markers before but I end up forgetting and missing some. It’s probably a bit out with the auto lap, but it serves for analysis purposes and to show the trend of the race etc….

Nice one Phil, good Gurn action there, I give it an 8 out of 10. Mrs YD only gave my gurn a 6.5 today, though I did have slaver on my chops at the end

Edited: 03/02/2013 at 21:37
03/02/2013 at 21:37

Great progress, YD! Amazing how consistent consistency helps!

Phil: looking at those photos I think Stuart has done us all a favour by blocking you out! Great race though! If you are running that sort of time in February, etc etc!

03/02/2013 at 21:37
Some great results and PB's today so well done everyone. Good to meet you by the way Curly....and that's a brilliant PB as are those by PP and Stevie G! I had a feeling it was you I passed on the first significant upward incline of the race so it was good to meet you at the end. Hopefully ill get to meet a few of you at future races so no worries there PP.....plenty more of them on the way!

Like the rest of you, I was also slightly thrown by the course with its stlighly uphill start. In fact, I was thrown by how we were moved through to the start pre race full stop although it doesn't take much to confuse me! The good thing was that I didn't notice the incline on the legs being that it was at the start.

Splits were as follows; 6:30, 6:22, 6:35, 6:33, 6:45, 6:32 and 5:57 for the last 0:24 registered on my Garmin (6:32 average compared to 6:56 last week). Overall, I was happy at this today and felt it is a true reflection of where I currently am, particularly after the disappointing result at the Lliswerry 8 last week. Not a PB for me (that's 39:49 chip time at Eastleigh a few years ago) but its a step in the right direction.

I was pleased to feel pretty comfortable throughout although did have a slight wobble at about 7k when the steepest incline made its appearance! Again, I didn't notice how the course moved downhill towards the finish - with my legs at least! In typical fashion my sprint finish at the end wasn't up to much and it will be good to work on this over the coming months.

So next up for me is the Llanelli Waterside half at the start of March....another very fast course and ranked 3rd for PB potential behind the Gosport half by Runners World! After a busy start to the year race wise it will be nice to get on with some more focused training and quality miles (but a few parkruns thrown in will be good!).

Another great PB there from you YD!...and YP, I am hoping Eastleigh weather permitting, etc that a crack at sub-40 will be game on! If today as noted at the end of last year was meant to be an 'A' race, then Eastleigh will be an 'AA' race in terms of priorities!
03/02/2013 at 22:00

This has got to go down as probably the best thread day yet in terms of the volume of quality performances.

Obviously Chichester is about 750m short and YD turned around at the roadworks cone at 4K instead of the proper one at 5K but still decent performances nonetheless.


Curly - PB by 2:23
Stevie - PB by 37 secs
YD - PB by 1:18
Phil - PB by 19 secs

i think it is worth letting the adjective guard down and actually using the word awesome for that bunch of outcomes. Brilliant stuff

I, myself, just missed my PB by the wafer thin margin of 4:51 but still happy enough with the outcome;
38:12 - 6:11, 6:18, 6:26, 5:54, 5:54, 6:07

The mile variations showed exactly the same pattern as YD's, although a little less zippy. But, on the whole, very happy with it. There were plenty positives to convince me I'm on track.

YD looked as though he hadnt broken sweat at the end, so much so that he was keen to get on with his next session, 10 x laps of McDonalds with 30 secs rest!

03/02/2013 at 22:03

Congratulations to the PB crowd Curly, Phil, Stevie, YD.Some huge gains there, and a suggestion of more to come...

Well raced WJH and good use of race YP

Just a short one - heading to bed. No running this weekend (except round the zoo and through tiny holes at soft play - knackering in itself!) Looking forward to tomorrow morning's outing.

03/02/2013 at 22:39

Thanks Phil and CB

It sure does Alehouse.

Too kind prf , BTW loved the blog and other than the pictures of the race winners on the Dewsbury RR website have you seen any photos of today’s action?

WJH – after your wobble a couple of weeks back that reads like a very respectable outing to me. I would have thought a couple of weeks consistent consistency and you will be PB chasing again.

04/02/2013 at 07:47

Storming second half performance from you YD Do you think you could have nabbed the sub 35 on a less windy day? Or would you have gone out too hard at the start?

So when is your next race? Shame about the slight issue with timing.

No Abbey Dash for me - I'm a long way off sub 40 right now. Maybe 12-18 months I would guess based on previous improvement curves and tail offs.

Ratzer nice suggestion from YD about breaking them up, doubles may be the way to go perhaps?

PRF I actually had chichester down as long, but its a new course for this year apparently...

