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02/10/2011 at 21:15
Although to be fair, reading back over some of my race day waffle makes some long winded reading with all the details and commentary....just less concise than your pieces. But everyone loves a race report...but few do them so well as your ones.
02/10/2011 at 21:15
PRF - did they put the sign `The meanest little mover in the market' up in your honour
02/10/2011 at 21:20
Oh yes, they know what I'm like in Leeds market when I have grapes in mind!
02/10/2011 at 21:21
LOL PRF - knobbly knees contest...
02/10/2011 at 21:40
Duck - good going with the mileage!  As you are in a base phase, are all of your runs at an easy pace?  Are there any sort of exceptions?
02/10/2011 at 22:52

Amazing to think PRF was running races before i was born!

Just had a chance to catch up a little on this thread, i know its late but thought ratzer's satire on the london marathon was one of the funniest things ive ever read on this board - quality Congrats to Dash on his pb, and Mr Viper for his continued consolidation of improvement.

Seeing the pics of BR and Hilly, its definately clear where the speed comes from. If it isnt inappropriate to say, Hilly's legs look like power machines! As always weekend excellance, God knows how you manage parkruns as tempo's then race longer the next day - im jealous of the £30 quid voucher - i got just a mug for 2nd in my race today

Stevie - looking forward to you smashing the hour mark and then some next week. With your level and times, its going to be well due - much better to smash milestones rather than creep under...and you'll appreciate it more after your bad luck with that distance in the past.

If anybody can offer an insight into what injury i may have picked up, id be grateful. About 200 metres into my race today i felt a sharp pain in my foot, i managed to race thought it but was aware of it in the back of my mind. After crossing the line and taking my trainer off, it got much more intense and i was unable to walk on my right foot. Its a pain in the base, a little further forward than my heel and slightly to the right...i dont have any restriction of movement, and now the pain has eased off so that it only hurts when i put my weight on it. Could it be a tendon issue? Any other suggestions? And if it is, how long will it rule me out? Answers on a postcard please. Dont really fancy the hospital, but may be necessary if it doesnt improve.

03/10/2011 at 08:39

Chingo, I've never had anything like that, but if I did I'd work my way backwards from the worst it could be.  See your doc and go for an x-ray.  If that's okayed, it's soft tissue and a physio's speciality.  I hope it's okayed, for your short term peace of mind, however it often works out that the soft tissue issues are the ones that keep niggling for many months because they don't get to heal fully...

Having now checked on many of the hotels in the easier areas of the marathon route, I am increasingly convinced that tour companies booked out most of the rooms for marathon weekend months ago, just so that they could resell them at a premium.  It's easier to find a hotel room via a German website than it is through the hotels' own websites.  Fortunately I can fall back on family...

03/10/2011 at 09:27

Chingo - I was just about to post about pain in my right foot and then I saw your post. Eerie! What you're describing sounds like a strain of the plantar fascia, which everyone gets at some point especialy if racing after insufficient warm up.

In mild form I wouldnt even term it an injury, just a niggle, just another other strain/ache. However severe it is you simply have to manage it. You probably wont feel it while actually running but what you're trying to achieve is that the pain/ache becomes slightly less after each subsequent run  as healing takes place. If it isnt  getting better you need to back off a bit more.

To speed up the healing process significantly get two bowls of water, one containing as hot as you can tolerate and one containing iced water. Alternate between the two at 30 secs intervals. Healing is proportional to bloodflow and the bowl treatment really gets the blood pumping. Equally complete rest is counterproductive unless you literally cant walk.

Now, anyone got any tips on a suspected broken toe achieved through clumsiness? Its is very painful at times and seems floppy which is why I suspect it is broken. Fortunately it is the 2nd smallest toe so I'm thinking that strapping it to the one next and getting on with it is the way to go. I'll see how it feels on a gentle run later on. Anyone worked through a broken toe before?

