thursday 15th November 2007 Well Your faith was strong but you needed proof

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15/11/2007 at 15:44

Greetings all,

Interesting comments ref easy / recovery runs, I think I probably only do easy runs now as only run a max of 5 days a week, but saying that my easy runs are probaly the same pace that I would do recovery runs at, only that the easy runs would be longer.

Plus like Hilly run very much to how I feel as dont have a HRM and dont really want one either.

What 11m in glorious sunshine (1:38:04)


Last Hard - Yesterday

Last Rest - Tues

Take care

15/11/2007 at 17:16

Lots of nice running related chat

My running is mapped out for me and all set to HR the one I struggle is the recovery run it should be lower but I am working hard at it

a year ago would be 140hr which was 78% know I can run at 128 if I try really hard to run slow but the hills get me everytime and I have to stop myself pushing hard up the hills

I will not be wearing a garmin or my HRM in my next race as I find i run better without constantly looking at screen to see what i should be doing;-)

15/11/2007 at 17:26

Evening everyone, just dropping by, not really got much time to post today, the washing up is calling!

RFJ - how's the ankle doing? 11M obviosuly shows that it's doing OK!

hilly - nice run, good session! What time are you planning on running around Newmillerdam on Saturday? I wanted an LSR as it's the Barnsley 10k the next day and I'm marshalling so won't be bothered to go out afterwards.

What: a club run at moderate pace, I reckon
Why: endurance training
Last hard: Tuesday
Last rest: Sunday

mellifera    pirate
15/11/2007 at 17:26

LOL clink, hoovering!
Dollie    pirate
15/11/2007 at 17:37

Hi all

What - rest (off to the Theatre tonight)

Why - rest day due that's why! Did good 3 miler with the club last night in the cold brrrr. Really enjoyed it and feel that my legs are coming back to life after the long lay off yay!

Will be out again tomorrow night for some more.

Have a good evening folks x

IronMelissa    pirate
15/11/2007 at 18:17
Do you know, Mr Hoover had a partner for a time called Spangler? Wouldn't it have been better to do the Spangling?
15/11/2007 at 19:08
FL - thanks for asking, yes its fine, very blessed that was only minor damage, its not 100% but if I keep on the road or the track for the next week or so there should be no problems, have got the wobble board out too.......
15/11/2007 at 21:41

AF.. good of you to mention me in the same sentence as elite athletes

My club treasurer recently let slip that his mother has no less then 7 working vacuum cleaners in the house.  She only lives in a small terrace house, the mind boggles!

20 miles bike commute immediately followed by 6 miles moderate/brisk run with clubmates.

My early morning runs are always recovery runs because I am still half asleep and not very good in the early morning.  4-5 miles in my case.

15/11/2007 at 21:44


What: 5.7ml easy or recovery
Why: the last 2 days have been harder & longer, and I want to be fresh for a steady run tomorrow, and harder longer runs at the weekend, so today I do less and run at a much slower pace.  Is this a recovery run, or do I just call it and do it 'easy', cos I know that if I ran harder today it would comprise the next days ?

15/11/2007 at 22:34
Wanted: brit to run a 2.08 marathon
Must: want to be British and accept that as he is NOT a sprinter he will probably not get funding
Must not: have a back door nationality to run away to if things go against him.

I'm off to start running 200 miles a week and take 40 or so mins off my marathon by London. :¬)

Seriously though, back in training startng Monday

What: 6+miles AM d&d
5km at lunchtime d&d
2.4miles + plyometrics d&d
Why: Thursdays are like this
Last hard: Tuesday
Last rest: Saturday
Lyrics: I'm just in a void as usual
Blisters    pirate
16/11/2007 at 00:00


Sporadic posting as I'm busy with some carpentry every evening, making fine use of my woodwork O level. I'd been quoted £2grand to £3grand for a home office fit out, and I wasn't too keen on that, especially as they were just bolting modular units together, and not solving spatial challenges. So I've now spent £700 at B&Q on flat pack stuff, as well as a few nice tools (men, huh!). The thing is that I have to cut down virtually every component to create the correct desk height and drawer configuration. But it looks good so far. Training has been affected though.

11 miles at comfy pace, approx 7:15m/m I suppose. Running to feel. I was surprised how hard I had to run at the weekend to keep up with Dad of Two on 6:20 pace. Definitely just above HM pace. It looks like I've got a little dip in form. It's been a great year though.

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