thursday 15th November 2007 Well Your faith was strong but you needed proof

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15/11/2007 at 06:58

You saw her bathing on the roof

Morning all, 

Off to readback a bit now...

15/11/2007 at 07:08

Morning peeps.

Ain't been on all week, but training's going okay.

What: 45 mins in a thick freezing fog ! Couldn't see more than about 20  metres in any direction !!

Have tons to read back to catch up on and hopefully on more regularly again, at last.

Have a good one peeps, if you can.

15/11/2007 at 07:31

200 mins - well done on the Good Samaratin run last night.  FWIW I think an hour at MP + 90 secs will have done you more good given your recent piling in of hard sessions and races than yet another hard (MP) run.

What: 4.5 miles am / 8 miles pm
Why: recovery
Last hard: yesterday
Last rest: Oct 27th

15/11/2007 at 07:35


 Chilly in Brum-land but clear, bright and looking like a lovely morning - pity I shall be spending it all inside

Didn't post yesterday - 13.3miles with TmR and V'rap, longest run ever! Feeling surprisingly good this morning, despite a distinct lack of stretching last night (parents coming to visit today so felt cleaning took priority!)

Today: hopefully a quick hr at the gym for some x trainer and core stability, but may have to can it as I'm going to a lecture this evening on the Extreme Everest expedition (there was a prog on BBC2 about it a little while back) - basically they looked at endurance and adaptation to low oxygen levels whilst trekking up Everest....should be a good one!!

 Have a good day all

15/11/2007 at 07:37


we've missed this lot of fog but it's very frosty yet. if it's going to be cold i like it like this - all pretty across the fields

i have an injury but it isn't one which is stopping me running. i'ts a muscle, tendon and nerve in my shoulder which hurts in the elbow too. caused me to DNF at the 14th in yesterday's golf but the only other thing i can't do that i normally do is hoovering. so that's one bad thing and one good thing but some people may think differently.

with the marathon runners all getting their plans in place for spring races i wish you all good training and successful outcomes, whatever your goals

what - 10 miles steady
why - this week's longest run brought forward as race on sunday
last hard - 4 days
last rest - 2 days
lyrics - not today

did anybody see the heile documentary on CNN last weekend?
i missed it and then missed the repeat as well, wondered what it was like

15/11/2007 at 07:41

i saw that one brumliz - it was quite scary in parts, some of the risks the other teams took. one of the team of docs had to persuade one of the other teams not to leave one of their colleagues basically to die.
well done on your longest run!

15/11/2007 at 07:48

200 mins: congrats on being the good samaritan last night.

Clink: sorry to hear about the DNF, though good to hear it isn't stopping you running!

What: 8m steady at lunch
Why:  Because I'm worth it
Last hard: tues
Last rest: mon

15/11/2007 at 08:05


clink - sounds painful, hope it gets better soon.  Golf and me just don't go - lol ask BR about the time he took me to the driving range

what: am 12 miles / pm 3 miles
why: fat burning

15/11/2007 at 09:16

Morning all,

Brumliz - would be interested to hear what the lecture is like - I volunteered for the expedition to be a "subject" and be tested on but was unable to make the trip in the end - to be honest in the end it sounded like I wasn't going to get any further than base camp and the organisers etc were going to be able to go higher so it kind of lost it's appeal.

What: 5 miles easy
Why : Recovery
Last Hard: Tues
Last Rest: Monday

10 miles done last night, last mile or so a little tough as ran out of energy but otherwise good. Must eat more.

Happy running y'all!


15/11/2007 at 09:22

Morning all,

Lyrics - yes - love this song!  One version of it (my personal favourite of ones I've heard) was "best song ever" in a recent poll in Q magazine.

What: 5M later on
Why: because I can
Last hard: Tuesday
Last rest: Monday

Just noticed that I am on the same training today as FINgers.  Didn't do 10M last night, though!

Dubai Dave    pirate
15/11/2007 at 09:29

Morning All

what: Nowt
Why: Abu Dhabi Half tomorrow
Last Hard: Last night
Last rest: today

15/11/2007 at 10:02

Oh yes forgot to mention, for those of you who are counting, it's 150 days to FLM today....


15/11/2007 at 10:07

hi everyone

what: 7km easy
why: just ticking over before race on saturday

venom and i are off to south island to run in the molesworth relay.  if you have a minute take a look at this map of it on satellite view (you can change the view just above the map).  it is completely deserted!  nothing but sheep for 84km.  anyway - we're in a team of 4 so a half marathon each.

see you all in a few days (if we make it back out of there again!)

15/11/2007 at 10:17

Good morning

 Seems like a rest day was the right idea.  I cycled home last night so my knees and shins were unstressed all day.  Didn't push it too hard on the bike but still had a good effort and good time home.  This morning knees pain free and only right shin twingeing, feels OK now.

What:  3 miles d&d am, probably 1.5 miles pm

Why:  schedule

Last hard:  6 days

Last rest:  1 day

Last lyrics:  5 days

Long run tomorrow, yippee.

All the best.

15/11/2007 at 10:28


What a lot to catch up on i want to saya lot but may have to read back again to jog my memory

200 - That was a nice thing you did last night.

FIN - I'm Counting but i'm just doing weeks at the moment

M - a bit late but well done on your new 5k pb truly amazing. Enjoy your trip to South Island and good luck in the race

As we are having discussions  on various training runs.
What is the maximum distance (or time) you consider to be a  recovery run? For me i would say a max of 40 minutes.

What: 1 hour+ steady
Why: Base phase
Last Hard: Sunday
Lyrics: No

15/11/2007 at 10:34

Oh yes

Did anyone see The 55 year old Commando last night on ITV1 very interesting Chris Tyrell (sp!) training wit hthe regulars for the green beret, had to pass 4 very tough tests. He did it amazing stuff

15/11/2007 at 10:54
Morning folks.

Nice session at the club last night...10mins out, turning round and aiming to come back to the starting point in the second 10mins. Looking for controlled 10k-10mile pace. Paced it pretty well, getting back to the start in 9.54. So ended up covering 3.5 miles in 19.54 (5.41 pace), feeling fairly comfortable. Followed it up with 6 x c.200m efforts off a 90sec turnaround. With a decent length of w/u and c/d added in, ended up with over 8 miles in total. Very enjoyable and most of the folk in the group, with only one or two exceptions, achieved close to the desired even pace for the out and back, so my instructions did get through!

For today...

What: 5 easy miles at lunchtime
Why: recovery

Have a good day.
15/11/2007 at 10:54

Pammie - you say 40 mins is considered to be the longest you'd do a recovery run, that seems a tad high going by your overall weekly mileage?

I normally do 3 - 5 miles for a recovery run so between 25-45 mins depending on what I did before it and how much recovery I feel I need.

15/11/2007 at 10:56

Hello everyone,

Cold and frosty here in London.  Suspect I will be needing gloves and possibly a hat on my run this evening!

Clink, sounds painful.  I have a similar kind of "tennis elbow" thing (although I don't play tennis!)  No idea how it started but can be incredibly painful.  Keep meaning to go to the GP about it but doubt they'll be able to do much except tell me to rest it: impossible when you're lifting an eight-month old baby several times a day!

What: 6 miles fairly easy.
Why: Night out with the girls last night and feeling a bit tired today, so no wish to push it.
Last hard: Long run Sunday - 11 miles, the first 5.5 (all uphill) against an incredibly strong headwind, so felt very hard.
Last rest: Yesterday.

Have a good one all.

15/11/2007 at 10:58
Oh forgot to say I did 12 miles this morning at an easy 8.30 m/m. 
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