The RW's Half Mara Training Schedules

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26/02/2003 at 13:13
Can anyone advise please? I am just about to start following the RW 12 week sub 2:15 Half Marathon schedule and am just a bit confused with the speed session. In the column headed "PACE" it says 10k, or for most of the weeks 5k - does this mean that the speed work/intervals should be run at this pace and the rest at a slower speed or is this the speed that should be run for the whole session apart from the intervals where you would need to run faster than 5k? Help!
26/02/2003 at 13:48
Hi Joanna,
I am following the same schedule as you.
I know it's not very clear for a beginner, luckily I had some good advice from Forumites.

The Speed session should be :
- 10/15 minutes warm up (slower than your normal speed)

-week 1: 3x600m, 200m jog Pace 10k
you'll run the 600m at your 10k speed
you'll run the 200m at a slower speed to recover.
so it shoud be 600m @10k pace,then 200m jog, then 600m , 200m ect....

-10/15 minutes cool down (slower than your normal speed).

When it says Pace :5k that means it should be faster than your 10k pace.

I hope this answer to your question and make sense.

Good Luck.

26/02/2003 at 14:51
1/2M Girl - That's great - it makes perfect sense now! Thank you so much for writing, I really appreciate it.

By the way, which half mara' are you training for? My training starts next Monday - I'm doing the Plymouth Half Mara.

26/02/2003 at 15:23
Hi Joanna and 1/2M girl, Where do you get this schedule from???
26/02/2003 at 15:31
Awww Spud - if you click on Training at the top of the web page, then go to Racing and click on Half Marathons - that will bring up several schedules and the one that we're talking about is under Set 2.
26/02/2003 at 15:34
I am doing Taunton in April, the GWR in May, the GNR in September and Cheddar in November!
Good Luck with Plymouth, when is it?

Awww Spud,
click here for the schedule
26/02/2003 at 15:37
Oh my god - no wonder you call yourself 1/2M Girl! Plymouth is on 25th May. Hopefully, I'm also doing the GNR but as yet, haven't had confirmation - apparently we'll all hear in mid March.

Good luck with your training!
26/02/2003 at 15:44
Good Luck with Plymouth, plenty of time for training!
Did you register online for the GNR?
26/02/2003 at 15:48
Yes I did - on the Great Run website - before Christmas so I think I'm in with a chance!
26/02/2003 at 16:01
when I registered for mine (I can't remember when),I think they sent me an e-mail confirmation, did you get one? what about the money, has it been taking out? If so, you are in !
26/02/2003 at 16:05
Ahh....yes...I've just been on line and checked my bank account - they have taken the money so I guess that means I'm in! Excellent! By that time, you'll be following Sub 1:40 schedules after all the practise you will have had!
26/02/2003 at 17:18
Thank you very much, girls
26/02/2003 at 19:11
Happy Running :)

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