Thursday 17th March

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17/03/2005 at 00:27
...Running everywhere at such a speed
Til they find there's no need.

(sounds like club nights):))

Insomnia here - woke up after dreaming about doing a lesson at work on how to run at marathon pace:S

What: 3 easy am / 10 pm

Why: recovery

Last hard: Weds

Last rest: 147 days - no big break here:))
17/03/2005 at 00:29

Bugger I knew you'd beat me to it

17/03/2005 at 00:41
I didn't - blame funny dreams:)
17/03/2005 at 07:53

Last nights club run was good. Really put me through alot. A bit worried about knee, but am not going to waste all the training I have done to miss FLM in 5 weeks. As was out for 2 months last year with same pain.

Don't understand pain comes on at about 4 miles and as soon as I stop it has gone. A bit of a hot wheat bag on it for a while when I get in and everything seems back to normal, til I run again. Oh well something I will have to put up with for another 5 weeks.

What: 10 miles
Why: schedule says so
Last hard: club run last night
Last rest: monday

Another mild one out there in sheffield. Hope the rest of you have such nice weather.
IronMelissa    pirate
17/03/2005 at 07:54
Morning - hope you insomniacs got some sleep at last.

Thanks for all the advice yesterday. On balance, I think I could have run the 800s a little bit faster without feeling utterly destroyed, so will next time. I am starting to dream about ridiculous things now, like 3.30 marathons, so at some point will need to do the more painful stuff...

As for me today, have no running slot to do my 9 miles, due to waking up late and proximity of various meetings. I will either squeeze it in after the 9 o'clock meeting and before the 11.30, or will swap today with tomorrow's day off and do it tomorrow morning. If I ran faster, there would be time!!!

Happy running/recovering all.
17/03/2005 at 07:59
Morning, eerily quiet on here today...

What: 7 miles including 5 brisk miles
Why: Schedule

Last Hard: 2 days
Last Rest: 6 days

Interesting debate yesterday on the intensity of track sessions. I don't think there's a right or wrong answer but FOR ME, I have eased off on the intensity of track sessions over the last 4 months. I believe this has been an important factor in building consistency in my running. I take less rest days, have gone prety much injury free and feel a much more rounded runner.

Thanks for your many kind words yesterday. I generally like to keep things low key but have to admit that it's very motivating to have so many pats on the back from fellow runners...

17/03/2005 at 08:01

I agree with BR's post yesterday. I used to dread track sessions as I always thought you had to come away wanting to vomit! I now know to make gains that's not the case and while I push myself hard on the track I know I could've have done more reps at the same pace and more importantly I know I can still run the next day.

what:6 miles easy
why:easy few days before Bath half
last hard:Tuesday
last rest:13 days

Happy running!
17/03/2005 at 08:07

What:7 or 8 pm

Why:Got up at 5.30, rain lashing down, went back to bed. Regret it now!

Last hard:Sunday

Last rest:Last Thursday

Enjoy the day
17/03/2005 at 08:07
good morning,
what: 8 miles (inc. 5 quick)
why: flm training
17/03/2005 at 08:20

What: 5 miles done + core board + 5 x 20 sit ups

Why: Recovery after yesterdays hill session

Last Hard: Yesterday

Last Rest: Sunday

Have a good day all.
17/03/2005 at 08:26

re the track debate melissa, i find if i can keep it going on a weekly basis it really improves my general speed and fitness but it's a really fine balance will the injury thing. especially as mine is all on the left side - would run the other way but risk of pile up !
bringing down the recovery between the reps is a key thing too.

what - dentist and physio (rest?)
why - teeth and expert opinion on chances of racing sunday
last hard - tues
last rest - 8 days
17/03/2005 at 08:28
Hi asn-welcome

Continuing demotivation for me Im afraid
i ould balme work-but thats not really on
Ticking over only 2-3 miles a day but im cliniging on to the hope that its better than mothing
17/03/2005 at 08:31
of course it's better than nothing hipps, i wish i could run as far as you do! don't be so hard on yourself
17/03/2005 at 08:33
morning wet and mild in Leeds this morning. Set to dry out for the weekend though. Good news.

what : 6 to 7 miles easyish probably on treadmill as g/f wants me to go to gym with her
why : schedule
last hard : yesterday
last rest : tues

Last night's club night turned out to be 2.6mile handicap TT over a tough course with a couple of tough climbs and very steep downhill section. Didn't feel particularly good as last few days have been very tiring work and travel wise. But i did 18m30s which is 15s faster than i've done it before, so maybe some of the speedwork i've been doing is paying off :)
17/03/2005 at 08:40
Morning folks.

Hill session at club last night went surprisingly well considering how tired my legs felt beforehand! Held back just a little on the longer hills, still working hard on the shorter ones, while running the recoveries in between a little quicker. A good session.

Today for me...
What: 7 or 8 miles steady
Why: active recovery

On the track debate, I'd agree with BR/'s better to finish a session feeling you could have maintained your pace for more reps...does the confidence a power of good.

Have a good day.
17/03/2005 at 08:44
oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you. Really wish St. George's Day had the same appeal in England that St. Pat's day does in Ireland. Shame it's been hijacked by the bigots, but hopefully it's being reclaimed slowly.
17/03/2005 at 08:46

What: Possible club run with Mr.Fat Face (not decided yet)
Why: need to get restarted - see how the hip is.
Last rest: Yesterday.
Last hard: Sunday's Half Marathon.

Pics are up on RichK's site folks.
17/03/2005 at 08:48

In pain again this morning. A nights sleep has not helped. Was feeling better towards the end of the day yesterday but feel I've gone backwards this morning. I'm sure it will loosen as the day goes on.

Have had to come into work today for a meeting but i will be back at the Osteos tomorrow and resting the rest of the time.

What: Nothing. Damn!
17/03/2005 at 08:48
Morning all (just hopping on this thread for a change)

What: 3miles easy
Why: Schedule (and I'm so tired I don't think I could manage anymore!!)

James H - I'm not sure where you are in Shef, but it's cloudy and dull where I am!
17/03/2005 at 08:48
Sorry - forgot to say happy runnings to those that can AND heal quickly those that can't.
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