Thursday 15th May

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15/05/2003 at 21:03
Hilly, great result. I'm sure you'll get close to 40 minutes this year. As for hurting in a 10k - right from the start! It just gets more painful towards the end.

Laura, that run sounds very challenging. You'll probably have to train quite intensively for it but well worth it in the end.

What: am - 4 miles, pm - 6.5 miles
Why: easy day
Last hard day: yesterday
Last rest: Tuesday
15/05/2003 at 21:08
Is it too late to say excellent effort for last night Hilly? Try to find more races around 5m/10K distance and your time will come down even further. The series of six 10K's that our club does every summer (one every 2 weeks) sharpen us all up considerably. The first four races are all moderately to very hilly so are not PB territory. The fifth one however is on a totally flat course so everyone is flying by then. Best of luck.

Did 4 miles steady early doors, late afternoon 8x1000m at 5K pace. Legs still a bit tired from Tuesday's race.
15/05/2003 at 21:24
Thanks again guys! All the advice helps too! Hurt from the gun, more 10k's-yikes! I've got 2 more at the end of May, beginning of June, one's a bit twisty the other is flat and 2 laps and a possible pb course.
15/05/2003 at 22:13
4 laps of the grounds tonight, untimed - 3 miles or thereabouts. Legs always feel pretty lethargic on Thursdays at the moment so probably just as well.

Drew, since last Friday, mileage covered is:

Fri 5.0 miles ( speed session)
Sun ~5.9 miles (off-road, including soft sand)
Mon 2.3 miles (lively)
Tue ~6.1 miles (multi-terrain race)
Wed 5.8 miles (road, steady)
Thu 3.0 miles (easy, on grass)

which comes to about 28 miles overall - though it wasn't a typical week. Normally Sunday morning I would total nearer 10 miles (v easy 2-2.5 with son, and another 7.5-8 on my own), and do more on Monday.

I'd guess I'm probably averaging somewhere in the low 30s for weekly mileage at the moment - but to be honest, I can't see where I'd find the extra time to increase that - especially in the cricket season.
15/05/2003 at 23:03
I suppose it's our definition of hurt. Every race I've tried racing from the off I've done poorly in as I've slowed near the end.

Every race I've pb'd has involved a steady start then moving through the field picking off runners as I go. I rarely get overtaken in the last half of a race.

I never feel comfortable in a race, but in a 10k the lungs burning starts at about 4 miles.

Should I be going harder from the off? (Drew, can you wait to answer until after the Askern 10k)?
15/05/2003 at 23:10
Anyway, this GPS thingy is great. When I run to the club it usually takes 32 mins. Looking at the average speed facility and having run quicker on training runs recently I managed it in 28 mins. We then did a club run averaging 6:15 min miling for 7.5 miles which did not take any prisoners.

Rather than imagining or guessing the intensity of running this proves how hard/fast it's been.
15/05/2003 at 23:14
Agree with BR.

My best race I let a load of people past me in the first half and went past them all in the second. I reckon the best thing to do is set a target and stick to an even pace. If you feel strong at half way you can edge the pace up a tad for a mile, if that feels OK edge it up again.

16/05/2003 at 09:31
I'm glad it's not just me who hurts in a 10K; I guess anaerobic running for 6.2 miles will hurt no matter what your pace. The only thing I've learnt through doing more 10K's is that although my lungs are burning more or less from the start I can sustain the pain, just about, until the finish!

Thanks for encouragement, am not writing this from therapists office, I have a long term plan for the Bob Graham.
This year and next, at least one mountain marathon a year (Swaledale this year, 2 day next year).
Over next 2 yrs, run each section of the Bob Graham.
All the local LDWA events which are typically 22 miles on the fells and I do at the sort of pace you need for BG.
Pace individual leg of someone else's attempt (you need 1 pacer and 1 navigator per leg typically).
Train like mad for the final year (I've also got 4 yrs until I'm 40, yikes no, it's nearer 3 now!)
Last but not least get my business to a point where I can take one day off/week to train while someone else does my work!

Sorry to go on, now I've written it down it feels more realistic.

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