Edited: 03/10/2011 at 09:29
03/10/2011 at 10:04

Not me but my current malady is what feels like a bruised hip but is caused by tight muscles.  It is now referring to my knee, causing discomfort.  It wasn't good on the warm up yesterday but went away when I raced as the adrenaline took over.  Very slow run this morning.

As PRF says, it's a case of managing these things so training can continue in some form.  Another time where predetermined set training paces do not apply.

03/10/2011 at 10:30

PRF - you need to splint it to the next toe, ice it if you get chance and keep off the foot as much as possible as you can make the fracture/break worse by putting too much pressure through the toe joint.

If its hurting and goes blue/grey colour or starts to tingle then you should go and get it looked at in case you have damaged the nerves. 

I know you heal quickly but look after it please. No running for a few days! 

Chingo -  just be careful to take enough rest as it can become chronic if it is a sprain to the PF. Easy running only for a few days when you are able to weight bear.

BR - sounds like you need to get some more stretching in 

5 miles for me to do at lunchtime today as I didnt get up in time to do it this morning. Will have to be slow as our shower at work isnt working. Great!

03/10/2011 at 10:41

prf - ice, splint, etc etc. Perhaps the doctor just as a precaution? Is this the toe you spilled soup on too?

I was also going to mention the 'mean little mover' however there's a certain amount of double entendre attached to the phrase, don't you think?  

Josh - not really as I need to keep a decent amount of basic speed for when I get back into reps later on in the training cycle. Typically in base I won't go over the aerobic threshold unless I'm doing alactic work (my 10*100 track session being the example), so plenty of mileage and sub-threshold tempos around HMP/MP (my last two have been roughly in the middle range between them) are the staple. 

03/10/2011 at 10:44
Thanks duck!  I ask because the physio I saw at my running club seems to have worked miracles with my hip (even though he said he couldn't!).  I am looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow and hearing his thoughts on returning to running earlier than the month of rest/treatment he suggested.
03/10/2011 at 11:04

Some good racing over the weekend!  ... but some not so good foot injuries!

Busy weekend as usual  - just that 10.3 miles easy on Saturday for me... I took Sunday off as the band were gigging again on Saturday and didn't fancy an early run the next morning. Instead we went in search of the last scrap of teh Indian summer by racing the in-coming weather front south - ended up getting several hours on a beach in East Lincs which did the trick.

03/10/2011 at 11:17

BR - second Curly's comment, as that sounds like the potential onset of ITBS.  Perfectly manageable with stretching, but deterioration could lead to someone prescribing you massage, before the physio starts digging his elbow in.  I know you don't believe in massage, but it does exist.  I've seen it on tele!

prf, my cousin prescribes the bowl treatment only if you can't walk.  When walking the pumping action of the calf muscles is plenty enough to get the blood flowing, and you can walk for longer than the water stays hot.  I find a hot/cold shower on the legs good after some runs though, as I just don't want to walk.  After yesterdays long run decided on a cold bath for the legs.  No idea if it has any effect whatsoever, but it refreshes parts other baths can't reach, and in fact I feel good in the legs today, when I haven't always the day after a long run.

Sounds like it's injury niggle day on the board today.  I hope you all get better / shake it off / find out it was nothing...

03/10/2011 at 11:53
Hello all! Just been catching up on all the great running you've been doing, and commiserations to those who are injured. My shin splints have healed, no pain at all any more. I stopped running for 5 days, iced, used a foam roller and did a lot of stretching. It seems to have worked. I'm going to be much more careful about warming up and doing post-run stretches from now on....
Hopefully I'll have something useful to contribute to this thread in a few weeks time when I start doing some structured training. Ran the Edinburgh 10K yesterday, felt like I was running well within myself so I was surprised to get a PB, (only by 2secs). My previous one was in July and on a flat course where I felt like I really pushed myself. So I'm clearly no judge of pace or my fitness!
03/10/2011 at 11:54

Chingo – Seems I’ve caught the foot epidemic as well as I’ve got some discomfort in exactly the same place you describe, albeit pretty mild in my case. I can walk and run without pain, I’m just keen (obviously) to avoid making it worse.