Phil mine is just as bad and WJH's is a pretty good gurn too! Magpie's  got a nice one though so at least somebodies is nice!

04/02/2013 at 08:08
WJH wrote (see)
, I was thrown by how we were moved through to the start pre race full stop although it doesn't take much to confuse me! The good thing was that I didn't notice the incline on the legs being that it was at the start. 

Had this at a recent 10k. You started in a field, and they walked you about 800metres to the start! Where the smart runners were already waiting!

That was me yesterday  Alright I admit it, I was making last minute "preparations" in the Uni grounds

PRF, looks a very tidy thread day indeed when you summarise like that! What's your personal plan going forward? I know you had some down time, and some rebuilding time, when's the peaking time?

Has anyone done the Abbey Dash as well as Chichester to compare the 2? Failing that, just people who've done Abbey, to give a course synopsis?

Nice gurn PP, that's how you smash a finish. Looking at my pic I could just be strolling to the shops!

04/02/2013 at 09:28

I had Chichester long by 8 seconds!   Nah not really, pretty spot-on.  It's only a small detail and I wouldn't let this sort of thing bother me anyway but one thing I did like was that the km markers were planted in the ground, where often they're stuck on to the nearest lamppost, and I found them matching to my buzzing Garmin remarkably well.

And as it happens, during our race post-mortem we were talking about fast 10ks where we might be able to shave those few seconds off, and we got as far as considering a club overnight jaunt to Leeds.  I might remind them of this nearer the time, depending on how things turn out.

SG - No idea who that dodgy bloke with the camera was.  If we're lucky we might make it into the Chichester Observer, perhaps?

04/02/2013 at 09:30

Fantastic thread racing all round this weekend  Just sad I couldn’t be involved

SG – Great time and well deserved.

Curly – Another good time from you and continued improvement. Your consistency is really paying off.

YP – Good training session there. You seem to be back at it and on the way back to fitness now.

Phil – Ace time even if you just missed out on the sub 33. Nice target for next time though. Good to get a decent prize as well!

YD – Enjoyed your report. Sub 35 must be pretty close when you get good conditions.

PRF – Good building on the way to mara fitness.

04/02/2013 at 09:37
Wow! Big congrats on a great weekend. Top stuff and fully deserved.
04/02/2013 at 09:56

Curly – not worried about the timing, it was a good run and I am happy with it. No I wouldn’t have gone off to fast, I am usually good at not doing that. I think I would have been close to 35 on calm windless day, some have kindly said I would have gone under some are not so sure.
My plan was to run as close to 5:40/m as I could, to be fair I managed that comfortably when out of the wind, so that makes the 5:38/m required for sub 35 feel within reach. I might book in another 10k in March or April as a Marathon sharpener and have a crack at it then.
Next race is the Thirsk 10, then nothing booked but will do a shorter race in Marathon build up and probably a parkrun or two. I am on the Thirsk 10 race organising committee this year, so got a few things to sort out before I can run it, including finding enough marshals so club members can run. Its in my interest so I am motivated to find them..

I don’t agree that you are a long way off sub 40, I was half jesting half serious about the Abbey Dash, probably best not to put a time target on it though, but its not beyond the realms of possibility this year. Just keep breaking it down into smaller targets and it will come soon enough, you are obviously on a good roll at the moment keep the roll going and the times will follow.

Stevie – AD is out and back course. Downhill first half a mile, flat for a mile and a half, then a slow incline till the half way point with a small dip and then rise just before the turn around. Turn round at 5k, through the dip again then a really fast mile as its slightly down hill and a straight road, it then flattens out until about the 5.6 mile mark, then up the hill you came down in the first half mile with a slightly downhill/flat last 150m or so.
Two runs, two PBs for me, its as fast as they come IMO, not flat but the hills seem to have been placed in the best posible places for fast running.

Looks like its gonna be a thread meet up at the AD in November then!

04/02/2013 at 09:57

Top racing at the weekend everyone - great results all round (so sub-20 on the cards soon Curly?). 

Can't say I had the most successful weekend's training ever - woke up Saturday morning feeling exhausted so sensibly I took the day off. Then Sunday was a no-go after drinking too much Saturday night! To be honest, after my 'recovery' week inclued 35 miles and one day off I probably needed the weekend off. 

04/02/2013 at 10:33

YD, nice synopsis. I would fear a half mile downhill! I tend to go off fast, and that would invite madness! The 1/2 km climb yesterday at the start probably helped, as the natural starting adrenaline/stampede takes the edge off it, whilst reigning you in a little.

Certainly is the case that when you have faster runners around you you don't ease off, like you might in a more spread out field.


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