Thursday 13th september 2007

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Blisters    pirate
13/09/2007 at 22:20

LOL at NZC! I think my short range racing has helped my rep results. Or is it supposed to be the other way about? No, I was right. I haven't done much track this year, but I have tried to get a midweek evening race if it's on offer. So that's about every 3 weeks. No wonder I'm a bit stiff this week.

I've omitted to tell the wife about the lunchtime run, so that I could be allowed out for my ratrun this evening. 6.5 miles in 54 minutes. I know that it was 43 minutes yesterday. But there you are.


Nearly ate a large flying insect. I think it was a wasp, and as my lips were slightly ajar at that particular point, I had it momentarily held. Thankfully I had spat/wafted/coughed it out before any painful contact was made. As you know, I don't react very well to these things. To be honest it could have been anything, although, for BR's sake, I doubt that it was a Vespa.

Blisters    pirate
13/09/2007 at 22:24
Great effort there Fell Liker. It can't be pleasant running in those conditions. I hope that you are satisfied with the result. Maybe there's another opportunity in a week's time? I find that is a perfect preparation for a short race.
13/09/2007 at 22:30

Hey well done FL, I confess to not reading properly but popped in due to your message from prediction htread. I am tired and must get to bed, so I do apologise for not reading back.

 I understand our clink did very well in her half last weekend. WELL done Clink, I am made up for you. This is great stuff and well deserved in Scoobs book. I must try to emulate your patience as mine is lacking. But you did really well and your consitency and training paid off - so well done. :0)

 There were many more and i did read but did not have time to do a post to you all and I am sorry as I know it means a lot to be recognised for our achievements. Once job has settled down I hope to be a bit more active on the forums once again. I do think the support that we all give to each other really does help. And a little time to mention everyone goes a long way. I will be back to this soon I hope.

In meantime, I love my new job. But I am severly understaffed, hence no time. However I hope that with some new procedures in place things will eventually settle into a more mamageable fashion.

Until then it will be intermittant posts from me.

So on that note;

 What: one hour hilly club run
Why: half marathon I hope
last Hard: although a good pace, not tonight as I enjoyed every single minute of it
Last Rest: far too often, but I am trying to be sensible and build carefully, so yesterday, so ''v's up to that ttfn person thank you!

Take care all and run well. :0)

Oh and I can recommend the double chocolate cheesecake that is on the menu at Pillaton - Weary Friar Pub. It comes with double clotted cream and is extremely scrummy! Ooops! Sensible eating is on holiday....And boy did I feel like my tummy was about to split afterwards! Pheweee! :0)

13/09/2007 at 22:56

Well done FL - Did you wear your HR monitor during the race?

Glad you enjoyed your holiday, Clink

Hope the ankle continues to improve, Brumliz

Sounds very positive about your run, Stickless. Sorry to hear about your four legged friend

Some very optimistic predictions for my Half Marathon on the prediction thread! I have decided to race it, but am very uncertain of what the outcome will be

Accidental mileage done today. Car broke down and it was my turn to bring the horse in for the night this evening, so I had no other choice than to run up to and back from the yard.So...

What: 12.27 miles(forgot to reset my garmin, once I was up at the yard!) done in 99 minutes. Average pace 8:05 min/miling

Why: Stupid car

Last hard: ?

Last rest (from running): Yesterday

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