BR – Maybe time to reassess your beliefs and get yourself a massage on that hip/knee tightness

Josh – Good news, hope the physio goes well tomorrow.

Curly – Wouldn’t want to be the person sitting next to you this afternoon
03/10/2011 at 12:31
Woa busy weekend eh, healing vibes to those hovering over the bench…….

Mr V – very solid outing for you on Sat, it was hot and you can be sure it would have affected your time. Looking forward to seeing you smash your 10k pb Scarborough now, take care with the foot.

Dash – the improvement curve continues, well done on the PB. Getting beaten by Macaulay Culkin eh, if its any consolation I had a race with a 14 year old on Saturday as well, I was able to beat him to restore old man pride

Duck – great mileage and tempoing at the weekend.

Hilly – interesting stuff on running style, I think I am a shuffler. If I ever catch my reflection in a shop window when running it always strikes me how short my stride is.
Oh and James thinks you are delightful too  

BRilly the Harewood 10miler sounds like a great event, it’s a lovely spot to run in, only 2 or 3 miles from where I spent my teenage years. Anyway your powers of recovery continue to dumfound me, some great racing and you achieved your objective in the club champs stakes. Well done. Oh great report BR.

Curly – decent mileage this weekend, shame you didn’t feel up to racing as you are clearly in great shape.

Stevie – a solid outing, its should set you up nicely for Cabbage Patch in a couple of weeks.

Well juggled Ratzer – have you started to think about how your Marathon training will look?

Loved the picture of the meanest little mover on the thread, I hope your toe heals sufficiently not to compromise GER.

Ching – well done on your strong run this weekend,  take care with the foot. I think an X-ray might be a good idea, just in case.

Velloo - well done on the PB, just think what you could do over 10k when fully fit….

Dr Dan – no taper madness?
Edited: 03/10/2011 at 12:34
03/10/2011 at 12:33
As you already know I met BR, Hilly and prf at Pontefract parkrun on Saturday. As prf has already mentioned I got round in 18:51, I was fancying a crack at 18:30 but it just wasn’t to be, I am happy with my effort though, the course wasn’t as fast as I expected and the heat might have had an effect. My splits were

5:43 pace for the last little bit.

I ran the result through my BS Calculator and it says my time was worth 18:29. prf and BR’s times are worth 18:02 and 16:46 respectively . Does wava accept BS Calculator adjusted times?

Also managed a quick ish 5 hung-over miles along the canal near my pals house in Liverpool yesterday morning with a further 8.17 miles last night after I got home and got junior down. Running 8.17miles was no mistake as it brought up 40 miles for the week. My OCD is in rude health it seems……..
03/10/2011 at 12:52

Nice running YD ... and glad you beat the teenager! My last 5K involved a sprint finish with a 16 year old girl - we were given the same time but she was given the place. Good that the old folk got one back this time!

No taper madness so far ... quite enjoying it actually as life has been pretty busy. Getting quite nervous though!

03/10/2011 at 14:01

Sorry to hear of injury/niggle woes.  Lots of empathy from here of course, although I hope everyone can manage their issues well enough to avoid having to eat hospital food. 

Day one of active rehab today. I'm quite happy getting around without crutches, but limiting the amount of walking I need to do by using public transport to get into work.  God I fcuking hate commuters. Anyway, as per instructions I got back in the gym at lunchtime and hit the exercise bike for a gentle half hour.  90 rpm on very low resistance felt ridiculously easy yet was still enough to get me into a proper sweat.  Then again I sweat thinking about the deeper implications of Dr Who storylines.

I'll leave it for a couple of days to see how the hip reacts before doing anything else vaguely active, but initial thoughts are that the hip feels more comfortable now than before the exercise.  Benefits of blood circulation maybe?

Edited: 03/10/2011 at 14:01
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